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Wow! It's already the 6th piece. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for being steady with the story line. It was tough and will always be for writers. And get this, I'm doing without the typical storyboard ready. It's an on-the-moment idea for the stories. That's why you see the chapters seem to jump from one timeline to another. I find it interesting and challenging to develop stories this way. Enough chit chat from me, go on and read!

Carl & Karl

Chapter 6

“Bro-b-brother, I didn’t hear anything from Dad’s room since breakfast. N-n-not even...whimpering!”

Melisa cried out to her brother in exasperation. Carl looked at her pale, puffy eyes and glanced up at the second- storey window. The curtains were pulled back. Sensing something very wrong, he ran quickly into the house, up the stairs and stopped suddenly.

Oh, God, please, Dad. You’re all Melisa has left. Don’t mind me but she needs you more. Carl took deep breaths and knocked loudly on the bedroom door.

“Dad? Are you in there? Dad?”

Silence. Carl felt his chest tightening. No, Dad wouldn’t do THAT!

“Dad?! Answer me!!”

Unable to stand the uneasy feeling in his chest, Carl took some few steps back and slammed into the door. The door shook under his weight but did not budge. Carl tried again, taking more steps back. Counting “Three!”, he slammed again, as hard as he could muster.

The door crashed onto the floor. Carl fell flat on the unhinged door and looked around fast. Where are you, Dad! He thought, panicky as his eyes searched the dark, silent room.


Melisa had walked into the room after Carl smashed the door down. She was now screaming and screaming at the hanging thing that she had bumped into. Carl jumped onto his feet and stared at his father.

Mr Gregory was hanging from the ceiling fan, a cord around his neck. His eyes wide open; Carl saw his father for the first time since his mother’s death.

“Sis! Call an ambulance!!”

Melisa stared, panic- stricken at her brother. Her eyes were wide in horror and she did not seem to hear what he had just said.

Carl shook her shoulders and repeated his order, as calmly as he could, “Call the ambulance, Sis. I’ll bring Dad down. Dad’s going to be alright, okay. Now go.”

Melisa nodded her head and rushed out of the room. Carl saw a fallen chair and placed it in front of his Dad’s hanging body. Please, Dad. Please! Be ALIVE!!

To be continued .

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  1. Nice chapter!! But seriously, I don't know where this story is going... XD

  2. that's the surprise in process. ha3 xDD


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