One thing I hate most about me

12:42 AM

I procrastinate! 

I have a paper at 3pm............Today! And here I am, blogging! 

Oh, just great, Jue, go & get a C for that BVEV1106 paper.

Out of 60%, I got a mere 36.1%. Why is there a 0.1 anyway?? 

Above is the marks for Test & Assignments.

Ok, snap out of this de-motivating situation!

Gotta study!

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  1. Omg, Jue! I procrastinate too! Worse than you, I might add! I'm so worried about both Market and Investment papers. I don't know if I can do it. And my carry mark won't help either :(

  2. :'( same here. We don't know how he marks. That's the down point of it all.

    All the same, breathe in deep, stay focus on your target marks. Think positive, show all determination, FIGHT!!



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