Fun Outing & Window Shopping

1:11 AM

Date: 3 May 2011

Venue: Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Duration: 2pm- 6pm (Seriously took our time~ LOL)

Okay, not going to touch on the paper on that day, did that already in the previous post. So let's begin.

Since it's my blog, this is from my point of view. 

After the paper finished, I was thinking what to do about lunch. Should I make the trip to Midvalley or just head to 12th?

And I found myself waiting for the RapidKL bus at the bus stop near PASUM. Quite a lot of people, not all are waiting for the RapidKL bus though.

There was a tiny problem when the bus came. They're using only the CARD system now. Since I haven't been going out lately, it was a shock. So that first bus was so strict. He won't let me on. Oh, I was with one of Ah Sim's friend. We were in the same boat, didn't know that they enforced the card system.

The second bus was a lot more easy-going. He let us get on, just pass RM2 to him and used his card instead.

At the LRT station, I put in RM10 into my Student Card for the RapidKL. Don't understand? Well, I couldn't really explain in words. It's like a reload card for the public phone. Also, had a hard time with the machine! It won't accept my RM10 note. So borrowed Ah Sim's RM10 and paid my RM10 to her.

Then arrived at Midvalley. Don't know where to eat lunch yet, haven't make up my mind. Ah Sim and her friends went ahead. I was thinking of either Burger King, KFC, Big Apple, Dunkin' Donuts or McD. There's the new Chicken Chop at KFC. The bad side is maybe KFC is full. Then SMSed with Dibah. Oh, I texted her while I was waiting for the bus at the University LRT station. She said she's coming with Thirah and Tiara. They were thinking of eating pizza. At first, I thought it was Dominoes, but it was PizzaHut.

Either way, I waited for them since I still couldn't make up my mind where to have my lunch.

When they arrived, I asked them won't it be expensive at PizzaHut?

Thirah said there's a 50% discount that day. Gosh! I forgot! That was exactly what I had promoted from Churp Churp! A 50% discount at PizzaHut! Though we don't know what the discount was for so we checked it out.

  Empat kanak-kanak riang ke PizzaHut.

Cool! That day's dish was Meatball Bolognaise. From RM10++, we got it at RM5.25!!


While waiting for our order to arrive, must cam whore! (Gedik ke ayat nie???)

Tiara in white tudung and Thirah in black tudung

This is edited. :)

Me and Diba! Her drink and soup came faster than our orders. >.<

This is edited. :)

Some pictures were edited by me. Too lazy to edit all. LOL

Then the food came!! 

My Meatball Bolognaise!!

The bread was yummy too!

This dish Tiara suggested: Cheezy Carbonara Chicken Meatball.

It was either Carbonara, Masala or ............. Okay, I forgot the third one. LOL

Oooh~ The meatballs were so tasty! Quite juicy and still fresh from the stove! The juicy part I don't know for sure whether it's oil or the water it was steamed in. The cheese was great! Diba practically went scraping at the sides of the bowl. LOL

Oh, about what my friends ordered:

Diba: She didn't have a liking for pasta so she picked a personal pizza set. Menu 1 was it? Topping was Hawaiian Chicken.

Me, Thirah & Tiara ordered the Meatball Bolognaise. Wondered how did Tiara's one tasted. She picked Beef Meatball while me and Thirah went for Chicken Meatball. Then they both ordered Tropical Fitzz (was that the name, the Tropical part's right). And ICED CHOCOLATE for me!!

Edited picture of my drink. :)

I couldn't take a clear picture of the ice floating in the chocolate! :(

LOL I saved my Meatballs until the last.

It was so tasty. I had to leave it last! :)

The receipt of the late lunch: 

Wow! A bill for four people. Though I know it would have been higher for the guys. :P

After that, we headed to Jusco for some healthy window shopping. I've forgotten how fun it was! 

Spot a cute mannequin! Must take picture with it!

I love the whole attire arrangement on it. Even the pink bag!

Pfft! A 'dead' mannequin looked cute in it, I wonder how a 'real' person would look like?

DON'T imagine me wearing it! 

After that, we went to MPH, Thirah wanted to buy a book for younger sibling. In case you're wondering, I don't know whether Adik, she meant sister or brother... :(

Next, Big Apple!

I was bent on buying Oreo, my favourite donut!! I bought two, don't remember the name for the other one.

Next! We went to Jusco again. Tiara wanted to buy some fruits.

O.O Wow! Healthy choice! Me? Kueh Tiaw any time. LOL

Oh, spotted pretty yellow balloons at the entrance into Jusco. Must cam whore again!!

First, the trio! :)

OMG! Blurry shot! DX

Hah! Better! 

Diba~ Tiara won't run away laa. LOL

Me and Diba. :)


I meant myself.... 

Oh, if you recognized that corner, there's actually a rubbish can. We just had to take a picture with the balloons that the can kinda got in the way. Not like we moved it or anything.

After the picture of me and Diba, we laughed. There was a lady looking at us that time. She wanted to throw away some rubbish. LOL

But still... she was kind for waiting until we snapped our picture. :)

After Jusco, we headed back to UM. It was raining though not heavily, thank goodness.

And so ends the fun outing!

Below are some more pictures, edited ones! Tell me what you think of them. I'm still learning so the edits were basics stuff.

Guess which filter I used for this one in Adobe Photoshop?

This one you can't see the edit much but it is edited. :)

Okay, end of post. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Warning: All pictures here excluding the animation & onion head are mine. Do not COPY PASTE without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation. :)

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  1. wah! geng gtee1104 makan pizza xajak laa. HAHA :P

  2. hahahhaa lol!!! jue!!!
    klu nk rse beef spagethi, next time kte g ag oke!!

  3. ha3, geng gtee1104 plak...xnk ajak ko :P ni geng ppuan je mkn

    Itulaa, tiara, bkn pe, takut xdpt kunyah klo beef.huhu. he3 kita g lg 2nd year!


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