Withdrawing myself & of plans ahead

11:01 PM

Don't widen your eyes just yet.

It so happens that I think I'm not going to be the Finalist for the YOU Awards. Even if I could be, I couldn't make it across the ocean, in time for the other Audition. Well, I guess it's for the best.  I'll try again next year though. And I'll be a KLite by that time. (Secretly I like it since I get/ source many interesting stuff there and besides, comics are way cheaper there than in Sarawak!)

1st, I should get myself a GPS installed in Dad's car. Even a KL friend was unsure of what road to use. Why does the sound of exploring the many roads of KL sound so intriguing? Yes, it is and I might find a little 'treasure' in the crowded city, right?

Soon, I'm going to start working which I hoped won't be alongside my beloved brother (22years old), though considering that we applied for work at the same mart. Yeah, just hope I don't get stuck with him. And also hope that no guys pick on me, girls as well. I do get them a lot; the former being because they're attracted to me, the latter because they're just being jealous of my beauty. (Seriously, if you thought I was seriously complementing myself, you're just plain dumb. I'm being a critic okay.)

And the 2nd semester result is out. Well, not the official one just yet.

And I'm getting sleepy.

So for the last note.

You don't have to vote for me. Happy?


ps: As I was reading a friend's blog, I'll think I'll start using makeup to class too. There's no harm really. A bit of eyeliner? And maybe eyeshadow...Though I know some very bad-mouthed students who just like to gloat over those who they think are not as pure as them. Looking a bit pretty going to class doesn't harm anyone, as long as you're decently clothed. Not like I'm having a punk hairstyle. >.< (And my hair is never dyed! It's already its own colour of mix black and brown..... maybe some red too....)


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