Charger Dell~

10:45 AM

Okay, it was entirely my fault of letting it on even though the battery was full already.

But I prefer using DC than AC since some losers here could blow out the fuse and thunder falls when you have unfinished works and didn't save it every 10 seconds.

Still................ Haizzzz

And now I can't on Stitchy for long. Now it's at 46%. The charger is really blown out I think. I just switched it on and not 5 minutes later, it switched off by itself. If anything else, I'll think it was supernatural. But too bad, it's not. My own fault. -_-"

So I can't on Stitchy long enough here. Wonder how I'll study seeing my notes are mostly in Stitchy. I don't like printing out my notes. If I could xerox, I would but just too lazy, I guess. Well, I'll see how I manage. Though there is a silver lining to this problem. I'm not in front of my Stitchy for long hours any more. I actually found time to read my notes! <<< Yeah, big Boo Hoo compared to not being online. Considering too that those printed out notes are like a ratio of 1:5 to the one in Stitchy. And I still have one more assignment to do, plus I'm doing the editing. I just love doing the edit, feeling like I'm the Editor-In-Chief. The feeling's great!

Plus, I HATE, not dislike, soooo wrong grammar. I'd thought that University level, you won't do that "I writing" mistake again. I guess, we being not natural users of the language, it's normal. But kinda, please adapt to it. And last note, enough with going against the VC on teaching English or whatever it is that you Mahasiswa/i campaigning about. It's irking annoying.

And now before Stitchy shuts down on me.........


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