Sink's Etiquette

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First of all..

Etiquette is a set of customs and rules for polite behaviour, especially among a particular class of people or in a particular profession. - Taken from Collins COBUILD Dictionary on CD-ROM 2006.

Okay, after that little bit of clarification there, get ready for some normal SARCASM from yours truly, me, Princess of Sarcastic remarks.

Now, you do know what a sink is, the NOUN version.

Here's some Pictures so that you know what it is.

For larger view than this, here.

The two sinks are quite the rich type. Below is the standard sink in your home. (Ignore if you don't have a standard home.)

The source link of the above photo was said to be blocked. If it's your photo and want me to remove it, email me. Thanks.

Now, what is a sink's TRUE function??? Most people have come up with lots of function. 

A sink is a large fixed container in a kitchen, with taps to supply water. It is mainly used for washing dishes. - Taken from Collins COBUILD Dictionary on CD-ROM 2006.

Okay, it says mainly used for washing dishes. Other uses I know of are listed below:
  1. Place to wash my dirty, sweaty hands.
  2. Place for running water when I brush my teeth.
  3. Place to wash my oily face.
  4. Place to throw up AKA vomit.
  5. Place to blow my nose.
  6. Place to fill kettle.
Those are the NORMAL uses. Here's the NEW ones that I've observed during hostel life.
  1. Place to wash their feet!
  2. Place to dump their leftovers, mostly food!
  3. Place to dump used tissues!
Thank goodness only three new ones so far. I bet there's more actually.

Okay, now for the 'Place to wash their feet'.
- This I don't quite understand. If you want to show how ignorant flexible your legs are, then go join Gymnastics. I'm sure their coach would love you. But if you have big, plump thighs, maybe not. No leotards able to cover those... Plump thighs but flexible joints, how did those get together?

For the record, it's gross. A sink is a sink, not your feet's washbowl. Get a nice round basin, fill it with water up to the brim, then wash your smelly feet in it. ON THE FLOOR! Not on the same level as your waist!

You think, it's just washing my feet and I'm using soap, think again. Would you like to be next to someone who is washing their feet at your FACE? Talk about being shoved with all those ten toes! (Hey, really, can you put all ten toes in the sink? Just climb up and stand/ squat in the sink then.)


 Second 'Place to dump their leftovers, mostly food!'
- This is typical in most hostels, I think. Maybe not in those really, really strict ones. But in hostels that don't really carry out punishments, it happens. At so very dire consequences. 

Now, by food, it's those tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers. You think, "oh, never mind, they're so small, the sink can take it in." What a dumb human!

The standard sink we have in Malaysia is this type below.
Taken from here.

Okay, maybe not 100% same as the picture above. Just focus where I want to tell you about.

See the sink trap. Let's say you're one of those who dump their tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers into the sink. Then there's like 10/++ more others who do the same thing. 

Over time, the sink trap is filled with not just water, it's filled with all those tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers.

Notice how narrow the lower pipe is too.

DID you ever think before you dump your tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers into the sink???

I think not. It's one of those human characteristics. When something is small and seemingly insignificant, they don't bother!

That's Etiquette!

Last one: 'Place to dump used tissues!'
- This one occurs rarely and seldom. Not much of an issue but still...

GROSS!! Throw it in the garbage can! Or in those Recycle cans!

That's Etiquette! And also easy on the environment.

If you're offended, tell me so, head on. Don't go and blab it to your friends, one-sided-ly. I state my opinions and you are also entitled to yours. Though, Anonymous comments are ignored.

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