Bus Trip

Bus trip SA-UM #1

10:34 PM

Oh, yeah. This post will grow to have its children. You just have to wait and see. Therefore, the need to revamp my Label for posts! >.< Getting irrelevant for some labels...

SA- Shah Alam
UM- University of Malaya

This post might or might not give tips/advice/comments as seen fit by the writer of this blog. Also known by nickname as ANNA. If you have any inquiries, drop a comment. Thanks for reading this short notice.

Okay, first up, the bus trip is not a direct route INTO UM. The bus from SA has some stops along the route before arriving at a destination near to UM's entrance. Vague? *Ask me in email. (Can't give away too much. In case you wait for me there. :P )

To get back to SA from UM, Pasar Seni is my 1st bus stop.

ps: I omitted an LRT station, by the way~

Before it gets too crowded for comfort, I need to be fast and on time. Else, I have to stand and bear the whole way. =.= Super tired right arm....

Then, in SA, I may as well do some shopping but MUST be light weight. What a walk to Daddy's office!!! >:(

ps: Not going to tell, in details, where in SA exactly! :P

So far, today's maiden *pfft! trip was okay. Fine actually. I can get the hang of it very soon. I have next Monday and Tuesday to try it out. Though a little finger-crossing ain't gonna spoil anything right? I'd rather not take any chances. Oh, I better check that I have a pepper spray ready.


Cik Muda

Cik Muda dan Shah Alam

9:58 PM

Haish.... Kan bagus Cik Muda ini kalau dapat hafal satu peta Selangor. Mesti senang nak jalan-jalan, makan angin. Tapi banyak lah jalan Selangor ini. Berbelit sana, berbelit sini. Patutlah kawan Cik Muda seorang dulu kata walaupun dia tinggal di Kuala Lumpur, tak bermaksud dia tahu semua jalan. >.< Baik naik teksi atau bas kan? Masa mcm ini lah, Cik Muda rindu Bintulu, Sarawak. Tak ada banyak sangat jalan, tak perlu hafal.

Berbalik kepada Shah Alam, setakat ini daddy Cik Muda dah bawa ke Tesco Shah Alam. Besarlah juga tapi belum puas jelajah habis satu bangunan. Ada masa, Cik Muda nak tengok-tengok kedai apa ada di sana. Sama mcm Mid Valley dulu, Cik Muda ke hujung satu, ke hujung sana lagi. Rindu nak terjah Mid Valley dah ini. Bila nak mula masuk UM ini? Senang sikit dari UM ke Mid Valley.

Ahhh~ 6 Sept. terjah UM lagi. Opppsss! Salah, 5 Sept dah akan terjah. Ada kerja sikit di sana. Sambil pergi sana, Cik Muda nak tengok-tengok junior. Tapi kan, ada junior yg sama umur Cik Muda nanti, pasti ada. xD
*Apa pula yg Cik Muda merepek ni?

Mm... Ok, tentang Shah Alam. Nak kata sejujurnya sebab Cik Muda tak berapa kenal tempat baru ini. Yalah, kenal UM, Mid Valley, Times Square, KLCC, itu saja lah. Esok pula penjelajahan naik bas dari Shah Alam ke UM. Moga-moga tidak lama di jalan (traffic jam ke apa....) sebab Cik Muda amat-amat tidak suka. Boleh tertidur nanti. =.=

All in all.... Cik Muda rindu Sarawak!!!! T.T & Teddy!

*Sniff sniff....

Sebelum lupa..

Selamat Hari Raya kepada penganut-penganut Islam.

ps: Esok Hari Merdeka~ ke berapa dah, Cik Muda tak nak letak sebab tak tahu....lalalalala

Jangan lupa Hari Malaysia pula! >.<

Okay, bye!


Day ten: 10 final words

11:24 PM

Oppss... I missed yesterday... =.="

Oh, well, was busy so this post is actually for yesterday~

ps: Though it is a bit irritating to say final words...

1. End of 10 things in 10 days challenge.

2. Brrrr.... it's cold here even though the air conditioner is 27... Should I make it 30?

3. Be patient, to my sis and also for him... he's missing me lots.. alalalalala ;)

Final words are hard so I'm purposely mixing....hahahaha...

4. Do keep in touch....

5. I'll try visiting your blog. BUT I may take my time because I'm on broadband.

6. Soon holiday will end. Can't wait to start studying and stressing. =.='

7. Missing my part time work... Okay, miss the other workers actually..hahaha...

8. Missing my other plushies... Coco and Snowy... only have Loki with me, hope the other two are safe.

9. Not missing other things that perhaps mean nothing to me. <<<Just some random sentence,don't know what to type, my head getting dizzy.

10. Since my head is getting dizzy, so, goodbye. This ends the 10 things in 10 days challenge.

Okay, bye. Gotta sleep!


10 things in 10 days

11:03 PM

    Update: This is going to be a Sticky post. You won't have to scroll down or click on the archives to see the post that I've done for the challenges. Just click on the links I'm putting here. Makes it convenient for you, not? So, for other recent posts, you do have to scroll down. Haha....

    Here is the short challenge! Found it here.
    Feel free to join too!

    ps: day 9 is exclusive, don't you think so? hehe.....


                    Day nine: 10 ways to win my heart

                    9:50 PM

                    Ohh! Cooking up a scandal, aren't we? Nah, I can't, I have Teddy already. Hahahaha, so the ways below might win your way to my heart... BUT just as friends. If you succeed, you'll have a very loyal friend indeed. >.<

                    1. Show your weaknesses. I don't like you showing all your good points all the time. We are humans so don't be afraid to show your bad points. Even if there are ignorant, insensitive, arrogant, bossy, snob, troll-like...hahahaha... But please don't overdo the bad points till you forgot the good points.

                    2. A little compliment is necessary. Who doesn't like being praise? Say I'm clever, say I'm pretty, say I'm good in drawing. Yeah, make me feel proud. But if you're compliments are downright LIES, be forewarned. I might as well kick you in the ***. (Censored for certain readers.)

                    3. Leave me alone when I'm moody. Important fact if you wanna be friends with me. I didn't mean to shout/snap but if you do get on my nerves, forget it, you won't get an apology from me.

                    4. Know that I don't apologize easily. Don't go all grumpy/moody if I get all meanie on you. Yeah, I 'tortured' you. Tell me a good reason why I shouldn't say what's on my mind. Then PERHAPS I'll apologize....decently.

                    5. A little lady-like treatment. I'm a lady, not a guy. I like punching you, yeah, guys. But don't punch me back as hard as I punched you. Better still, let me punch you and you just endure it. So it's unfair. I call it being a gentleman. Let me get special treatment from you. Hahahahaha... Nah, just kidding. Simple polite manners. Like not jumping the queue in front me or holding the door open for me is nice. Carrying my things for me is a bonus!

                    6. Mind gifts? Who doesn't, right? A chocolate bar to get a smile from me is cute approach from a guy. BUT specially reserved if you're cute/handsome/dashing. If you have pimples/visible dark spots/geeky-like look, please do a MASSIVE make-over before you bring in the chocolate & flowers. I might mistake you as a troll and stomp on you before you even get to say anything.. hahahahahaha *evil laugh

                    Somehow I got carried away and is now giving away tips to woo me! Hahahahaha.... okay, serious mode: below 4 are to be on very good terms with me.

                    7. LISTEN when I talk. I very, very seldom find those who listen/hang to my words. The most I get is a 'oh,ok'. =.= Like, are you even listening? If I were to ask to repeat, 0%. So yeah, to get people to listen, I need to be course rep? No way! Been there, done that, I'm over it! Now, you don't listen, I shut my mouth and walk away. Why waste my time on those who don't listen?

                    8. Tell me when I'm wrong.....gently. And if possible, one-to-one approach. And to ME only. I rather HATE those that didn't tell me what I did wrong but has no problems telling everyone else. If I ever heard it from a third party, consider yourself DOOM. Because my grudge is until you KNEEL in front of me and apologize... into the microphone. And yeah, I'll be recording. Lalalalala....

                    9. Shopping for me is a personal thing. If you are planning to go with me, I rather not because I'll leave you to wander around. I have shops I like and I can go around to all of them whenever I like. You want to go back together, fine. Just tell me the time and we can meet up later.

                    10. Don't ever call me DUMB. Or slow. Essentially, don't ever call me names. I don't forget easily those who do. You will be in the Blacklist and suffer long term silence from me.

                    =.=' Wow.... Some friendship pointers suddenly... All the same, tomorrow is the last challenge!


                    Cik Muda

                    Cik Muda lawat bekas tempat kerja

                    6:02 PM

                    Cik Muda ini kadang-kadang lupa kawan. Awal Cik Muda mengaku. Jadi jangan kata Cik Muda hipokrit, lupa kawan, sebab dah diberitahu awal-awal. Kalau tak, memang patut kena sepak sebab tak tak tahu membaca entri ini. Sekian, pendedahan khas hari ini.

                    Cik Muda dulu kerja di Ta Kiong, the Springs mall, yg di Kuching. Dah henti, kerja 2bulan. Tak penuh 2bulan lah, masuk lambat.Kerja sebagai Sales Assistant. Kalau ada orang kata low class, fikir lah dulu. Mcm mana barang-barang kamu yg suka singgah di atas rak? Kerja low class ke susun barang untuk kamu pilih, ambil dan beli? Atau kamu mahu ke stor, korek kotak? Sila lah. >.<

                    Okay, hari ini, bersamaan 25 Ogos 2011, waktu 2.30pm, Cik Muda telah melawati bekas tempat kerja tersebut. *Gaya pemberita profesional.

                    Buruan pertama adalah.... patutnya pakcik sekuriti tapi tengok-tengok orang lain, baru mungkin jadi Cik Muda tak tegur. Risau tegur, makin dia ingat kita pencuri. Ahahaha... Cik Muda jumpa seorang cleaner yg rapat juga dan bercakap-cakap. Tak dapat lama, Cik Muda kena jumpa Mummy di Food Court pukul 3pm. Lepas kata 'Bye', Cik Muda sambung mencari.

                    Pergi ke tempat tepung dan telur, jumpa yg jaga air dan juga kawan seperjuangan Cik Muda. Sama berpakaian baru *part time guna baru, atau orang baru masuk kurang 5bulan...

                    Juga Cik Muda tak cakap lama. Masa makin cepat berlalu. Cik Muda cari lagi buruan lain.


                    Jumpa pun buruan penting Cik Muda!

                    2 orang berbaju hitam! Sayangnya ada seorang lagi yg berbaju biru tapi dia rehat pada hari ini. Haish! Tak dapat lah Cik Muda buli dia puas-puas sebelum pergi.

                    Apa-apa pun, Cik Muda tetiba jadi customer yg penyibuk. Mereka tengah susun barang, Cik Muda tolong susun juga. Memang dicam CCTV di situlah nanti... Hehehehe... Cam lah, bagi duit raya percuma nanti.... xD

                    Masa susun, berborak lah jadinya. Cik Muda rindu borak-borak dengan kawan sekerja. Teringat masa gosip *sempat pula kan...

                    Ada masa kerja dulu, hampir jadi skandal pula. Hehehehe, tapi kawan saja lah! Muda lah orangnya, baru 18, Cik Muda dah 20, tak main muda-muda ini. Dah lah si adik itu kata Cik Muda budak kecil, suka main-main. Dia pula dikatakan matang. Huh! Cik Muda mahu yg sama umur kalau boleh, tak nak main adik-adik atau abang-abang ini.... xP (dah dapat pun...lalalalala)

                    Cakap punya cakap, dah pukul3pm. Mula lah ucapan 'Bye!' ke semua rakan sekerja.

                    Tak tahu bila lagi Cik Muda akan berjumpa dengan mereka. Harap-harap tahun depan jika berkesempatan.

                    Okay, tak nak panjang sangat, risau emo keluar. Hahahaha....

                    Okay, bye!

                    ps: Harap penulisan tidak menyakitkan mata untuk membaca. BM SPM dapat A2 tapi semua itu telah Cik Muda longgarkan dalam blog... Maaf, Cikgu!! >.<


                    Day eight: 10 of my favourite songs

                    12:16 AM

                    =.=" <<< Know why this look? Because truthfully, I don't really have any preferences. Well, here goes, anyway...

                    1. Songs by Westlife... Well, when they were a 5-guy group. When it's a 4-guy group, my affection went down..  Somehow it doesn't sound the same. So, yeah, songs when they were a 5 are my favourites.

                    2. Hillary Duff's songs!

                    3. Avril Lavigne! Any songs by her. *I didn't hear all of them... :(

                    See how hard this day challenge is!!!!!!!!!!

                    4. Anime songs. I mean like those in Gensomaden Saiyuki.. and Prince of Tennis.. And Fruits Basket! Yeah, my favourites!

                    5. Songs I knew through my sis. She's the one who keeps updated on songs, new or some old too. =.="

                    6. Songs through friends. Unashamed I'll tell them I don't know what song is it. "I just like the tune and the lyrics..."

                    7. Some oldies... These maybe through my Mummy. We have some Karaoke discs which are really nice.

                    I'm a bore right? Don't worry, almost finishing...

                    8. Songs from games. Some are childish songs like Loco Roco theme song. Cute but yeah for kiddos. Still, I like them, though can be a bit annoying to listen to all the time.. And the RPG songs are nice...

                    9. Songs from TV series. Like you know how X File series sounded like? Or even the CSI series!

                    10. Songs from cartoon programs. Well, this is like the anime and TV series... Though I can still remember how Powerpuff Girls' song went.. Hahahahaha. I miss Dexter's Laboratory the most!

                    Done! *hides ashamed face in pillow

                    Cik Muda

                    Cik Muda: Blogger sekarang pandai main hidden AGENDA

                    11:59 PM

                    Sebelum ke akar umbi entri kali ini, biar Cik Muda berceloteh sikit...

                    Nampak jelas tak??? 

                    Yg ni besar sangat, tak nampak tepi... Tapi nampak lah tulisan kan.

                    Okay... Sekarang untuk penjelasan. Yg bawah yg nampak Analytics, Came From, Keywords, faham-faham lah dari mana kan? Yg guna Nuffnang memang kenal sangat. Yg atas sekali, yg Search Keywords pula dari Blogger... 

                    Yg Cik Muda pelik, siapa yg pergi cari 'syrian hamsters acrobatics' itu? Nak kata lucu ada laaa juga.. xD Tapi kasihan lah hamster itu kan? Acrobatics tetiba... Yg dalam Nuffnang pula, 'syrian hamster with purple and pink spots'... Haish!!! Adakah hamster mcm itu?

                    Yg lain itu biasa-biasa bagi Cik Muda.. Okay, seterusnya lagi.. Masih ada satu lagi sebelum kita ke isu HOTZ dalam kalangan blogger~

                    Sila ambil perhatian pada yg diBULATkan dan perkataan hodoh besar dan hitam... Oh, dan yg diGARISkan juga.

                    Cik Muda gerun juga ini. Tapi syukur sangat-sangat yg melawat blog ini. Yg dipentingkan Nuffnang adalah UNIQUES. Iaitu jumlah sebenar yg melawat blog tersebut. Yg VIEWS itu, pelawat boleh datang berkali-kali, dia rekod semua lawatan. Yg UNIQUES, hanya sekali, iaitu pada kunjungan pertama sahaja. Betapa pentingnya sebab kita dapat tahu READERS bertambah. ^.^ *Panjang tak penjelasan Cik Muda, jadi pandai- pandai lepas ini. Yg ini rekod minggu lepas- 10 Ogos ke 16 Ogos 2011.

                    Seterusnya... rekod 17 Ogos ke 23 Ogos. >.<
                    Harap-harap nampak... tulisan hodoh besar itu nampak lah kan...  

                    Yeah!!! Cik Muda ucapkan ribuan terima kasih yg singgah blog ini. Tercapai juga 200 UNIQUES. Nak kekal 200 ini susah tapi Cik Muda akan usahakan! Kepada yg lain juga, berusaha ya! Memang Cik Muda cuba kekalkan 200. Kenapa? Sebab 100 mcm sikit tapi 300 pula menggerunkan.. >.< Jadi okay lah 200 ini bagi Cik Muda.

                    Sekarang kita ke kupasan isu yg HOTZ pula!

                    Sebagaimana tajuk entri kali ini: Sombong kah saya?

                    Cik Muda terjumpa entri seorang blogger yg tidak puas hati. Sebabnya, dia kunjung blog A tapi A tidak membalas kunjungan. Cik Muda akui terasa. Bukan apa, Cik Muda sibuk juga, buat hal Cik Muda (Facebook-ing, tengok drama Korea, baca manga online) jadi masa Cik Muda singkat. Nak lawat blog lain, Cik Muda pilih. Iya, memilih. Tapi pilihan berdasarkan tajuk entri. Kalau entri kena pada minat, Cik Muda kunjung. Kalau tak minat, Cik Muda biar. Sebab masa itu EMAS kan? Mana tahu ada entri lain yg dapat tarik minat Cik Muda. Pada blogger-blogger yg tak banyak kunjungan itu, jangan lah masam muka, tarik muncung mengata blogger lain sombong, pilih-pilih. Tak baik mengata tanpa mengetahui sebab. Yg mengiya-iyakan lagi, Cik Muda hanya mampu bergeleng kepala. 

                    Blogger memilih, SALAH. Blogger buat entri personal, SALAH. Blogger bersegmen, SALAH. Blogger komen ringkas, SALAH. Blogger copy paste tanpa backlink pula......opppsss! Yg ini memang SALAH!

                    Cik Muda rasa dunia blog sekarang ini pun pandai main AGENDA. Ada-ada saja agendanya. Mcm satu manusia untuk diri dia sendiri. Mestikah kita berperasaan buruk terhadap satu sama lain? Itu dasar manusia kah? Cik Muda memang naik angin lah.  Bila ditanya alasan, dikatanya blogger itu memang salah. Saudara-saudari, apa salahnya? 

                    Dia nak buat segmen sebab nak tolong bagi trafik. Dia pun dapat trafik. Kamu pun dapat. Apa yg tidak puas nya? Sebab trafik dia banyak, kamu tidak? Alahai, itu sebab kamu buat blog, nak popular? Atau sedap mata tengok trafik banyak? Atau yg selalu diguna kamu, dia ada AGENDA tersembunyi? Salahkah kita untuk bersangka baik? Atau lagi senang kita bersangka buruk?

                    Dia nak tulis personal life dia, biarlah. Mungkin dia rasa tenang bila dikongsi di blog. Mungkin dia berharap ada orang hulurkan nasihat. Ini tidak. Orang maki dia sebab letak entri personal. Kalau bukan pasal dia bunuh anak kucing, tak apalah kamu nak bising. *Sebab bunuh anak kucing teramatlah KEJAM!

                    Dia nak memilih blog untuk dikunjung, biarlah. Dia sibuk. Mungkin esok, lusa, tulat, dia kunjung blog kamu. Mungkin dia bergilir-gilir melawat blog. Nak lawat semua dalam senarai, boleh penat mata tahu? Dengan ramai jenis blog, tulisan tersenget-senget, terlebih colourful... Cik Muda memang tak reti nak baca. Buka sekejap, tengok mcm itu, 'X' terus. Kadang-kadang lawatan berjaya tapi nak komen apa? Entri tidak menarik minat, takkan nak tulis 'nice post' yg tidak ikhlas? Baik tak tulis dari tanggung guilt! Dan satu, Cik Muda tak suka komen pada Shoutbox. Sebab pada fikiran Cik Muda, tak adil. Cik Muda tak guna Shoutbox di blog sendiri jadi tak patut komen di situ.

                    Huuuuu~ Sepanjang-panjang Cik Muda tulis, adakah kamu membaca? Tak apa. Cik Muda tidak ambil kisah sangat hal pembaca ini. Hahahahaha, betul, mcm syok sendiri tulis entri kali ini. Tapi puas hati Cik Muda. 

                    Jadi ingat, kita hanya tahu menilai orang lain tapi pernahkah kita menilai diri kita sendiri? Mana lah tahu, kita lagi teruk, dengan AGENDA tersembunyi kita. 

                    Cik Muda pun ada HIDDEN agenda iaitu............. 

                    Cik Muda tak sabar habis cuti!!!!!!!!!!!! Nak sambung belajar lagi, tak lama tapi terasa lama sangat tunggu. Lagi baik sibuk dengan assignment, tutorials, dari layan blog yg entri nya menegur orang lain..... Lalalalala, siapa terasa cili, itulah dia. 

                    Okay, bye!

                    ps: Nak guna Anon, tak ada! Letak nama tipu tanpa link akan dihancurkan dalam entri lain. You have been warned~ 

                    Pada yg rasa Cik Muda SALAH, sila nyatakan alasan-alasan anda. Nak bagi contoh blog pun boleh. Kita bincang secara baik-baik. :)


                    Day seven: 10 important people

                    5:44 PM

                    Huaaaa!!! T.T I don't know why I couldn't open my blog... Helios told me to scan my laptop just in case the problem is in my laptop...

                    But, but....then... I'm lazy to do it now... Hahahahaha, sometime tonight, okay. Let's continue with the challenge.

                    1. Him.... * I didn't say anyone in particular... faham- faham lah sendiri... *Confession: I'm not into religious thing...

                    2. Mom- She gave birth to me, okay.. Plus I think I look like her... *Kembang hidung, mummy I masih cantik walau dah 30+++

                    3. Dad- He helped Mom so that I got into this world... Hahahahaha.... Sensitive issue~

                    4. Here, I'll just list my siblings okay.. All 5 of them, my big bro (now 22), my sis (now 19 & my gossip partner), my bro again (now 18) and last, my youngest bro (now 6). You do the math!

                    5. Next are my Papa (grandfather.. Mummy's father....) and my Mama (grandmother... Mummy's mother..) and also my Dad's parents....

                    6. TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hyper on this one.... Actually this is No. 1 ..... Hahahahaha >:D

                    7. Then, my friends.. In real life, as well as on the social networks.... Or my work place.. As long as you said 'hi' and I had said 'hi', we're friends. No biggie..

                    8. Past ex-es... Hahahaha, well, they're not so important now. Still, we're friends...... on a different level... Somehow after the 'X', we got all 'I've never been with him/her' thing... Nah, I just don't bother anyway..Lalalalala

                    9. Can I please change this into 2 non-important people? Because I ran out of options. Hahahaha... Well, I guess no harm too.. So, non-important people are........ Those big-mouth aunts who tormented my sis with a cannot-talk-Iban issue. Like, HELL. *Yes, I'm Iban & I don't know it, okay. Let's just say, home language is not Iban and you can't learn it when no one speaks it around you... *Rolls eyes... To that horrible aunt, go teach yourself English. Bet you can't survive even 1 hour of learning grammar and compression. Even writing! >:)

                    *I'm dropping that A issue... yeah, that hateful, arrogant one in my class...it kinda hurts when it's a two-way thing... sniff... Plus, he's way below my standard~

                    10. Least non-important people are those who couldn't care less what happened to me. Yeah, I'm sick but a slight fever... Then by all means, just get angry when I'm slow and stupid... Because I had a slight fever... I know you're not a super doctor but can't you notice my sweaty forehead and half-closed eyelids?.... Or I should go run around, telling people I have a slight fever... >.<

                    Ugh, why did I get all emotional? =.=lll

                    Don't bother, I'm grumpy from this stupid malware thing... *sigh

                    Okay, bye!


                    Day six: 10 items I can't live without

                    10:10 PM

                    Oooh! 26 Sept is coming up fast! So I'm gonna do TWO challenges tomorrow. One in the very early morning before sleep and the other some time in the evening maybe~

                    Oh well, day 6's challenge!

                    1. Phone- I know my purse is supposed to be No. 1 but after much consideration, I'd rather prefer a phone near by.....

                    2. Purse- Yes, with all the identification card, the ATM cards or even those membership cards (MPH, Jusco...) Else, you wanna be stuck/labeled as an ILLEGAL immigrant!

                    3. Lip balm- IMPORTANT for all ladies! Treasure your lips, okay. A parched lip can really hurt and it's kinda gross to see it bleeding, mind you... >.<

                    4. The air we all breathe in, the water that keeps us alive, the food...etc. etc... These all are the need stuff, not the want stuff....

                    5. My spectacles- I DO used contact lenses but still I prefer the convenient of spectacles. Take it, put it on and take it off, AT LEISURE... For contact lenses, you have to be extra careful NOT to drop them, not to misplace them and to be careful with the solution....

                    6. My laptop- This should have been after the phone/purse but never mind... I need my laptop to be in touch with online activities... Plus for assignments.... Not much on WRITTEN assignments anymore.. Thanks to 'Save the trees' campaign... We're going software copies..

                    7. Notes (paper!)- Can't or never forget these trusty little midgets! They are just so helpful when you're in a rush and need to jot down quickly... Plus, easier to draw/doodle on then those difficult programs in the computer..

                    8. My clothes- Hahahahahaha................. =.=" *cough cough.... And all the other attire whatever...

                    9. Books- I need to gain more knowledge.... Even comics have a moral okay~

                    Mmmmm............... (Thinking~)

                    10. His love *blush..... >.<


                    Okay, done! Bye!

                    * Mad rush to the exit, with red cheeks. xD

                    Cik Muda

                    Cik Muda & Sims Social

                    3:49 PM

                    Hahahaha, Lama Cik Muda tak main game Facebook... Dulu pun main Farmville, Cityville... In the end, Cik Muda makin sibuk.. Assignment semua.. *alasan..

                    Sekarang Cik Muda dah terpengaruh dengan famili.. Main Sims Social tetiba pula.. Tapi serius game ini okay lah juga... Cantik boleh buat watak sendiri.. Customize lah sangat....

                    Dan Cik Muda in love dengan watak Cik Muda... Cantik baju dan skirt dia!!! *Tahap cemburu tinggi..

                    Tapi kan, syukur lah kita manusia yang betul-betul hidup. Watak ini memang nampak sangat perfect.. Tapi mereka bukan orang betul.... Kurang lah di situ...

                    Hahhh.. tapi biar lah, Cik Muda nak pasang angan jadi macam watak Cik Muda itu.. Trait dah letak sama, introvert... Pada hal tak adalah Cik Muda ini sangat macam itu...

                    Hahahahah... ok bye! Nak main sebelum mula belajar!


                    Giveaway Souvenir dari Jepun dan Korea

                    12:08 AM

                    Lama sangat tak ikut serta Giveaway ni. Mana tahu tuah menyebelahi kan?

                    Kali ni, banner dia terlampau comel/cantik!!!! >.<

                    Kalau nak tahu apa hadiah nya, klik atas gambar!(Gambar cantik tu, bulat lagi!)

                    Tarikh habis: 22 Sept. 2011.

                    Lama lagi tu! Jom ikut juga!! XD


                    Day five: 10 wishes

                    11:42 PM

                    Wow! I get to make wishes?! *kiddo mode zoning in & young adult mode zoning out....

                    1. I wish that I am a pro in ROLLER BLADES!!! (Bought a skateboard but suck, big time....)

                    2. I wish I can draw very, very handsome manga guys! (Great candy eye during boring classes~)

                    3. I wish people can read when I need some privacy.... Then I won't need to stare at them or snap at them to leave me alone.

                    4. I wish people can read when I need someone to listen to me... Everybody talks but mostly they don't listen to me... :(

                    5. I wish I didn't have to move most of the time during my childhood.. Super jealous seeing friends say they'd been to the same school since Primary, Secondary and even to University. *What's with that luck!!

                    6. I wish I had a very sharp memory. I don't mean to forget you or your name. I just forgot because we seldom meet or keep in touch...

                    7. I wish some memories can be forgotten. Like, SNAP! Then there will be no worries...

                    8. I wish for time to stop at some specific time... Like a special moment or occasion... When it's special, please slow down for me to enjoy all of it..

                    9. I wish for time to go faster at times. So that maybe something good can happen, leaving the bad one behind...

                    10. I wish for my love to be only his. Because he's the only one that can make me feel good and bad, both at the same time. #Teddy.

                    *sniff... Got a bit emotional when wishing... >.<

                    Well, hope I could finish the challenge before taking off... Bye!


                    Day four: 10 things I want to say to one person

                    11:42 PM

                    It asked for one person... How intriguing... I'd rather not choose someone special, that could mean cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff.... You'll get bored, won't you, readers? Let's see... <<< My thinking process.

                    Got it! Now START!

                    1. Hi, may I be your friend?

                    2. You did great!

                    3. I think this is how you should do it.

                    4. I'm sorry but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

                    5. I just wanted to help you, my friend.

                    6. Can't you see that I'm right and you're wrong?

                    7. Why did I became your friend?

                    8. I'm moving.

                    9. Keep in touch.

                    10. Hi! Good to see you again! Miss you lots!

                    See how I go around the 10 things? The one person I chose is a friend. May be your best friend or a classmate friend, whichever but you call that one person a friend. And to begin a friendship, you usually start with No. 1, right? As A and B could be in the same place, you should be able to imagine the scenes from the dialogues above... Things can also mean dialogues *my interpretation! >:D

                    And the dialogues I choose are some of the important ones. There's the compliment and the critic, then the quarrel. Friends sometimes say harsh words to each other. It's good if they can reconcile.

                    Although A had to moved elsewhere, they still kept in touch, hence No. 10, where they managed to meet again... Goodness how many years might have passed till they met. Hahahahaha....

                    Anyway, how would you do this challenge? Bit tricky, you know... >.<

                    ps: Though it says Day four, actually it's on the same day as Day three. I'm trying to finish fast because by 26 august, I'm busy. :( Can't update much that time so hope you all don't mind. Thanks in advance! :)

                    Cik Muda

                    Cik Muda gila follow, bukan followers

                    6:07 PM

                    Hahahaha... okay, Cik Muda nak rehat dari guna English ni. Jangan pula dihentam sebab campur You dengan I dalam ni. Blog Cik Muda, ikut bicara Cik Muda lah kan.

                    Haaa... Nak dikatakan isu, dah lama sangat... Sejak zaman Facebook mula rasanya... Mana lah Cik Muda tahu yang tepat-tepat. Cik Muda suka main agak-agak, kalau kena, bagus teramat sangat. Andai salah fakta, maaf beribu maaf ok.

                    Seperti dalam tajuk entri kali ini, follow ni maksudnya follow blog. Cik Muda memang gila follow blog orang. Tapi bukan follow ikut bedal saja. Cik Muda tengok juga blog itu.

                    Blog cantik- Memang Cik Muda follow! Sebab buat mata Cik Muda gembira dan cemburu. Hahaha...

                    Blog kemas- Ini memang antara sebab utama Cik Muda follow. Tak ada terkelip-kelip sana sini. Berterabur lah bintang turun dari atas... Paling bagus, blog ini selalu berinformasi. Cik Muda suka gila!!

                    Blog cepat loading- Hah! Cik Muda dislike sangat-sangat blog yg buka lambat. Dah lambat sangat sampai habis baca 5mukasurat manga, memang Cik Muda close blog itu. Tolong kurangkan widget yg tak perlu sangat itu...

                    Blog mantap- Ini khas bagi blog yg berjaya tarik minat Cik Muda. Blog yg lucu, penuh info berguna atau pelik. Tentang isu semasa atau isu menarik seperti ciptaan pelik. Cik Muda memang follow.

                    Blog easy to read- Ini jarang Cik Muda kisah tapi ada terjadi. Cik Muda faham, font itu cantik tapi kasihan kan mata readers. Kami baca banyak, tetiba buka blog, tulisan kecil-kecil, senget sini sana, terbesar itu ini.... Tutup mata, Cik Muda 'X' terus.

                    Blog gambar banyak- Cik Muda suka. Senang, tengok gambar, baca apa yg ditulis. Selalunya tulisan sikit sebab penekanan atas gambar. Good approach! Dan buat Cik Muda jadi rajin nak letak gambar juga. >.<

                    Haaaa.... blog anda mcm mana? kalau nak tahu, tinggal link, Cik Muda akan terjah dan gred ikut kriteria di atas....

                    Andai Cik Muda rajin lagi... Cik Muda akan listkn semua link dan letak dalam kategori itu. Tapi mungkin ada blog yg dapat 2 gred.... Cik Muda akan tanya tuan blog, nak kategori mana. Adil tak?

                    Hahahaha... Cik Muda lupa tentang tajuk entri dah ni.. Nak tahu berapa blog Cik Muda dah ikut? Tekan saja 'View my complete profile'... Mesti anda terkejut... hehehee...

                    Ok, Cik Muda nak rehat di kerusi mahal sambil layan Facebook... Nanti pukul 12 tepat, Cik Muda tengok entri ini... Bye!


                    Day three: 10 things I hate

                    12:54 AM

                    Early morning post! (Might be doing two challenges today, so this one's 1st.)

                    1. I hate service without a smile. (consider a 'thing', right?) Maybe you've had a bad day; still you're paid to give good service. Don't like the job, QUIT. We all have bad days but pouting ain't gonna help you.

                    2. I hate chewing gum. Okay, revise that. Specifically, those that got stuck on walls/pavements. Super GROSS max! -.-" I had the luck *sarcasm to experience seeing TWO gums......

                    3. I hate organizers. *Heck! Sounds too harsh. I just dislike using organizers. Because I need them most in my life.... I tend to be the throw-it-in-a-place type of 'organizer'... Hahahaha...

                    4. I hate 5-minutes shower or less. That's too SHORT!! For a young lady who must groom herself... *sniff, sniff... I need at least 10 minutes.... or more. >:D

                    5. I hate unreasonable mark up of prices! Like seriously, a comic from West Malaysia costs RM5. East Malaysia, it costs RM7??? Super ridiculous mark up. *Example only. It's real in some small shops.

                    6. I hate human sirens... Don't get it? It means humans with the tendency to scream till you can hear them from across the sea. Minor one, thank goodness I don't meet a lot of them. I'm not saying I hate noise, just not too loud till you win over a volcano eruption. Hand me some earplugs FIRST then you CAN scream. >.<

                    7. I hate very, very short replies.... 'k' does not mean okay. Even if I do use them (yeah I do), I continue with a new sentence. Except when I'm really short on time/ busy. Then please understand my usage of 'k'. Hahaha... *Excuses.

                    8.  I hate hanging messages. Here's an example:
                    A: Hi, how are you?
                    B: Great! How about you?
                    *Waits 30 minutes.
                    B: Are you busy?
                    *After 2 days
                    A: Sorry, out of credit.

                    Figures~ The out-of-credit excuse is okay (you could use Facebook). But IF you still had credit and still didn't reply because oh, you forgot you messaged first. -,- At least end the conversation with 'goodbye'. Manners!

                    9. I hate wasting space in books. Yes, I still keep my old exercise books. Even some from Secondary (thrown out the Primary ones already). Lessons sometimes finished early and left a lot of empty pages behind. Useful for doodles/drawing!

                    10. I hate plastic & paper. Gotcha! Nope, I don't hate them both. Plastic is good in some ways and so are paper.... Hahaha... -.-" Better if you don't know what I mean.

                    Done! Now spread like FIRE.


                    Day two: 10 things I love

                    3:14 PM

                    1. I love plushies!! Below aren't the ones I have. Hehe....

                      <<<Mmm... I feel like making these bunnies using felt... Ilah!! >.<

                    2. I love my Nokia phone. But now I think it's hating me! Keeps on jamming up. T.T

                    3. I love drawing very much that I nearly enjoyed taking architecture. NEARLY! Then it kinda died..... Now I stick to drawing manga-like only. Hahahaha.... So I love my pencils to draw them. (Btw, drawing isn't a 'thing', right? Oh well~)

                    4. I love shoes, sandals from Bata. Don't know why, maybe because Dad usually goes there when shopping for school shoes? Still, I do visit Bata to see what's for sale. :)

                    5. I freaking love my hair!! Then I get all upset when it gets dandruff/oily/brittle/dry. But I can't spend 1 or 2 hours spoiling (AKA shampooing, conditioning, masking) it in the showers. Or RMxxxx to wash/treatment it at salons. Super sad one. ): Also, I feel so sad when have to cut.....

                    6. I love sling bags to handbags. Prefer the option of slinging it near my hips than have it under my armpit or over my arm. Hahaha.... -.-" Though it does make me wonder when people look at my sling bag or my hips (or my butt... xP)

                    7. I love dresses to jeans. Currently have 2 maxi dress and thinking of adding skirts. So far I have a long purple skirt.... I wanna try the knee-length skirts, preferably checkered-pattern? Not fluffy like or lacey. I'm more to preppy types.

                    8. I love rings to earrings. Though my collection of rings is so dismal. Not too vintage, just the kiddy types. My afford range usually goes RM2-RM30. The one I'm using now is the RM30 something. Super nice and pretty. *Pictures next month! >:D

                    9. I love books to music/movies. I rather pay RM9 for a comic than for a movie pass! Hahaha.... If I wanna read thick 'boring' books, I search through Dad's books. Sure to find some 'rare' interesting ones.

                    10. I love chocolates more than cakes. Oh, but if its chocolate cake, I love it most!! And if its dark chocolate,  super mad love! Hahaha.... \(^-^)/

                    Finish! Thanks for reading!!

                    University life

                    Course registration 22/8

                    2:43 PM

                    Don't sweat. Online registration only, right? Nothing to worry about.

                    Oh, wait. Internet access. -.-"

                    Okay, below is the supposed schedule. But as time has proved, it will change.

                    Monday morning promises to be a relaxed morning, cloudy in the evening.

                    Tuesday & Wednesday may as well be sunny & cloudy,some wind, please.

                    Thursday is kinda like a storm that softens then gets heavy again.

                    On Friday, we experienced a break from the downpour, slight breeze then downpour again.

                    ps: Great weather forecast for the semester, right?

                    All the same, gonna keep in mind those course codes!

                    Actually, I can't wait to start learning..... >.<



                    Day one: 10 things about ME

                    11:36 PM

                    Hahaha, did you all wait long? Sorry there, got caught up on a Facebook frenzy.

                    Okay, moving on to the 1st challenge!

                    1. MY full name is not spelled with a 'Anak' or 'Binti' or 'a/p'. It's spelled simple. So you're not supposed to get it wrong! And also, don't ever pandai-pandai add those mentioned above. *meanie mode >:D

                    2. Know when is Hari Wilayah Persekutuan? BINGO! 1st February. And if you're a diligent one, jot it down/typed in your phone/ BB. It's my birthday! (Also my big bro's....yeah! -.-") *perasan giler

                    3. Not left-handed.

                    4. Planning to grow out hair until it reaches the floor and becomes a mop. *Seriously, I'm just kidding. But I'm already on the verge of cutting it to shoulder length!

                    5. Loki, Snowy & Coco are not live pets. So isn't Stitchy! (Hahaha, find out later okay~)

                    6. I have really nice, long fingers. Like, seriously. My fingers got a lot more attention than my CUTE cheeks! Plus, shiny fingernails! (Thank you, Garlic!) Oh, should I paint them black? ;)

                    7. This is my forgot-how-many blog. Previously, I had another blog under LWC. Guess what? It could mean a lot of things...... The greatest being this: Ladies with class. Others are here.

                    8. I like privacy. But I also like the spotlight. Clashing right? Go figure! xD

                    9. I'm a beginner of using make-up. So far, it's eye shadows, eye liner, face powder and blusher. I don't even know whether I get those names right! And I'm not so keen in branded items. Plus, I made my eye liner blunt! Like, hideously blunt. Lots for me to learn.....

                    10. I'm quite patient. It's limited as to what might make me go SNAP. Be warned!

                    Hahaha... Can't believe I ended up with lots of crap! Well, whatever. I did think a whole 3 minutes before typing out, mind you. So long till next day challenge!!


                    Book review

                    Blog review

                    2:16 PM

                    The book that changed my life

                    Confucius from the Heart
                    Yu Dan

                    Translated by Esther Tyldesley
                    Published by Pan Books (2010)
                    ISBN 978-0-330-51375-3

                    A short excerpt from the foreword:
                    “Those who benefit from the wisdom of Confucius may experience a moment’s heart-stopping enlightenment, in which understanding suddenly floods through them; equally, they may undertake a lifetime of endless study in order to attain understanding.”

                    First, I did not have a moment’s heart-stopping enlightenment because I couldn’t understand the book in one reading. So I read again thus two readings were okay to say I understood something from the book.

                    Second, the book‘s really interesting. The author tells the Analects of Confucius in a story-like way, which by far is easier to digest. She also makes use of other folk stories that she found and in a way, connects it to the analects.

                    Third, read and stop at times to ponder. It’s better as you let the words sink into your mind. I did and I found that the analects do make sense in modern times, especially when all you think is being financially sound.

                    Fourth, what affects me most is that: It isn’t just about changing the world/environment you live in, you must change yourself first. How can you help others when you yourself need help? It was a round-about question and trust me, you have to think too.

                    Sufficed to say, this book can open your mind. My mind did. Now, I’m learning to be patient, to see what lies behind each action. As far as I want to help others, I need to help myself first. Confucius really had it; a way to affect others, even through all these years.

                    To encourage someone to read, first I need to find out what level of reader are they. Are they the beginners, intermediate or advanced? Second, I adapt my strategy to accommodate them. Third, I let them progress by their own, with as much or as little help, as humans are more motivated by their own achievements.

                    For beginners, they are new to reading or perhaps they are less exposed to reading materials. Therefore, their comprehension of texts is low and may altogether wipe out their interest in reading. To assist them, it is better to expose them to a level that is appropriate. Let’s say: start with books with illustrated pictures. This helps in their understanding of the texts. As they progress in comprehension of the illustrated texts, they may be able to handle texts with less illustration. However, the texts must not be too ‘heavy’. A nice example is the Enid Blyton series. A handy sidekick at times is a dictionary, to help out with words that are new for them. It is no fun to come across an unknown word, which could spoil the text.

                    Books with illustrations

                    Some of the Enid Blyton series

                    For intermediate, they may want to challenge themselves by reading texts with no illustration. They may also go for the ‘thick’ books. This is motivating but sometimes could cause the opposite effect. If their patience is low in reading long texts, they might get bored and give up on finishing. It is therefore imperative to provide ‘thick’ books with large fonts. Their eyes may yet deceive them and they will realize soon about the difference in font size. By the time they found out about it, they can proceed to the real ‘thick’ books they like. It would be good to start with a thick story book. For example, the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series are good books to start on. After those, they can read some bibliography. The important thing is to keep their attention hooked on reading by providing reading materials that they are interested in.

                    One of the Harry Potter series and the 1st book for Twilight series

                    Examples of bibliography

                    For advanced readers, what can I say? These readers would read just about anything under the Sun. As long as it interests them in a way, they might forget day and night. However, at this level, they are more prone to reading less as they can’t find materials that interest them much. Now, thanks to modern technology, these readers can search online and widen their scope of interest. Although helpful, they must also be aware that not all online materials are credited and accounted for. Some may just be opinions and not hard facts.

                    By determining the level of readers, adjusting the strategy and providing reading materials that are appropriate; I am sure that these ways can encourage people to read.


                    Blog challenges #3

                    10:56 PM

                    I think I'm on a freaky challenge maniac virus....

                    Well, so I was blogwalking and came across this one blog which have an archive of her past blog challenges. Why not hop along, right? Since I can't do the long type ones (30 days), there are some short ones in her archive. I'm gonna do the 10 things one!

                    Anyway, here's the list of challenges!

                    Interesting, right! I can't wait to start even. *rubbing fingers in glee anticipation....



                    Blog challenges #2

                    5:12 PM

                    This is a continuation of the 1st post here.

                    Remember how I said that I took a quick look? Well, it was lucky I did before Sept comes.

                    Problem is, I'm gonna have some issues of accessing the Net in the 1st week of Sept. It might persist till 12 Sept. So I can't start the challenges yet. I was half thinking of cheating, like doing the posts and just changing the publish time but looking at the challenges, no way. Too many 'current' stuff, so better no cheating for the publish date. Hahaha....

                    Have to wait till past 12 Sept or I might start posting about it in Oct. Whichever, to my convenience. Therefore, you'll be entertained with my usual rambles (I may do a What's in my bag post, however, it depends or you'll be bored with pack of tissues, books, pencil case post). Preferably too, you can ask what post you want me to do. Trust me, I won't bite. As long as it's not crap.

                    The deadline for that blog review contest is creeping up on me. Still editing the draft (more like I haven't typed it out even!). So happens that it's the same day as my course registration (smooth procedure this time around). Set date: 22 August.

                    Can't wait for semester to start. I'm actually getting jealous with those status on Facebook about assignments.

                    ps: It truly is dull without holding a pen and actually writing something down!


                    ps: I know, my signature rocks!! (Perasan statement, I know) xP

                    University life

                    A week left

                    2:05 PM

                    Yes, a week more before course registration for UM students in the 8 semester program. The bummer thing is that one subject is gonna take a lot of time, 5 credit hours. However, seeing from the schedule we put together, Monday might just as well be a day off for the first week. Only having a tutorial class in the evening. Monday morning is free.

                    ps: This is one boring post if you're not UM student. Please exit before you fall asleep.

                    So, nothing much except for the previous post, which concerned about Nuffnang Malaysia. Scroll down for it in the other post.

                    And yes, I'm still doing the drafts. Hope I finish before my deadline. There's a book review I promised and also the blog review contest I'm positively joining.

                    ps: I'm reminding myself through this post.

                    Another thing I'm still pondering about is my attire during this coming semester. I'm thinking, yeah, thinking about going all formal. Like, slacks and shirts or collared T-shirts. But it has to be comfortable. What I worry if I have to walk somewhere not in my faculty, like to the Perdanasiswa. Have to think how first. All the same, I have a bit inkling of what to wear if I do go all formal. The reason I'm doing this: Wanna get used to being formal, not like I can wear jeans and T-shirts when I'm working outside. The down part is those slacks. Some are pretty uncomfortable because they show off my legs (okay, it's my butt actually, ahem ahem).

                    Well. that's all. Bye!


                    Help is not through words spoken

                    10:24 PM

                    Been a while since my latest post, last Thursday, to be exact. Sorry, dear readers, for the missed days. Yours truly felt ill. Even to type was torture so yours truly needed time/days off.

                    Okay, enough with yours truly. It makes me sound like I'm gone from this world. Too bad for my haters, I'm still breathing.

                    When I'm feeling well enough, I'll continue with the drafts. I have a lot in Stitchy (my blue Dell). For now, spare your time for this post in Nuffnang: Let Your Voices Be Heard.

                    Here is the extract from the post too:

                    "So dear Nuffnangers, if you have any stories to share, please do as getting your stories will definitely help to increase the public understanding of this matter. If you have experienced any emotional issues or know anyone involved in such matters, please do blog about it to get the word out. Troubled teens need to know that they are not alone in this, and perhaps there is someone out there who will benefit from you sharing your experience. Please help to spread the word, as your stories can make a positive difference for the world. :)"

                    Most people say it's simple: Stay positive.

                    Okay, let me tell you what makes what you probably said above, so NOT simple.

                    How can you be positive? 

                    When there's a lot of pessimistic around you.

                    He/she may not be like you.

                    Born into a good family/favourable conditions.

                    You must consider.

                    There are countries where they have wars, prejudice and the negativity of life.

                    So don't put it down as SIMPLE.

                    Because for starters, LIFE is not all roses in the garden.

                    Say thanks that you do not have to face what they are facing.

                    Then say: Please help them by giving them strength. To face the adversity of life.

                    And that's how you MAY be able to help.

                    ps: I especially hate those ignorant people who label suicides as STUPID. Guess what, they're the stupid lot.

                    I had depression. Not gonna gloss over it but it was tough. I didn't go to a hospital whatever because it mostly went unnoticed (it was a mild one, really). So I pulled myself out from it. Because I figured out myself that I did not want this life to go to waste. For one, there must be a purpose to exist. Which I must find.

                    I'm not totally happy about my life. So I scream and I cry. Not to tell you, but to tell myself that it's alright to feel, feel hurt, angry and sad. 

                    Damn! My sentences are messed up. You might get confused. But I'm seeing black spots now so I'll stop here.


                    (The illness is every female's illness. Now let me rest! >.<")

                    Book review

                    Two more book reviews

                    2:02 PM

                    I'm really into books, if you failed to notice~

                    Okay, review for one (book-review-fidelity-project) done and left with the other (books-ive-read-but-havent-reviewed).

                    I'm currently interested in a blog review contest and choosing a book for it. It's the 4th Anniversary Blog Review Contest by BookXcess. You can click here for more info.

                    I think I'll go for this book because I think some people might have read it but do not understand the in-depth thinking it gives.

                    Another choice was this one.

                    Oh, and this one~

                    Yeah, I was spoiled for choice. But I guess the one that got me thinking more is the 1st book. So I'll be doing the draft now. Full concentration needed. 


                    ps: Join the contest too! It'll be fun. Well, nothing like those shooting, arcade, racing stuff but a lot more peaceful, right?

                    Book review

                    Book review: The Fidelity Project

                    7:59 PM

                    The Fidelity Project
                    By Susan Conley

                    ISBN 978 0 7553 4573 1

                    First published in 2009 by LITTLE BLACK DRESS (HEADLINE PUBLISHING GROUP)

                    “Jacinta Quirke who waited for her ‘fiancĂ©’ and Maxine O’Malley who seemed single; Jax and Max are two different personalities. One thing they currently had in common was that they are losing their job and need a plan, FAST.

                    Their escape rope: a documentary on fidelity. Jax who believes in waiting for her hopeless ‘fiancĂ©’, tries to convince Max, ever the cynical, by roping in couples. As they delve deeper into each other’s love lives, the trouble really starts.”

                    My opinion:

                    Great storyline and amusing use of dialogues; it captured my attention. Nothing too cheesy about the love and life of the two women, the plot didn’t focus solely on them only. The author succeeds in expanding the plot through other characters connected to the two women. As the story proceeds, I tried to predict what was ahead. But the author had other plans, it seemed. Unpredictable twists and explosive events; it is a very enjoyable read.

                    Last note, I must warn that there are some adult scenes.

                    My favourite word from the book: Eejit!

                    Rating: Four stars.


                    Sometimes I think just too much

                    3:55 PM

                    Yeah, I might get paranoia.

                    When I think that everyone is getting in a conspiracy.

                    And it doesn't help that my Facebook has an insecure browsing.

                    Thus, I'm getting suck into a manga-reading mood.

                    I like the names that popped up during that status update.

                    Because those are the ones really close to me in Facebook.

                    Or is it those that keep opening my Wall?

                    Anyway, I'm just paranoia today.

                    I posted something in my course group.

                    And I might just be imagining things.

                    But it might be for real.

                    I think some people dislike me for posting that update.

                    Some ill-thinking people.

                    Who happens to dislike politics or incompetent females.

                    But hey.

                    No politics, no females.

                    You get no democracy and no babies.

                    In case you're thinking of getting yourself pregnant.

                    By all means, you're welcome to do the motherhood business.

                    Less job for us, home makers.

                    For a final note which is irrelevant maybe to you.

                    I can't wait for an Obedient Husband Club.


                    (ps: Rambles. Hope doesn't get into your head much.)

                    Book review

                    Books I've read but haven't reviewed

                    10:42 PM

                    The two books are as followed:

                    I especially love books from LittleBlackDress. >.<

                    Though the book should have a rating~

                    I'll post the respective reviews after I do their drafts in MWord. Yeah, I'm a sucker for right grammar and spelling.



                    Blog challenges

                    8:24 PM

                    Who doesn't like challenges? In a way, we all do.

                    So, I've found 2 challenges that I'm gonna try out soon in Sept. & Oct. Yes, during my semester study. I hope it won't be too tough.

                    Here they are (with blog links of where I found them):

                    30days challenge (Cik Epal)

                    30day blog challenge (LeyPark cOrNer)

                    Okay *flexing fingers.

                    A quick run through first to see what's the challenge now.


                    ps: You're more than welcome to do it too. Just remember to refer back where you get the links. And I'll be honoured to read your challenges! -Thanks!

                    My Obsession

                    My Obsession: Ankle boots

                    5:00 PM

                    This is a seldom treat! :)

                    Ankle boots: (taken from Wiki~)

                    These are the most widely-worn style of fashion boots, usually under pants.Ankle boots are also the only type of fashion boot commonly worn by both men and women, and the only one to have remained popular without a break since the 19th Century. They vary in length from booties or shoe boots (effectively a shoe that skims the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

                    And here are some photos (with their source links!):

                    Might I remind you this is about the boots but still, the other stuffs are eye candies!
                    The ring is so pretty~

                    Yeah, Gucci's boots are beautiful.... Though I think I'll call those heels as killer heels because I can never wear that high~

                    The whole attire combination including the boots is gorgeous, I do hope I'm able to wear like that... Gotta level up my dressing sense with practice!

                    Seems casual, right? For a night out, perfect. For a lecture in campus session, going to have burnt out ears from 'formal attire'. 

                    -.-" I have a feeling that some misleading humans are going to question the model's body but whatever, I'm all about the boots she's wearing. Fantastic laced up boots, gotta save my budget for a pair. 

                    All photos have their sources linked. Click on them if you wanna know more. Reminder: most of the above are overseas~

                    Now for some local business in Malaysia:

                    First up are photos from their photo album (they do sell other types of shoes and attires, I just focused on the boots in their album).
                    This one looks great, love the metal buckle. Somehow it says that it have a comfy lining inside. ^.^

                    Mostly black, it looks professional type, I think you could pass it off in a lecture hall by wearing it under a long/maxi dress. Though then what's the point of it being a boot? 

                    RED!!! Love the design!

                    Okay, now, to the online shop of the owner~

                    (Clicking on the title brings you to their Facebook page. Click here for their site: which is still under construction....for the time being, go to their FB!)

                    I just found the shop yesterday (-.-") so I can't recommend anything until I buy something from them. 

                    They're based in Kedah and mostly they use Chinese. But I see that they are using English now. Seems new since the 'Like' count is 200++. Still, it's growing fast. 

                    ps: When I do have the budget, I'm going to order one of those boots in the photos. Mind guessing which one?

                    Next shop!!!

                    (I'm doing the intro 1st and photos later this time~)

                    Founded in 2010, 'Like' count: 38000+++

                    Has its own site and a blog. About the blog, I can't say much because it's mostly in Chinese. The site has a translation into English function but I daresay it isn't perfect. Don't worry, you could always ask them to explain further.

                    Based in Pulau Pinang~ (you could find it in the Info section of their FB page)

                    Also, I can't recommend much since I haven't make any purchase yet.

                    Now, to photos!!

                    Makes you think whether it can be separated at the lines~

                    Ooooh, gorgeous!!

                    Cute bows!


                    Now I wonder if I should get my 1st pair of boots from which shop?



                    Humble K vs Arrogant In

                    10:36 PM

                    You might know what K and In stand for from this post~ Read it for a short background intro. >.< Now for the interesting story I kinda promised you!

                    Since I figured out by my own self that I (Damn! Too short that you might get confused!) In could well managed herself, I walked to the other aisles, trying to find things to do.

                    I didn't see the commotion or I would have asked about it. Well, never mind that, K was more than happy to relate. Not to badmouth but yeah, I have the face of a counselor, remember?

                    So the story unfolds~

                    There they were in the aisle. Only K and In.

                    A lady came into the aisle, went up to In's section. The usual promoting happened. The lady took one of In's stuff and In watched her walked down the aisle towards K.

                    K didn't bother much because the lady already chose In's stuff. The lady asked how much K's stuff was, and does it have that and that. (Making it short and to not bore you with details.)

                    And here, the commotion began!! (The way I write this kinda made me seem that I'm happy it happened right? Well, in a way, I was excited. Not everyday you get to hear something that only happens in movies~)

                    In walked up to K, right in front of the lady (AKA customer) and said, "Why are you promoting your stuff to her? She already chose my stuff." Original version: Kenapa kamu promote barang kamu? Dia sudah pilih barang saya.

                    Though I don't know or I can't exactly confirm the tone In used, I daresay it was the same super annoyed tone.

                    The lady was dumbfounded. Yeah, suddenly to have become the source of a small(?) squabble between two promoters; it's a pressure to become a consumer too. *Sigh

                    K was shocked but not into silence. She put up her own stand. "It's the customer who comes to me and ask. What am I supposed to do? Ignore her then?" Original version: Pelanggan itu yang datang sendiri tanya. Takkan saya nak buat tak peduli, nanti dia mengadu saya sombong, tak tolong dia.

                    And K did have a point, she wasn't promoting her stuff, she just answered to the  lady's queries.


                    And I thought being a promoter is easy and simple. Looks like it actually isn't. Yeah, it may seem glamorous, what-not. While in reality, they mostly got ignored, especially those doing it on the street.

                    (I'm one of those guilty ones who mostly just walked past them, as fast as I can. Because usually, I'm in a rush and sadly plus frankly, I'm not interested in that stuff you're promoting.)

                    Oh, a note. Just in case you're wondering what exactly I'm doing but I haven't seem to answer to your questions, leave a comment here or PM me on Facebook. Or my formspring~



                    Listen well, you're no mindreader

                    10:00 PM

                    Sometimes we assume the worst or best message.

                    But are you sure that's truly the message you read?

                    It gets confusing.

                    There's no solid basis.

                    Yeah, you could say it's from experiences.

                    But who knows, right?

                    A liking might actually be a hidden hatred.

                    Yeah, it's that confusing.

                    Guys say girls are confusing.

                    And we, ladies, say men are confusing.

                    Guess what?

                    We, men and women like playing mind games.

                    What's actually in the words we say?

                    What's actually in the words we write?

                    Can you say you really know?

                    Can you say you really understand?

                    Yeah, it's confusing.

                    But that's why.

                    Sometimes you just got to talk it out.

                    It might get embarrassing when the real message gets across.

                    But aren't you glad, finally?

                    That the other end got it?

                    That the other end really understand it?

                    Yeah, it's confusing.

                    So sometimes.

                    You just gotta listen well.

                    Book review

                    Book review: Princess Academy

                    11:42 AM

                    Princess Academy
                    Shannon Hale

                    Bloomsbury usa children’s books 2005
                    Isbn-13: 978-1-58234-993-0

                    (Borrowed from PUSTAKA negeri Sarawak)

                    A tale of a mountain girl’s adventure in regconizing herself amongst her peers and in her own family; in her tales of training to become a lowlanders’ princess.

                    Miri was named after a strong mountain flower, which could thrive amid the harsh, almost barren mountain terrain. Secluded from other mountain girls who shared in the workload of thawing linder from the mountain, she felt ashamed and yearned to prove herself worthy, to gain her father’s love and trust.

                    The arrival of a lowlanders’ messenger and the news he had brought, made Miri unsure of her future. What is it that she most treasured; her mountain, family and childhood friend, Peder or her ambitions of proving herself to her village?

                    As the mountain girls learned and faced challengers so unlike the mountain they are used to; all for the sake of being the chosen bride to Prince Steffan. Miri was one of them, albeit an internal conflict, of which Peder played a part.

                    To cut short before I give the story away, this one is a very enjoyable read. Discover as uneducated mountain folks learned to sell their blocks of linder and the improvement in their livelihood. Or find out as Miri unravels the possibilities of quarry-speech. Or the almost embarrassing ending of the conclusion between Miri and Peder.

                    All in all, I loved the story. Truly a gem. Nothing sadistic or too romantic for the enjoyment of children in the range of 10 years old. Even the shy start of love is amusing.

                    My rating: A full 5 stars!


                    2 months of working part time: My SHORT experience

                    1:15 PM

                    Yeah, I kinda promise that I'm gonna post this one up.... Here goes~

                    First day of work- Was nervous and all. My first time WORKING!! Never mind that my Big bro worked before in Bintulu; I, on the other hand, had no experience! Damn PLKN for making me miss working experience... I did tried, not like I didn't try to get work. But that employer's excuse was that she wanted workers to stay until Christmas time... Right... By that time I would be in a camp. (Before 2011, PLKN started earlier, Dec. before 1 Jan even!) And also she wanted new workers to be those that would stay with them for 2,3 years... So, I got shown to the door. Thinking that it would be the same elsewhere, I stop and lazed at home till camp started.

                    So first day. Got the shirt. No collar. Like a trainee's shirt. Wished I'd put on a singlet, the shirt's material was thin WTH! And kinda stick close to my skin, so there was me, tugging my shirt up at the collar. Later on I found out that new cashiers used it before they upgrade to those grey T-shirts. (?) Anyway, the blue shirts mean that we're novice.

                    The local department's supervisor, a guy (I think name can come later~) gave us a very brief talk. Just to show us the area under local department. The blocks, those stuffs that aren't in their aisle (so that's what they call it); then which aisle we are going to take care of. Guess what, I'm a female, so naturally, I got the female's section. Don't understand? I was told to take care of the Sanitary section in aisle 9. Still don't understand? Okay, this one should be universal: Tuala Wanita. Yes, you understand now. And also the pet section.

                    Nothing much to say, I just nodded my head. Then he left to show my bro's aisle. My eyes surveyed the racks, rearranging stuffs and making them look neat. There's Kotex, Libresse, Biolife (was it?), Whisper, Carefree, Stayfree (I think this is the same as Carefree) and last, Intimate. Quite different brands, right? ;)

                    So first day ended, happily enough.

                    Though the same can't be said for my first afternoon shift.

                    It was the 4th working day. Was feeling unwell. I had to stand at my own FREEZING aisle, for Pete's sake! So quietly, I developed a cold. And a sore throat. Plus, being a goody-goody, I did not leave my aisle, even for a drink...

                    Thank goodness, I skipped that afternoon shift and the full shift the next day too.

                    And I'm proud to say, those are the only two days I didn't turn up for work.... Yeah, gonna be a bad record.

                    I went to work and the guy supervisor asked for reason of absence. I told him that I was sick. And he asked for a medical leave. Well, guess what, part timers don't have that privilege, I found out later. And besides, I don't know the panel doctors for the company.

                    So, salary for two days gone. Just like that~ Next time, ask if you are entitled to medical leave as a part timer. If not, try your best to be healthy at all times.

                    Another event which made me stopped rearranging things at my section...

                    After doing the usual, I walked around, seeing the place before it opens is so nice, the peace before humankind tramples in...

                    Then, I kinda heard (eavesdrop?) a lady talking to the guy supervisor.

                    "Who touched my things?" Original version: Siapa kacau barang saya?

                    I thought I was mistaken but her tone was unpleasant, like super annoyed that somebody disturbed her things. And guess, what 'things'? She's the Intimate promoter....... So the somebody happened to be.......... ME. After that, I never ever arrange Intimate, even though it looked like a tornado struck.

                    In comparison, Libresse promoter is so kind and so is Kotex. Thumbs up for great human selection!

                    (An interesting story later: Humble Kotex vs Arrogant Intimate)

                    A week goes by, then the next....

                    Oh, I made friends, gradually. But it makes working fun, with friends.

                    This was the first friendship.

                    As usual, after checking that my section was neat, I went to my bro's aisle to chat. While walking aimlessly, a guy beckoned in aisle 8.

                    "Help me with the snacks, please?" Original version: Tolong saya susun keropok.

                    Joy that I had work to do, I helped. And we talked while our hands moved.

                    Something simple but that was my first true friend at the workplace.

                    Then, weeks passed and more friendships began. Though some I'm not quite happy with. I ended up being always a listener. I guess I have the face of a counselor? Whenever I want to be the talker, I get shunned. So it's better to just clam up and listen.

                    June ended and my first payment!! It was RM300++. Not gonna tell the precise amount. :P

                    July began, with some events.

                    One thing, I prefer to eat in peace. The irony of it; I'm eating in a noisy food court. WTH Meaning that I hoped for one table to ONLY be me alone. Or if there has to be someone else, my bro fits perfectly. He's quiet, playing his PSP, not talking away like girls. And thankfully, some girls know when I do not want to talk. Though there was this one cashier, who insists on talking. While I'm still eating even. Politely, I just nodded my head, gracefully, or else I end up eating my own hair.

                    Besides the guy supervisor, there's a lady supervisor too, which I followed a senior's example, to address as a kakak. And I like that kakak. Though she forgets that I'm not Chinese, I readily forgave her whenever she talked Chinese to me. And so in local department: 2 supervisor (I think that's what they are... or is it Exec?), 6 black T-shirts (2 girls, 4 boys...), and 6 blue shirts (ME, my bro, 1 girl and 3 other boys).

                    Black T-shirts meant that they are our seniors; they've been working for more than 6 months.

                    Okay, nothing else after that brief intro.

                    July's payment was more than June's payment~ ;)

                    And also my last payment.

                    Other stories will be in upcoming posts!

                    Until then, enjoy the break!

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