Me being sensitive

11:00 PM

LOL I just have to type out this post.

Okay, nothing much but....

I got 16 Facebook Shares on the post Fun Outing & Window Shopping!!

Yeah, not much for you maybe, but for me, I honestly teared up!

Thanks for sharing!

And thanks for the comments too. Hope you got my reply.

Currently checking Lowyat.NET. There's a thread for UM students though the last post was in May. ALSO currently thinking whether I should reply or not to that thread.

Anything but studying right now.

Afternoon and evening activities were surfing for some updates on blogs, updates on Facebook, updates on Mangas (especially Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Hitman Reborn & Dengeki Daisy... No new updates... )....

For those who don't know what those mangas are, go check for Dengeki Daisy. Quite funny! :) It was recommended by my friend, Chynna.

And some drawings. Though my drawing hand has been slack... Mostly I'm writing due to Finals... Pity though. From good drawing, I'm down to worse.. T.T

Oh, and packing... well, not exactly packing, just some cleaning up. Tomorrow I'm doing some packing for not important stuff. Like unused clothes. Need to think how to fit them in my bags. I always have a hard time packing. And I dislike it so much.

Though I'm supposed to get used to it considering my childhood. Nah! Still dislike.

Oh well, usual rambles here. Wonder how the 4 months break will be like...

And I won't be surfing the Internet for 3-6 hours.. like now I'm doing in UM.

Bored? Hit the books... I mean go study~

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