When general means EVERYTHING

10:46 PM

Yeah, evil title. Don't get what I mean? Well, it's about my last paper for the Finals, next Thursday, BVEV1108 Introduction to Town Planning.

Somehow, I think UM still don't know what Estate Management course is about so they put so many subjects under it. As long as it's relevant even by 30%, they say we need to learn it. Yeah, great....

Okay, some subjects are relevant. Maybe Town Planning is relevant. We should grasp the basics of how an estate exists right?

Oh, just in case you're thinking, "Estate.... rubber estate? Oil palm estate??"

Let me clarify... Estate Management is about REAL estate AKA PROPERTY. Done.

Either way, when people ask, I go for the Malay version. Pengurusan Harta Tanah... Safe right?

Moving back to BVEV1108.

The lecturer said to read all the notes and reading assignment. I have done all that. What do I get?

Yeah, Town Planning stuffs...

About how British was involved in the early development of a town planning legislation. A bit about Singapore in it too. Some bits about Malacca's history (though her version was Melaka....) then something about development concept. And a 'few' laws and processes.

Great, tons to read.

From my observation, she's prepared to teach us the course but most of us are just still trying to figure out how is it relevant.

Other subjects are relevant.... Even Construction Economics because that helps us in valuing. Does town planning help us in valuing a property? Maybe it does. I wonder how.....



So far, the question might just be about the Definitions, Scope, the History, the Development, Organizational Structure, Planning Application Process, Preservation/ Conservation/ TREE Preservation order (???), Special Area, Public Participation, Urban Design and Planning Control.... Last but no least Real Estate and Town Planning.

Oh, the laws: Act 172, Act 267, Act 171, Act 133.... Town and Country Planning Act ..... forgot the date... LOL

Think that's nice right?

Well, those were just INTRODUCTION.

And what comes into the paper?

General stuffs....


EVERYTHING....that she taught..

Happy or not?


Time to read BVEV1105 instead. I've done all I can to ready myself for BVEV1108.

Good luck, course mates. Fight and prevail!

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