Sleepy & not in STUDY mode: Insights

1:16 AM

Yeah, I'm bored.

I'm in the mood for a Secret Recipe cake.

But gotta keep myself from spending.

And really sleepy now too.

Anime doesn't keep me so excited.

Well, not the anime I'm currently watching.

If it's Korean drama.

Then I'll be able to stay up till 5am even.

Okay, that sounds not normal.

Wait, it is normal right?

For Korean drama fans.

And I'm not in my studying mood.

Somehow I miss my Dad's and Mom's nagging.

Well my Dad's the one telling me to study all the time.

At the very 'nice' moment.

He'll appear at my room door.

"You're not studying?"

While I was taking a break from a 2-hour long continuous school work.

Normally I fire back at him.

"I DID like a few minutes before you came!"

But anyhow.

That kept me in check.

Now in University life.

Where studying means not living under the same roof with your family.

Doesn't count for those lucky to be near their universities.



Right now.

I miss Mom making me warm milk every morning for school.

I'll never forget how I made coffee for them.

Not a pro.

I added more coffee.

Dad drank it all though.

It must have been really bitter.


There's silent moments.

When everyone's preoccupied in their own matters.

Sometimes there's no warm greetings.

No 'discussing' about how our life has been.

It's like that from the external.

Deep down.

We care for each and everyone.

We may not show because we're embarrassed.

But hey.

That's still a family.

Even though it's a complex one.

Yours truly,

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