Lowly jobs?! Excuse me, people!

2:36 PM

Yeah, got my offday today but, okay, self admitting, I'm in no rush for doing long posts at the moment. Just had my lunch so going to have a nap later.... hahahaha

So far, job's been great, nothing stressing much. Though I still have problems of being mistaken as a Chinese, thus Mandarin speaking people. Which I'm getting able to handle. Nothing like stopping them, saying I don't know what the hell they're saying. Okay, more politely told. No WTH-ish....

Another problem though, which is irking me. What is wrong with working in a hypermarket/ any service store??? A fellow worker got it from her friend too. Saying that there is no CLASS working in a hypermarket... Oh, EXCUSE ME!

For all it's worth, the job's not as easy OR lowly as you see it. How do you expect that favourite box of your biscuit to arrive on the shelf? Fly itself there, is it? Or expect a vending machine to give back your changes when you don't have small change? Think, people! NO job is not worth its salt! Even rubbish collectors. Think you're able to haul your rubbish to the dump? In your smart, neat, WHITE shirt?


Seriously, I scorn back at these high-minded thinking. There's plenty of them, think they're so good, better in life than others. So what if those other 'low' people deserve what job they got? If they weren't around, this world would be unbearable to live in. Not to mention the rubbish, how about no one to cut your hair? Think you'll be able to handle the snips?

Enough rubbish talking from me. I daresay some readers will get un-nerved by me. Be reminded that I mentioned no names, whatsoever. Think it's you, then maybe, though a small chance it's you. Hahahaha....

Whatever the job, think what it'll be like if you're doing it. There's got to be reasons behind each and every one, no matter how twisted the reasons may be.


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  1. that's right jue... i agreed 100% with u babes.. they think they are too high-class-job people. Lucky we are not one of them even though we are student =)


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