Result Sem 2 UM

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I don't know how many readers might be waiting for this analysis. Though I can say I'm not proud to do it. Yeah, barely a 3 this time! >.<

So here goes this semester 2 analysis:


What can I say? This course was tough because suddenly there was a moments hesitation when writing down what I was thinking. Whether the solution was the most appropriate, did I leave out any important points, or did I do the calculations right? However, overall, this course was interesting. Learning what methods were used and how the calculations were done, were eye-openers. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how to arrive at the appropriate value of a property. 

Why a B? Maybe should have revised after every lecture.... >.<


...................... Why B??? Thank goodness not a C!!! Okay, skipping this one because it's kinda dull. Learnt what quantitative and qualitative analysis are and how to do them... Though I'm glad it's a B...


This one had history in it. Yeah, a tiny bit.. The articles were like stories. Not straight to the main points but they have to tell you some not so important parts..... just to annoy you... Why a C? Hahahahaha...... Let's say, I'm no history buff... Fantasies are fantasies, facts are facts... Hope they don't try to make facts into fantasies... >.<


Oooh! This course was the most interesting one in that semester! A part time lecturer who is lecturing on what he himself is working with in the REAL world. Mostly finances, not valuation but he opened our eyes to things, more than just the valuation that we seemed only being able to do so. Hey, PROPERTY MANAGER sounds way cooler than a valuer, right? Imagine managing a high end residential in Paris.. <<< I'm not sure if there are...just my own imaginative fact here. 

Still, why a B? Let's say I'm happy and glad with that. ;)


This was the last English course I'm taking. And I enjoyed it! I missed Public Speaking. At first, I didn't want to be seen as a show-off and also since it had been a long time, I was nervous, very nervous. However, the training I received helped in putting off the nervousness. So, yeah, I'll missed speaking to an audience...

Why an A? Let's just say.... I earned it. :)


..............................This is a horror/thriller course. If you're not business minded enough, then take an early exit. The very first difficulty was determining what to sell. Not to mention the supports and objections to ideas. In the end, a disaster.. thanks to external factors of a dumb pak cik... And get this, it's still not finish. Hell... Thanks a lot, pak cik for making nigthmares...

Why a B? I score more in the paper test and attendance.. 


So there we have it! A 3.01 CGPA!!

I was worried whether I'll make the target of CGPA 3 actually. The GPA is a let down, with 2.82.... All the same, better luck next time! And study smarter and harder, Anna!! 

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