Mixed feelings in Finals

2:46 AM

Get ready because as usual this might be a rambling post.

Got bored reading slides of lectures. So bored that I opened my Facebook, Twitter and friends' blog or those that I just followed.

Those that updated frequently are short posts and I read quite fast. Though if it's too long, I'll just hit the close button.

Facebook: Some posts about the APK thing. See, not yet finish until now!!! I never want to do a business involving pre-order. Ever! All because of that dumb Pak Cik. And I'm just so nice, I haven't yet done a killing review about him. If I do, bet his business gulung tikar (close shop). Ah, I'm still lazy to do it. And getting angry over him just increases my stress level. Thank goodness my APK mark is quite good. Though they said it was not official. So there's a chance it might rise? Or fall. T.T

Then about packing. Mostly I'm almost done. Just waiting for my last paper this Thursday and every last thing manageable will be dumped into the bag. Oh, I decided to leave some unimportant clothes behind in my big bag. It HAS to be left behind. By the weight, I could tell it weights 17kg plus plus?? And the limit on MAS is 20kg. If I add my small bag then for sure exceed limit and I have to fork out RM15 for each 1kg exceed. Last time PASUM, I paid around RM100 ++. Weird how I always have more things to bring back...

Oh well, I still live through all those. And the, I think it's good news. Got on the band wagon with my course mates in searching for a place to rent. Her brother is going to search for us. Kind a cool right... Not like my brother would help. Oh, him and his course mates are in UTM right now. Doing industrial training. Quite early since they're just in 2nd year now. He's two years older than me okay. I was thinking of bringing him around but Dad says no. T.T

What's left to ramble about... Okay, the emotional part left I think.

It's going to be a long break. Maybe I could meet up with Bell or Badr in Kuching. Not sure when and where though. It'll be quite boring. I hope I don't need to continue Driving lessons. I suck so much in driving!! Feel like dying every time I hold the steering wheel. Yes. I have low self confidence in driving. Wonder why...

So my plan is to work during the holiday. Better than relaxing at home right? Better still if I could work at the Spring. Even KFC or McD would be good. I could handle the kitchen. Teach me first though. Or the kitchen might just blow up.

Those were less emotional. Here's the more emotional part. I'm going to miss my current room mates. Like, we're in this room for 1 year. Maybe less a year because of all the breaks. But still the laughs we had and some secrets shared. There were good moments mostly and some bad. Bad moments quite few. No fights okay. It'll be different when I'm renting out. Hope to meet them sometime in UM though. I even got to meet Bell sometimes. Though we're usually quite busy with lectures and other activities. Yeah, hope we do meet. Glad to have those 3 as room mates. And hope they like me too. With my usual weird attitude and sometimes shouting and cursing. LOL

See, usual rambles. And I'm too lazy to check for grammar errors or spelling mistakes.Oh, I scrolled up for a quick check.


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