Semester breaks here but...

5:36 PM

Yeah, already break, the 4 months long one.

Currently at my Mama's place (my Mother's mother) in Kuching. I'm kinda worried that UM is posting my Year 1 result to Bintulu. To change the permanent address in the database, need to talk to SKR... AND I'm super lazy to do that.

Very hot weather here in Kuching, making my feel grumpier and grumpier.

Okay, I should count my blessings whatever. Then being here in Sarawak, where could you find postings about jobs? Yes, I know there exists a thing call a newspaper. But those jobs are with certain criteria the most popular being with job experiences. Fretting!

In KL is a lot easier. They post their jobs online. Always mostly online. They know that the generation now goes online more often than reading newspaper. And considering, I wonder how much is it for posting in the news as compared to posting on the net?

Argh! I'm damn bored right now!

My program was to play games but I need at least a table and a chair, which is manipulated by my brother. Usual occurrence here at my Mama's place. Like, shucks!!

Soon, my oldest brother is back and that means more depressing events! Oh well, hope he really  wants to look for job! I'm searching, scanning in the news but not much could I get.

They give you a very brief description of the place, working place which is the name of a road and one person's contact number. Right, so we, the job seekers seek them out. If not hired, then waste at least RM10 kah?

I think I should consider working around Mama's place. Yeah, where!?

Preferably a fast food chain like KFC or SugarBun. Yes! No McD around my Mama's area. Well, not that I know of. Or even the Spring is nice!

I think I could force my brother to go to the Spring to search for jobs! Bet that place is better!

Then again, this much thinking around and having no way to finalised. I'm bored!!

Don't mind me. This is as usual one of my ramblings. Bye! Bored? Hit this link!

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