Gonna reach the end...

11:14 PM

Hahahaha... just a simple statement which could mean just about anything under the Sun. K, skip the gibberish whatever.

I think the rough review for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is sufficient. But in case, you want to read more about it, don't worry, I can still recall some points.

.............WTH, I wanna put some pictures of those adorable cats from the Cat Show at tHe Spring, Kuching...last, last.... I don't remember what day....I wish I could just upload the pictures from my phone to the net. Yeah, I can but gonna cut my credit. Well, the cats are soooooooooo damn CUTE!!! Though most are so pampered and well-fed... Like translate those to just plain fat and plump. If I ever keep a cat, I would never let it build up on the kilos. Same as if I'm gonna have kids! Go out and play, or stay in doors and pump muscles. Currently, I'm pretty much losing weight. Not too skinny, nicely in the ideal BMI. Hahaha, yeah, right. Though, I'm having cravings of fried Kueh Tiaw. My fav food. Damn the oiliness whatever, it's still my fav, though not healthy food.

............I'm really far, far away from what I wanna tell about...

Okay, hang in there, hang in for 3 more minutes. And then read the below sentence, mind you, no breathing 'cos it's going to be short and quick.

End of my working months!

Hahahahaha, I don't know what other things you might be expecting, but, yeah, 31st July 2011 is my last day working as a sales assistant under Local department in Ta Kiong, tHe Spring. It's filled with Nah! I'll tell later about what experiences I got from there. And mind you, there are some funny moments and some really makes-me-wanna-scream moments... Especially concerning my almost-Chinese-looking face. Though so far, one person disagrees, which is weird when most people say I do look like a Chinese.. Either, she's blind or not gonna agree due to who knows... jealousy??? Maybe I'm thinking too much.

Haish! Truthfully, I'm gonna miss them lots there. I generally get along well with, well, almost everyone. Though I still prefer eating alone... Please shut those mindless, idle gossips during that great, heavenly, done-nothing-wrong-to-you food. Can't we just eat in peace? And also, I chew slowly.... Okay, depends on how hungry I am at that time. Lalalalalalala~~~

So, yeah, gonna miss working there... And maybe I'm just human being selfish, but I hope they'll miss me too...


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