Stress of Pre-finals & APK's aftermath

12:02 AM

While the other (most) undergraduates grapple with the inevitable pre-finals & the FINAL(s) itself, we, the APK group with the logo I <3 UM is under threat by a least known formidable foe.... Yes, it'll go down in history (my history, at least) and curtails a lesson, a moral lesson which I hope others taking the cursed APK won't have to face.

NEVER sell PRE-ORDER shirts. Or any PRE-ORDER in that respect.

Trust me, it'll be the death of you. Okay, not physically but mentally perhaps. If, however, you wish to do PRE-ORDER, please prepare a baggage of mental protection. You'll need lots of it. Oh, don't forget financial support too. So perhaps during the 4 months break, earn some money for your modal in the business. Okay, done that. Let's continue with the pre-finals and Finals.

For pre-finals, okay, I didn't study much. Hell, a one week study-week means no serious studying to me. Somehow, I work better under pressure, under pressure by ME of course. Why do I need External pressure anyway? Beats me those who consider External pressure as your motivation. It's the Internal pressure that counts most. Yeah, being a psycho nut here. Humour me then.


8:30am- 9:30am

APK paper.

Verdict: CONFUSING. Yes, just one word. And it does not help to memorise or understand the terms. WTF They think it's easy to remember word-by-word of that F***ing book. Yeah, kill me for nearly saying the Goddamn 4 letter word.

Kinda still pissed of at this Dell charger of mine. Oh, well, I reaped what I sowed. >.<

Next coming up on the Finals agenda: 29 April 2011

What paper?

BVEV1106. Pass or DIE.

Okay, not die but in a way, personal way as it so de-motivates because fail means you've got to repeat that subject. And it takes a toll when your credit hours increase. Not to say that for 2nd year, 1st semester there's a subject with 5 HOURS credit....... @.@

Have I had enough blabbering here? I think yes. And the battery is getting lower.

Oh, CODE GEASS is so cool!!!!

Above statement is to induce you to search for the Capital Phrase. FIND it then watch it. Kinda a thriller/ mystery anime. My verdict of it: 4 star.

Heck, no critic gives a full rating unless they really couldn't find any faults. For me, I want more! So hence, the 4 star. :P

Okay, enough from me. Final say, search for Kimi Ni Todoke.


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