Semester 2 result is out but...

9:19 PM

Yeah, the 'but' is because I'm kinda tired right now to do a FULL analysis of the result. I'm employed right now and the tiredness is not because I'm running here and there. The numbness is in my brain. Got a headache in the cold. >.<

I was really hitting my own head while my bro was driving out from the car park. Which would make a disturbing name-calling from that other guy AKA my lowly servant who is currently in Ukraine. I should bribe him for something since I'm like his counselling teacher. Mind you, Cipp!! I have your messages still and I'm going to use them against you! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

Ah, I love being evil~

That's out of the way for now, just to release some stress in my head. Still having a mild headache. Maybe it was because of the thinking I had to do now and then in the mart?

Some customers asked me for something.

  1. Where's the YEAST? (thank goodness my Mum used it in the kitchen for making...... tell you later)
  2. How much does this cost? (holding up what looks like a jam jar to me)
  3. Is this for maternity? (pregnant lady)
  4. Where's the curry spice? (small packet, please?)
  5. Where's chocolate chips? (I know what those are but sadly, I don't think the place sold them...)
  6. Where's the oil people put on their hair? (this one was tricky.... promoter-acting!)
  7. Where's the butter? (in tin one)
Wow! 1st day and already a lot of questions! Tell you guys and ladies later how I managed to help some of them, especially the promoter-acting. It was kinda amusing.....

Okay, I'm really tired so goodnight.

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  1. Hit your head harder next time. And please die while you're at it. Ok cipp? XD


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