Carl and Karl

6th piece

9:34 PM

Wow! It's already the 6th piece. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for being steady with the story line. It was tough and will always be for writers. And get this, I'm doing without the typical storyboard ready. It's an on-the-moment idea for the stories. That's why you see the chapters seem to jump from one timeline to another. I find it interesting and challenging to develop stories this way. Enough chit chat from me, go on and read!

Carl & Karl

Chapter 6

“Bro-b-brother, I didn’t hear anything from Dad’s room since breakfast. N-n-not even...whimpering!”

Melisa cried out to her brother in exasperation. Carl looked at her pale, puffy eyes and glanced up at the second- storey window. The curtains were pulled back. Sensing something very wrong, he ran quickly into the house, up the stairs and stopped suddenly.

Oh, God, please, Dad. You’re all Melisa has left. Don’t mind me but she needs you more. Carl took deep breaths and knocked loudly on the bedroom door.

“Dad? Are you in there? Dad?”

Silence. Carl felt his chest tightening. No, Dad wouldn’t do THAT!

“Dad?! Answer me!!”

Unable to stand the uneasy feeling in his chest, Carl took some few steps back and slammed into the door. The door shook under his weight but did not budge. Carl tried again, taking more steps back. Counting “Three!”, he slammed again, as hard as he could muster.

The door crashed onto the floor. Carl fell flat on the unhinged door and looked around fast. Where are you, Dad! He thought, panicky as his eyes searched the dark, silent room.


Melisa had walked into the room after Carl smashed the door down. She was now screaming and screaming at the hanging thing that she had bumped into. Carl jumped onto his feet and stared at his father.

Mr Gregory was hanging from the ceiling fan, a cord around his neck. His eyes wide open; Carl saw his father for the first time since his mother’s death.

“Sis! Call an ambulance!!”

Melisa stared, panic- stricken at her brother. Her eyes were wide in horror and she did not seem to hear what he had just said.

Carl shook her shoulders and repeated his order, as calmly as he could, “Call the ambulance, Sis. I’ll bring Dad down. Dad’s going to be alright, okay. Now go.”

Melisa nodded her head and rushed out of the room. Carl saw a fallen chair and placed it in front of his Dad’s hanging body. Please, Dad. Please! Be ALIVE!!

To be continued .

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Program aku cuti ini

11:08 PM

Haa, tajuk dah ok,macam mana pula isi nya?

Awal2 ni Cik muda nak cerita tentang kawan2 Cik muda dulu. Baru Cik muda cerita tentang diri Cik muda. Anda faham?

Ni kawan sebilik Cik muda. Nama nya Tito. Bukan nama benar ok, nanti Cik muda kena saman Copyright! Tito tu nama samaran dia. Nanti2 anda kenal siapa Tito si comel itu. Owrite!

Tito ni buat trip dengan semua course mate dia, pergi Thailand. Cik muda memang cemburu habis. Eleh, Cik muda pergi China saja dengan FAMILI. Mana best lagi: FAMILI atau KAWAN2? Cik muda jahat banyakcikit. Bagi Cik muda, kawan lagi best. Kan sama kepala. Hah! Tapi kawan tak ada duit banyak. Famili ada duit banyak. Cik muda ni mata duitan. Hah! Kan dah cerita tentang Cik muda pula! Ish! Dah, balik kepada kawan Cik muda, si Tito yang comel.

Jadi Tito ni buat lawatan ke Thailand. Bukan suka2 ok, dengan dekan dan pensyarah2 mereka lagi. Study trip lah namakan. Best siot boleh pergi Thailand. Bab course mate dia semua jenis rajin2! Memang Cik muda cemburu sangat! Cik muda pernah cuba buat makan ramai2 dengan kawan2 Cik muda.Tapi dua kali Cik muda cadangkan, mereka buat nak tak nak saja. Kecil hati Cik muda masa itu, siapa kisah! Kan Cik muda dah touching! Lepas ni, lagi ramai touching dengan Cik muda pula. Manusia memang macam ini. Tegur cikit, touching habis sampai "I tak nak kenal dengan u lagi." Kan budak2 nama nya?

Owwrite, sebelum Cik muda meleret pula jauh dari cerita si Tito, akhirnya macam ini. Cik muda tak tahu bila Tito dan course mate dan dekan dan pensyarah2 nya akan ke Thailand. Cik muda hanya tahu dalam masa 4 bulan cuti ini. Tapi mereka bukan pergi 4 bulan ok. Boleh habis duit beli buah tangan di sana. Mereka pergi seminggu. Tak tahu lah akan melawat ke mana. Cik muda dah berpesan pada Tito, elok2 jalan, tangkap gambar2 banyak nanti letak kat blog dia. Haa, si Tito pun ada blog tapi biarlah rahsia sekarang ok? *Chuu~

Kawan Cik muda yang seorang lagi ni. Senang Cik muda cerita, kawan sepergaduhan Cik muda. (Ada ke perkataan panjang nak mampus itu? Alah, lantak saja lah. Bukan Cik muda terer BM pun, takat A1 dulu masa SPM HOHOHOHOHO)

So, the story mori goes like this: He's gonna head to Ukraine for the Aiseasec thingy. (Cik muda pening nama persatuan dia itu, pernah kena tegur dulu sebab salah! Dah pelik2, buatlah senang orang ingat. Kan jadi tak popular pula... )

Best nya dia pergi Ukraine tapi bukan free lunch ok. Dia bayar banyak juga, Cik muda tak tahu berapa sebab A itu macam sukarelawan. Tahu2 lah apa benda itu. Kita buat dengan tenaga peluh kita semua, tengok orang lain senyum puas macam kera. (Cik muda jenis orang berada yang tak tahu malu. Bila pokai nanti, anda semua hina lah Cik muda ok)

Cik muda tak suka bab belanja orang dengan FREE lunch. Cik muda harap dalam hati mereka balas. Janganlah bagi senyum murah pada Cik muda. Bukan Cik muda boleh letak Frame dan jual macam artis2. Cik muda belanja air, esok atau lusa, anda belanja lah Cik muda air Starbucks satu. Baru adil kan. (Cik muda beli air mineral sejuk untuk anda saja.)

Hah! Lepas ini, Cik muda syak banyak "kawan2" Cik muda buang Cik muda dari Friend list Facebook mereka. Cik muda tak kisah. Cik muda kira duit. Sorry mori sangat2, ini Cik muda tulen ok.

Then about Cik muda friend going to Ukraine. Tak silap dia kata akhir Mei ini. Oh, Cik muda suka gila. Dah awal2 pesan beli buah tangan. Cik muda suka kawan dengan dia ini. Dia macam Cik muda, berkira juga. "Bila nak belanja saya? Asyik saya belanja awak." Cik muda suka sangat kena ingatan macam itu ok. Nanti Cik muda belanja dia makan di gerai mamak. Yang lain, anda ada belanja Cik muda ke? Sila senaraikan dengan tunjuk resit sekali. *Chuu~

Dari mula anda baca sampai sekarang, ada rasa nak letak stoking pada Cik muda ke? Jangan ok~ Cik muda ada bodyguard! Tahap muscle punya ok, memang Cik muda khas "upah" untuk jaga Cik muda sampai mati. Nama nya Loki. Dia nampak kecil saja tapi kuat gila. Cik muda dah bagi amaran awal2. *Chuu~

Oh, sebelum Cik muda tutup coretan meluat Cik muda ini, nak ingatkan anda semua! Anda tahu ada YOU Awards Watsons kan? Tak tahu? Pergi balik ke atas sekali dan baca sampai habis. Ini Cik muda bagi anda rasa nak baca cepat2. Ada seorang mamat HOT join juga. Tak tahulah hot mana, anda nilai lah sendiri. Bagi Cik muda, cute miut ada lah. Mata menawan hampir Cik muda jatuh hati dulu! Memang Cik muda ini Playgirl pun. Tapi sekarang dah steady ok, dengan Teddy. Hah! Habis dah cerita Cik muda ini. See u in next post!! *Chuu~


The above was written by the other side of Anna. Please take care to not take the above words/sayings seriously. Thank you.




Weiyh! Cik muda diri u juga ok!



Semester breaks here but...

5:36 PM

Yeah, already break, the 4 months long one.

Currently at my Mama's place (my Mother's mother) in Kuching. I'm kinda worried that UM is posting my Year 1 result to Bintulu. To change the permanent address in the database, need to talk to SKR... AND I'm super lazy to do that.

Very hot weather here in Kuching, making my feel grumpier and grumpier.

Okay, I should count my blessings whatever. Then being here in Sarawak, where could you find postings about jobs? Yes, I know there exists a thing call a newspaper. But those jobs are with certain criteria the most popular being with job experiences. Fretting!

In KL is a lot easier. They post their jobs online. Always mostly online. They know that the generation now goes online more often than reading newspaper. And considering, I wonder how much is it for posting in the news as compared to posting on the net?

Argh! I'm damn bored right now!

My program was to play games but I need at least a table and a chair, which is manipulated by my brother. Usual occurrence here at my Mama's place. Like, shucks!!

Soon, my oldest brother is back and that means more depressing events! Oh well, hope he really  wants to look for job! I'm searching, scanning in the news but not much could I get.

They give you a very brief description of the place, working place which is the name of a road and one person's contact number. Right, so we, the job seekers seek them out. If not hired, then waste at least RM10 kah?

I think I should consider working around Mama's place. Yeah, where!?

Preferably a fast food chain like KFC or SugarBun. Yes! No McD around my Mama's area. Well, not that I know of. Or even the Spring is nice!

I think I could force my brother to go to the Spring to search for jobs! Bet that place is better!

Then again, this much thinking around and having no way to finalised. I'm bored!!

Don't mind me. This is as usual one of my ramblings. Bye! Bored? Hit this link!

University life

Mixed feelings in Finals

2:46 AM

Get ready because as usual this might be a rambling post.

Got bored reading slides of lectures. So bored that I opened my Facebook, Twitter and friends' blog or those that I just followed.

Those that updated frequently are short posts and I read quite fast. Though if it's too long, I'll just hit the close button.

Facebook: Some posts about the APK thing. See, not yet finish until now!!! I never want to do a business involving pre-order. Ever! All because of that dumb Pak Cik. And I'm just so nice, I haven't yet done a killing review about him. If I do, bet his business gulung tikar (close shop). Ah, I'm still lazy to do it. And getting angry over him just increases my stress level. Thank goodness my APK mark is quite good. Though they said it was not official. So there's a chance it might rise? Or fall. T.T

Then about packing. Mostly I'm almost done. Just waiting for my last paper this Thursday and every last thing manageable will be dumped into the bag. Oh, I decided to leave some unimportant clothes behind in my big bag. It HAS to be left behind. By the weight, I could tell it weights 17kg plus plus?? And the limit on MAS is 20kg. If I add my small bag then for sure exceed limit and I have to fork out RM15 for each 1kg exceed. Last time PASUM, I paid around RM100 ++. Weird how I always have more things to bring back...

Oh well, I still live through all those. And the, I think it's good news. Got on the band wagon with my course mates in searching for a place to rent. Her brother is going to search for us. Kind a cool right... Not like my brother would help. Oh, him and his course mates are in UTM right now. Doing industrial training. Quite early since they're just in 2nd year now. He's two years older than me okay. I was thinking of bringing him around but Dad says no. T.T

What's left to ramble about... Okay, the emotional part left I think.

It's going to be a long break. Maybe I could meet up with Bell or Badr in Kuching. Not sure when and where though. It'll be quite boring. I hope I don't need to continue Driving lessons. I suck so much in driving!! Feel like dying every time I hold the steering wheel. Yes. I have low self confidence in driving. Wonder why...

So my plan is to work during the holiday. Better than relaxing at home right? Better still if I could work at the Spring. Even KFC or McD would be good. I could handle the kitchen. Teach me first though. Or the kitchen might just blow up.

Those were less emotional. Here's the more emotional part. I'm going to miss my current room mates. Like, we're in this room for 1 year. Maybe less a year because of all the breaks. But still the laughs we had and some secrets shared. There were good moments mostly and some bad. Bad moments quite few. No fights okay. It'll be different when I'm renting out. Hope to meet them sometime in UM though. I even got to meet Bell sometimes. Though we're usually quite busy with lectures and other activities. Yeah, hope we do meet. Glad to have those 3 as room mates. And hope they like me too. With my usual weird attitude and sometimes shouting and cursing. LOL

See, usual rambles. And I'm too lazy to check for grammar errors or spelling mistakes.Oh, I scrolled up for a quick check.



Me being sensitive

11:00 PM

LOL I just have to type out this post.

Okay, nothing much but....

I got 16 Facebook Shares on the post Fun Outing & Window Shopping!!

Yeah, not much for you maybe, but for me, I honestly teared up!

Thanks for sharing!

And thanks for the comments too. Hope you got my reply.

Currently checking Lowyat.NET. There's a thread for UM students though the last post was in May. ALSO currently thinking whether I should reply or not to that thread.

Anything but studying right now.

Afternoon and evening activities were surfing for some updates on blogs, updates on Facebook, updates on Mangas (especially Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Hitman Reborn & Dengeki Daisy... No new updates... )....

For those who don't know what those mangas are, go check for Dengeki Daisy. Quite funny! :) It was recommended by my friend, Chynna.

And some drawings. Though my drawing hand has been slack... Mostly I'm writing due to Finals... Pity though. From good drawing, I'm down to worse.. T.T

Oh, and packing... well, not exactly packing, just some cleaning up. Tomorrow I'm doing some packing for not important stuff. Like unused clothes. Need to think how to fit them in my bags. I always have a hard time packing. And I dislike it so much.

Though I'm supposed to get used to it considering my childhood. Nah! Still dislike.

Oh well, usual rambles here. Wonder how the 4 months break will be like...

And I won't be surfing the Internet for 3-6 hours.. like now I'm doing in UM.

Bored? Hit the books... I mean go study~


When general means EVERYTHING

10:46 PM

Yeah, evil title. Don't get what I mean? Well, it's about my last paper for the Finals, next Thursday, BVEV1108 Introduction to Town Planning.

Somehow, I think UM still don't know what Estate Management course is about so they put so many subjects under it. As long as it's relevant even by 30%, they say we need to learn it. Yeah, great....

Okay, some subjects are relevant. Maybe Town Planning is relevant. We should grasp the basics of how an estate exists right?

Oh, just in case you're thinking, "Estate.... rubber estate? Oil palm estate??"

Let me clarify... Estate Management is about REAL estate AKA PROPERTY. Done.

Either way, when people ask, I go for the Malay version. Pengurusan Harta Tanah... Safe right?

Moving back to BVEV1108.

The lecturer said to read all the notes and reading assignment. I have done all that. What do I get?

Yeah, Town Planning stuffs...

About how British was involved in the early development of a town planning legislation. A bit about Singapore in it too. Some bits about Malacca's history (though her version was Melaka....) then something about development concept. And a 'few' laws and processes.

Great, tons to read.

From my observation, she's prepared to teach us the course but most of us are just still trying to figure out how is it relevant.

Other subjects are relevant.... Even Construction Economics because that helps us in valuing. Does town planning help us in valuing a property? Maybe it does. I wonder how.....



So far, the question might just be about the Definitions, Scope, the History, the Development, Organizational Structure, Planning Application Process, Preservation/ Conservation/ TREE Preservation order (???), Special Area, Public Participation, Urban Design and Planning Control.... Last but no least Real Estate and Town Planning.

Oh, the laws: Act 172, Act 267, Act 171, Act 133.... Town and Country Planning Act ..... forgot the date... LOL

Think that's nice right?

Well, those were just INTRODUCTION.

And what comes into the paper?

General stuffs....


EVERYTHING....that she taught..

Happy or not?


Time to read BVEV1105 instead. I've done all I can to ready myself for BVEV1108.

Good luck, course mates. Fight and prevail!


Fun Outing & Window Shopping

1:11 AM

Date: 3 May 2011

Venue: Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Duration: 2pm- 6pm (Seriously took our time~ LOL)

Okay, not going to touch on the paper on that day, did that already in the previous post. So let's begin.

Since it's my blog, this is from my point of view. 

After the paper finished, I was thinking what to do about lunch. Should I make the trip to Midvalley or just head to 12th?

And I found myself waiting for the RapidKL bus at the bus stop near PASUM. Quite a lot of people, not all are waiting for the RapidKL bus though.

There was a tiny problem when the bus came. They're using only the CARD system now. Since I haven't been going out lately, it was a shock. So that first bus was so strict. He won't let me on. Oh, I was with one of Ah Sim's friend. We were in the same boat, didn't know that they enforced the card system.

The second bus was a lot more easy-going. He let us get on, just pass RM2 to him and used his card instead.

At the LRT station, I put in RM10 into my Student Card for the RapidKL. Don't understand? Well, I couldn't really explain in words. It's like a reload card for the public phone. Also, had a hard time with the machine! It won't accept my RM10 note. So borrowed Ah Sim's RM10 and paid my RM10 to her.

Then arrived at Midvalley. Don't know where to eat lunch yet, haven't make up my mind. Ah Sim and her friends went ahead. I was thinking of either Burger King, KFC, Big Apple, Dunkin' Donuts or McD. There's the new Chicken Chop at KFC. The bad side is maybe KFC is full. Then SMSed with Dibah. Oh, I texted her while I was waiting for the bus at the University LRT station. She said she's coming with Thirah and Tiara. They were thinking of eating pizza. At first, I thought it was Dominoes, but it was PizzaHut.

Either way, I waited for them since I still couldn't make up my mind where to have my lunch.

When they arrived, I asked them won't it be expensive at PizzaHut?

Thirah said there's a 50% discount that day. Gosh! I forgot! That was exactly what I had promoted from Churp Churp! A 50% discount at PizzaHut! Though we don't know what the discount was for so we checked it out.

  Empat kanak-kanak riang ke PizzaHut.

Cool! That day's dish was Meatball Bolognaise. From RM10++, we got it at RM5.25!!


While waiting for our order to arrive, must cam whore! (Gedik ke ayat nie???)

Tiara in white tudung and Thirah in black tudung

This is edited. :)

Me and Diba! Her drink and soup came faster than our orders. >.<

This is edited. :)

Some pictures were edited by me. Too lazy to edit all. LOL

Then the food came!! 

My Meatball Bolognaise!!

The bread was yummy too!

This dish Tiara suggested: Cheezy Carbonara Chicken Meatball.

It was either Carbonara, Masala or ............. Okay, I forgot the third one. LOL

Oooh~ The meatballs were so tasty! Quite juicy and still fresh from the stove! The juicy part I don't know for sure whether it's oil or the water it was steamed in. The cheese was great! Diba practically went scraping at the sides of the bowl. LOL

Oh, about what my friends ordered:

Diba: She didn't have a liking for pasta so she picked a personal pizza set. Menu 1 was it? Topping was Hawaiian Chicken.

Me, Thirah & Tiara ordered the Meatball Bolognaise. Wondered how did Tiara's one tasted. She picked Beef Meatball while me and Thirah went for Chicken Meatball. Then they both ordered Tropical Fitzz (was that the name, the Tropical part's right). And ICED CHOCOLATE for me!!

Edited picture of my drink. :)

I couldn't take a clear picture of the ice floating in the chocolate! :(

LOL I saved my Meatballs until the last.

It was so tasty. I had to leave it last! :)

The receipt of the late lunch: 

Wow! A bill for four people. Though I know it would have been higher for the guys. :P

After that, we headed to Jusco for some healthy window shopping. I've forgotten how fun it was! 

Spot a cute mannequin! Must take picture with it!

I love the whole attire arrangement on it. Even the pink bag!

Pfft! A 'dead' mannequin looked cute in it, I wonder how a 'real' person would look like?

DON'T imagine me wearing it! 

After that, we went to MPH, Thirah wanted to buy a book for younger sibling. In case you're wondering, I don't know whether Adik, she meant sister or brother... :(

Next, Big Apple!

I was bent on buying Oreo, my favourite donut!! I bought two, don't remember the name for the other one.

Next! We went to Jusco again. Tiara wanted to buy some fruits.

O.O Wow! Healthy choice! Me? Kueh Tiaw any time. LOL

Oh, spotted pretty yellow balloons at the entrance into Jusco. Must cam whore again!!

First, the trio! :)

OMG! Blurry shot! DX

Hah! Better! 

Diba~ Tiara won't run away laa. LOL

Me and Diba. :)


I meant myself.... 

Oh, if you recognized that corner, there's actually a rubbish can. We just had to take a picture with the balloons that the can kinda got in the way. Not like we moved it or anything.

After the picture of me and Diba, we laughed. There was a lady looking at us that time. She wanted to throw away some rubbish. LOL

But still... she was kind for waiting until we snapped our picture. :)

After Jusco, we headed back to UM. It was raining though not heavily, thank goodness.

And so ends the fun outing!

Below are some more pictures, edited ones! Tell me what you think of them. I'm still learning so the edits were basics stuff.

Guess which filter I used for this one in Adobe Photoshop?

This one you can't see the edit much but it is edited. :)

Okay, end of post. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Warning: All pictures here excluding the animation & onion head are mine. Do not COPY PASTE without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation. :)


Arrogant soon-to-be our lecturer

2:09 AM

Oh, before I tell you about an outing with 3 friends, just telling you readers something else. 

I practically skipped out on a meeting with a lecturer. It was to discuss about the low mark our group got for the assignment. There was a 50/50 thought of going. Then again.... 

After BVEV1207 tortures, I don't think I can stand listening to any lecturer's reason.

Yes, twas a massacre of the mind, body and soul. 

And there was this other lecturer from our faculty. Yes, this is about criticizing someone again. I found someone EQUALLY annoying like the other student in my course. 

" Your questions are easy. If you can't even answer, better jump off a building."

Like, what the Hell is your problem??

He better go watch 3 Idiots and know what his words could do to a stress MAX student. Wattafak!

And he's going to teach our course for 2nd year....

I just hope he's not as bad in teaching, as in being sensitive.

Or 2nd year could be more like hell for us.

You think Estate Management is easy compared to Engineering/Medicine/Law, THINK again.

Besides, those other fields got lots of scholarships. Try searching for Estate Management in the Criteria section. 2/100, you won't find it. That's my own view so far.

Okay, the post about the outing is in the draft. 

Stay tuned or I'll just tag my friends' name. They just love my blog by the way they're asking for my post on the outing. <<< Arrogant AKA perasan, is it??


Sink's Etiquette

4:25 PM

First of all..

Etiquette is a set of customs and rules for polite behaviour, especially among a particular class of people or in a particular profession. - Taken from Collins COBUILD Dictionary on CD-ROM 2006.

Okay, after that little bit of clarification there, get ready for some normal SARCASM from yours truly, me, Princess of Sarcastic remarks.

Now, you do know what a sink is, the NOUN version.

Here's some Pictures so that you know what it is.

For larger view than this, here.

The two sinks are quite the rich type. Below is the standard sink in your home. (Ignore if you don't have a standard home.)

The source link of the above photo was said to be blocked. If it's your photo and want me to remove it, email me. Thanks.

Now, what is a sink's TRUE function??? Most people have come up with lots of function. 

A sink is a large fixed container in a kitchen, with taps to supply water. It is mainly used for washing dishes. - Taken from Collins COBUILD Dictionary on CD-ROM 2006.

Okay, it says mainly used for washing dishes. Other uses I know of are listed below:
  1. Place to wash my dirty, sweaty hands.
  2. Place for running water when I brush my teeth.
  3. Place to wash my oily face.
  4. Place to throw up AKA vomit.
  5. Place to blow my nose.
  6. Place to fill kettle.
Those are the NORMAL uses. Here's the NEW ones that I've observed during hostel life.
  1. Place to wash their feet!
  2. Place to dump their leftovers, mostly food!
  3. Place to dump used tissues!
Thank goodness only three new ones so far. I bet there's more actually.

Okay, now for the 'Place to wash their feet'.
- This I don't quite understand. If you want to show how ignorant flexible your legs are, then go join Gymnastics. I'm sure their coach would love you. But if you have big, plump thighs, maybe not. No leotards able to cover those... Plump thighs but flexible joints, how did those get together?

For the record, it's gross. A sink is a sink, not your feet's washbowl. Get a nice round basin, fill it with water up to the brim, then wash your smelly feet in it. ON THE FLOOR! Not on the same level as your waist!

You think, it's just washing my feet and I'm using soap, think again. Would you like to be next to someone who is washing their feet at your FACE? Talk about being shoved with all those ten toes! (Hey, really, can you put all ten toes in the sink? Just climb up and stand/ squat in the sink then.)


 Second 'Place to dump their leftovers, mostly food!'
- This is typical in most hostels, I think. Maybe not in those really, really strict ones. But in hostels that don't really carry out punishments, it happens. At so very dire consequences. 

Now, by food, it's those tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers. You think, "oh, never mind, they're so small, the sink can take it in." What a dumb human!

The standard sink we have in Malaysia is this type below.
Taken from here.

Okay, maybe not 100% same as the picture above. Just focus where I want to tell you about.

See the sink trap. Let's say you're one of those who dump their tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers into the sink. Then there's like 10/++ more others who do the same thing. 

Over time, the sink trap is filled with not just water, it's filled with all those tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers.

Notice how narrow the lower pipe is too.

DID you ever think before you dump your tiny, bits, pieces of leftovers into the sink???

I think not. It's one of those human characteristics. When something is small and seemingly insignificant, they don't bother!

That's Etiquette!

Last one: 'Place to dump used tissues!'
- This one occurs rarely and seldom. Not much of an issue but still...

GROSS!! Throw it in the garbage can! Or in those Recycle cans!

That's Etiquette! And also easy on the environment.

If you're offended, tell me so, head on. Don't go and blab it to your friends, one-sided-ly. I state my opinions and you are also entitled to yours. Though, Anonymous comments are ignored.


Sleepy & not in STUDY mode: Insights

1:16 AM

Yeah, I'm bored.

I'm in the mood for a Secret Recipe cake.

But gotta keep myself from spending.

And really sleepy now too.

Anime doesn't keep me so excited.

Well, not the anime I'm currently watching.

If it's Korean drama.

Then I'll be able to stay up till 5am even.

Okay, that sounds not normal.

Wait, it is normal right?

For Korean drama fans.

And I'm not in my studying mood.

Somehow I miss my Dad's and Mom's nagging.

Well my Dad's the one telling me to study all the time.

At the very 'nice' moment.

He'll appear at my room door.

"You're not studying?"

While I was taking a break from a 2-hour long continuous school work.

Normally I fire back at him.

"I DID like a few minutes before you came!"

But anyhow.

That kept me in check.

Now in University life.

Where studying means not living under the same roof with your family.

Doesn't count for those lucky to be near their universities.



Right now.

I miss Mom making me warm milk every morning for school.

I'll never forget how I made coffee for them.

Not a pro.

I added more coffee.

Dad drank it all though.

It must have been really bitter.


There's silent moments.

When everyone's preoccupied in their own matters.

Sometimes there's no warm greetings.

No 'discussing' about how our life has been.

It's like that from the external.

Deep down.

We care for each and everyone.

We may not show because we're embarrassed.

But hey.

That's still a family.

Even though it's a complex one.

Yours truly,

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