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Result Sem 2 UM

1:29 PM

I don't know how many readers might be waiting for this analysis. Though I can say I'm not proud to do it. Yeah, barely a 3 this time! >.<

So here goes this semester 2 analysis:


What can I say? This course was tough because suddenly there was a moments hesitation when writing down what I was thinking. Whether the solution was the most appropriate, did I leave out any important points, or did I do the calculations right? However, overall, this course was interesting. Learning what methods were used and how the calculations were done, were eye-openers. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how to arrive at the appropriate value of a property. 

Why a B? Maybe should have revised after every lecture.... >.<


...................... Why B??? Thank goodness not a C!!! Okay, skipping this one because it's kinda dull. Learnt what quantitative and qualitative analysis are and how to do them... Though I'm glad it's a B...


This one had history in it. Yeah, a tiny bit.. The articles were like stories. Not straight to the main points but they have to tell you some not so important parts..... just to annoy you... Why a C? Hahahahaha...... Let's say, I'm no history buff... Fantasies are fantasies, facts are facts... Hope they don't try to make facts into fantasies... >.<


Oooh! This course was the most interesting one in that semester! A part time lecturer who is lecturing on what he himself is working with in the REAL world. Mostly finances, not valuation but he opened our eyes to things, more than just the valuation that we seemed only being able to do so. Hey, PROPERTY MANAGER sounds way cooler than a valuer, right? Imagine managing a high end residential in Paris.. <<< I'm not sure if there are...just my own imaginative fact here. 

Still, why a B? Let's say I'm happy and glad with that. ;)


This was the last English course I'm taking. And I enjoyed it! I missed Public Speaking. At first, I didn't want to be seen as a show-off and also since it had been a long time, I was nervous, very nervous. However, the training I received helped in putting off the nervousness. So, yeah, I'll missed speaking to an audience...

Why an A? Let's just say.... I earned it. :)


..............................This is a horror/thriller course. If you're not business minded enough, then take an early exit. The very first difficulty was determining what to sell. Not to mention the supports and objections to ideas. In the end, a disaster.. thanks to external factors of a dumb pak cik... And get this, it's still not finish. Hell... Thanks a lot, pak cik for making nigthmares...

Why a B? I score more in the paper test and attendance.. 


So there we have it! A 3.01 CGPA!!

I was worried whether I'll make the target of CGPA 3 actually. The GPA is a let down, with 2.82.... All the same, better luck next time! And study smarter and harder, Anna!! 

Cik Muda

Leteran Cik Muda: Shopper tak bertamadun ke manusia??

3:29 PM

Sebelum Cik Muda pergi kepada hal-hal lain (seperti result semester 2 UM itu..........), baik Cik Muda cerita sedikit tentang shoppers yang tak bertamadun ini.

Cik Muda tahu lah, kamu kejar masa juga.... Ada yang jalan-jalan saja, tengok barang. Tapi Cik Muda naik angin dengan beberapa hal ini. Bagi kamu kecil saja, tapi bagi Cik Muda, boleh pening..

Satu hal ini: Shoppers tak reti letak balik pada tempat asal... Macam di perpustakaan, tak reti pulangkan buku pada tempat asal. Alasan: Dah jalan jauh dari tempat asal itu pun, letak saja di mana-mana, nanti pekerja lah yang letak balik. Mereka memang tak ada kerja lain untuk buat.

Ya, Cik Muda akui, sebagai SALES ASSISTANT, tak ada kerja selain susun barang, jawab soalan shoppers dan tolong satu sama lain.

Cik Muda tanya shoppers: Berapa jam kamu berdiri di atas dua kaki kamu itu???? Paling kurang 6 jam ada ke? Cik Muda berdiri sampai tapak kaki yang nak beku. Hebat tau rasa beku itu. Nak cuba? Diri di satu tempat selama 12jam.... Lepas itu, baru lah kamu duduk. Rasa nikmat di tapak kaki kamu itu nanti.

Haish.... itu satu lah hal. Shoppers tak reti letak balik barang. Tak kan lah barang itu tahu jalan kaki balik tempat dia. Tak ke pelik. Kamu tengah di lorong yang barang biskut semua. Tetiba tengok ada barang tuala wanita........ Tak ke rasa janggal semacam....

Selain itu, Cik Muda bengang dengan soalan-soalan shoppers... Bukan ada service counter di depan???

Nasib baik Cik Muda jenis jalan-jalan juga, tengok barang-barang di kedai. Kalau tak, memang Cik Muda tak tahu di mana air botol mineral. Tapi janganlah tanya sama ada jenama barang itu ada atau tidak di kedai. Cik Muda bukan yang simpan rekod, pesan barang. Kaunter servis di depan............

Yang terakhir ini, paling Cik Muda naik angin. Mestikah bangsa seseorang menentukan bahasanya???

Mentang-mentang Cik Muda nampak macam orang Cina, mesti cakap Cina pada Cik Muda? Pening Cik Muda menjawab, Cik Muda tak tahu cakap Cina. Jangan dipaksa seseorang untuk belajar bahasa lain semata-mata rupa mukanya macam Cina. Cik Muda juga tak tahu bahasa Iban sebab tak diajar di rumah. Bahasa rumah: English...

Cik Muda sangat sensitif berkaitan hal bangsa dan bahasa ini. Adalah sangat sakit hati tahu... Macam mana mahu pandai cakap bahasa itu kalau tak diajar? Kamu pandai bahasa ibunda kamu, jangan lah nak dipersendakan orang yang tak pandai/tahu...

Cik Muda cakap English nanti, dikatakan bahasa penjajah pula!! Sekarang bukan shoppers tak bertamadun, memang manusia yang tak berperikemanusiaan...............................

* Leteran Cik Muda ini adalah pendapat. Jika terasa/sakit hati semua, jangan disaman..... >.<


Semester 2 result is out but...

9:19 PM

Yeah, the 'but' is because I'm kinda tired right now to do a FULL analysis of the result. I'm employed right now and the tiredness is not because I'm running here and there. The numbness is in my brain. Got a headache in the cold. >.<

I was really hitting my own head while my bro was driving out from the car park. Which would make a disturbing name-calling from that other guy AKA my lowly servant who is currently in Ukraine. I should bribe him for something since I'm like his counselling teacher. Mind you, Cipp!! I have your messages still and I'm going to use them against you! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

Ah, I love being evil~

That's out of the way for now, just to release some stress in my head. Still having a mild headache. Maybe it was because of the thinking I had to do now and then in the mart?

Some customers asked me for something.

  1. Where's the YEAST? (thank goodness my Mum used it in the kitchen for making...... tell you later)
  2. How much does this cost? (holding up what looks like a jam jar to me)
  3. Is this for maternity? (pregnant lady)
  4. Where's the curry spice? (small packet, please?)
  5. Where's chocolate chips? (I know what those are but sadly, I don't think the place sold them...)
  6. Where's the oil people put on their hair? (this one was tricky.... promoter-acting!)
  7. Where's the butter? (in tin one)
Wow! 1st day and already a lot of questions! Tell you guys and ladies later how I managed to help some of them, especially the promoter-acting. It was kinda amusing.....

Okay, I'm really tired so goodnight.

Book review

Book review: OUTLIERS

8:56 PM

Book title                            : Outliers

Author                                : Malcolm Gladwell

Published date                    : 2008 (United States, Little, Brown; Great Britain, Allen Lane)
 Published by the Penguin Group (2009)

Retail price in Malaysia      : RM34.95 (Popular Bookstore)

“Outliers will change the way you think about your own life story, and about what makes us all unique.”

At first glance, I thought the book was a bore (Sorry, Mr Malcolm!). Yeah, typical 20-years-old opinion who doesn’t read/ watch the news in university. The front cover was what you would expect of a dry content. It was simple; no pretty, colourful artworks. Just the book title, author’s name and some comments by some critics. Okay, maybe the little golden star at the top right corner is artistic. Still, I picked it up because I had nothing else on hand to interest myself in. And I guess it was lucky I did read it. Outliers turned out to be quite an interesting read.

First of all, if you were expecting some horror/romantic/chic lit stuff, be disappointed. Outliers is nothing of all that. This book has figures (researches in it, even tables!). It’s the author on a quest to point out to us what outliers really mean in today’s context.

The book begins with a prologue of a town named Roseto. It’s the Roseto mystery. I’m going to avoid being a spoiler here. If you want to know more, search for the book. Oh, better if you could borrow it. Somehow, I wouldn't want it to be a permanent collection, even if it is a good read.

Overall, there are 11 chapters, including the Introduction and the Epilogue. Oh, the prologue is the Introduction. My bad.

What makes it interesting is the research it curtails. What exactly constitutes as an Outlier? The author gives out facts and researches, and explains what they are supposed to tell. Honestly, I got bored reading the tables, skipped to the explanation and then looked back at the tables. It was interesting but still, I don’t want it as a permanent collection.

All in all, this book works best with those who think that Success is not all about genes, talent, high IQs etc. An enjoyable read for the quirky lovers.

Ps: Need parental guidance. Some swear words included.

My rate: Just okay, okay. And a bit dry though saved by some real life stories (examples) which you could tell are real people. In the Epilogue, the author tells about his family.


Withdrawing myself & of plans ahead

11:01 PM

Don't widen your eyes just yet.

It so happens that I think I'm not going to be the Finalist for the YOU Awards. Even if I could be, I couldn't make it across the ocean, in time for the other Audition. Well, I guess it's for the best.  I'll try again next year though. And I'll be a KLite by that time. (Secretly I like it since I get/ source many interesting stuff there and besides, comics are way cheaper there than in Sarawak!)

1st, I should get myself a GPS installed in Dad's car. Even a KL friend was unsure of what road to use. Why does the sound of exploring the many roads of KL sound so intriguing? Yes, it is and I might find a little 'treasure' in the crowded city, right?

Soon, I'm going to start working which I hoped won't be alongside my beloved brother (22years old), though considering that we applied for work at the same mart. Yeah, just hope I don't get stuck with him. And also hope that no guys pick on me, girls as well. I do get them a lot; the former being because they're attracted to me, the latter because they're just being jealous of my beauty. (Seriously, if you thought I was seriously complementing myself, you're just plain dumb. I'm being a critic okay.)

And the 2nd semester result is out. Well, not the official one just yet.

And I'm getting sleepy.

So for the last note.

You don't have to vote for me. Happy?


ps: As I was reading a friend's blog, I'll think I'll start using makeup to class too. There's no harm really. A bit of eyeliner? And maybe eyeshadow...Though I know some very bad-mouthed students who just like to gloat over those who they think are not as pure as them. Looking a bit pretty going to class doesn't harm anyone, as long as you're decently clothed. Not like I'm having a punk hairstyle. >.< (And my hair is never dyed! It's already its own colour of mix black and brown..... maybe some red too....)



Watsons YOU Awards

12:36 AM

STICKY POST Scroll down for latest entry :)

Want to know what it's about, click on the image above :)

For more info, go here :)

Voting starts 11/6/2011 until 24/6/2011 

And I'll be informing you earlier since that voting week is a Holiday month. Not very good.

So, for starters!
  1. LIKE Watsons page first!
  2. Then go the Application on your left side okay. Your left. Not screen's left. The Application that says- YOU Awards 2011
  3. Scroll down till you reach Gallery. Click on it.
  4. Then in the Search Name box, put in your friends' names. For here, feel free to put in mine: Julianna Balasan.
  5. One/Two pictures will show up. Click on one and a pop-up window appears on screen.
  6. Now, look at the top left (your left ok?) of the pop-up window. It'll say Vote for..........
  7. Click on that to vote. 
  8. Done!
So, for now before the voting phase is open, go to Watsons page, LIKE it first. There's many deals going on there. 

And then when the voting phase begins, please vote for me, Julianna Balasan & my two friends too! 

Muhammad Ramdzam Bin Mohd Ayob
Nabilah Zulkifli

Thanks so much!

PS: This post will be updated from time to time. 


Can't wait till Sept...

4:23 PM

Heck, I don't know what title to put. Basically this is just going to be the routine Updates post. And I'm also kinda 'rotting' myself to 'death do us part'.

Also I think I'm ignoring my beauty in regard that I'm mostly IN house, thus I don't see the point of putting on moisturizer. Which my Mum quickly said that I must, considering the dry climate in Sarawak. Not that I cared much about this beauty thing. Okay, that's a lie. I do care, just not that much, a little bit perhaps. Says the girl who checks the mirror and says: You're so pretty. Yes, you're allowed to gag and puke.

Soon joining the working force, either that or driving classes for the whole afternoons/evenings of the week. Ugh!!

Just the common work, as a sales promoter. Though I was hoping to work in PizzaHut or KFC or McD and Secret Recipe is not bad either. I might not be able to eat on the job but just the aroma, fills my stomach quite pleasantly!

Oh, since I used the word up there, I think I'll be a critic for a short while. Not to poke but a REMINDER!

How do you spell quite & quiet? Yeah, you must be really clever. Get this, a person mis-spelled it. He meant quite, in the end he typed in quiet. Small difference? BIG difference! Like, RED lights!!! You're doing a Bachelor's Degree, for Pete's sake!!! Ugh!! If I'm the lecturer, I'll SMIRK first then SHAKE my head in amusement. Har Har Har....

If you're offended, be. You'll never do the same mistake, I hope.... (Expletive)

The in bracket word is quite new to me. It's now being used in the news. Considering how long since I read the news, I was halfway laughing over it. Really cool Editor to allow it! (Get your English newspaper to know it's in there.)

It's already June and soon will start the Voting phase of Watsons YOU Awards. I'm not putting much hope in it though. I'm actually torn between being an introvert or an extrovert. Both have pros and cons.

Introvert, you gain in timid/ shy friends who maybe last your whole life time. Then again, if you're not able to tell people not in your circle of friends, what you honestly think, you lose. And might just get bullied into doing stuff you don't like. I can't say for sure though. Being introvert is okay if you stick to your moral principles. Only that will save you.

Extrovert, you gain in making lots of contacts. Who knows, you might make friends with the next prince in line, right? (I did not bother much about Prince William's wedding.... Mine was a quick glance....) Then again. you'll just about cross the line between just being friendly or being plain annoying! We know you honestly want to make friends, so a quick tip. Say so. Say that you want to make friends. Don't talk and talk and talk. Or don't follow and follow and follow. Say it to the person: I want to be your friend, may I?

Heck, maybe they say yes, you may.... with a he's/she's crazy look on their face. Paranoia kinda rules some people now days. Still, a chance's a chance in friendship right? And there's no rule.

Talking about friends, when you have friends, why? Is it because you want some other people to spend time with? And there's some people out there saying you give more than you take. Well, I like to think it in another way. See, there's A and B. Both maybe have the same likes and dislikes. They might be friends or they may not. What happens when they're exactly opposite to each other? Are they still friends then?

I wonder how some people can say that friendship doesn't involve favours. Okay, maybe your friends and you are those PURE human type. You don't like favours. How I laugh at that.

Let's say A holds a feast. Without being asked, B helps in. A is happy that B helps and in A's heart, he'll say he'll repay the kindness of B. Then B holds a feast and A helps in. You may think there's no favours involved but there is! A is indebted to B for helping A's feast. Yeah, A may choose not to help B, but then won't it bear on A's conscience? Since B had helped.... In fact in our society, a good deed should be paid with a good deed. Thus I say friendship too involves favours. Don't agree? You're always free to argue with me.

Heck, why do I bother, I think a lot of people have lost their sense of arguing. They're afraid for all the wrong reasons. Afraid that I'll get offended is one. Heck! I welcome you to argue with me. What's the fun when only what I think is known?

Ugh!! Going to cut short here, I myself dislike very long post. One friend in Ukraine now. Managed to hoax him into buying a souvenir! (I'm evil on an on off basis okay!)

Quick say here:

I humbly ask for your vote for the Watsons YOU Awards. Please vote for my friends too. Thanks!

Somehow, I think I'll never be a politician! I'm practically begging you to vote. If a person really deserves votes, should be those who really earn it. I voted for a friend and it was because what she had was really great words. So the vote from me, she had really earned it. That's how I vote. Not just some random vote just because you asked it. >.<

Another quick reminder!!

Always!! Always!! Read through your typing/writing at least three times for spelling/grammar/sentence structure mistakes. If there are however, any mistakes in this post, I'm sorry, could you point it out to me?

That's how you really learn okay!

That's all. Forgive the rants. Haha....


ps: I could check my results already but I'll wait till the official one then post about it okay? Peace!!

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