Arrogant soon-to-be our lecturer

2:09 AM

Oh, before I tell you about an outing with 3 friends, just telling you readers something else. 

I practically skipped out on a meeting with a lecturer. It was to discuss about the low mark our group got for the assignment. There was a 50/50 thought of going. Then again.... 

After BVEV1207 tortures, I don't think I can stand listening to any lecturer's reason.

Yes, twas a massacre of the mind, body and soul. 

And there was this other lecturer from our faculty. Yes, this is about criticizing someone again. I found someone EQUALLY annoying like the other student in my course. 

" Your questions are easy. If you can't even answer, better jump off a building."

Like, what the Hell is your problem??

He better go watch 3 Idiots and know what his words could do to a stress MAX student. Wattafak!

And he's going to teach our course for 2nd year....

I just hope he's not as bad in teaching, as in being sensitive.

Or 2nd year could be more like hell for us.

You think Estate Management is easy compared to Engineering/Medicine/Law, THINK again.

Besides, those other fields got lots of scholarships. Try searching for Estate Management in the Criteria section. 2/100, you won't find it. That's my own view so far.

Okay, the post about the outing is in the draft. 

Stay tuned or I'll just tag my friends' name. They just love my blog by the way they're asking for my post on the outing. <<< Arrogant AKA perasan, is it??

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