A busy, busy week

4:23 PM

What a Hellish week. I thought March was bad enough. Didn't think April could be as Cruel!

GTEE1104 presentation is done and finished just last Wednesday. Like, THANK goodness!!

Then just this morning was 1105 test. I think I put in quite a last minute effort. And well, I couldn't close my own mouth. 

I can't say NO to friends when they asked for answers. I know it's not good to help them to cheat but then they're going to say that I'm stingy or in BM sombong tak nak tolong??

Let me tell you a short story about one of my friend.

He wasn't even a close friend. But there was this English test or was it Maths, well, it was during Primary 3. So, the teacher, being such an a** to leave the class, gave him the opportunity to whisper to me.

"Let me see your paper" <<< this was in BM of course.


Me, being so goody- goody that time, just shook my head at him. Did that stop him???


He edged near my table, wanted so badly to see my paper.

Oh, I'm so touched that you acknowledged my brilliance! 

"JULIANNA!!" <<<Yes, full name.

Apocot mak kau!! In my heart that is. Common melatah habit by me. 

Guess who?

My English teacher, MY favourite English teacher, whom I adore so much.

"Apa kamu tengah buat?" "What are you doing?"

I stared at her, puzzled. Me? Doing what?

Oh, by this time, my paper was in my desk. Since I don't want to give my answers to that boy, I hid my paper in the desk.

"Mana kertas soalan awak?" "Where's your paper?"

"Ini" "Here." I took it out from under the desk meekly like I was doing wrong.

"Letak atas meja saja" "Just put on the table." Then she left, JUST LIKE THAT.

And the WHOLE class was staring at me. The boy, seemingly focusing on his paper. Thanks a lot, assh***, dumba**!

I nearly cried. Never did I felt so humiliated. I didn't even cheat but I was the one blamed! 

That teacher lost my admiration FOREVER. Her look was showing anger AT ME!!

And all I did was hid my paper from CHEATERS!

Call this world fair??? IT sure isn't!!

And I never look at that teacher happily again after that. She didn't find out why I hid my paper. She just accused me with that look of hers. NOT even a sorry from her. Guess Grown ups don't need to apologize to Children right?

And still I NEED to help cheaters. Put me alone in a room, STUPID lecturers! You don't want cheaters, then don't leave the room in the middle of the test! What a dumba**!!

You think all of us have PURE hearts, that we aren't cheaters???

Thank you for putting your trust in us. Thanks so much.


Maybe your trust had just gone down the drain.

Really, I'm sorry that there are cheaters in my course. I've put that behind me. I help but if you, friends, noticed. I seldom ask for your help during tests. Even if I had to struggle, let me. I'd rather struggle in all honesty, then cheat for the best of marks.

And frankly, I'm disappointed for having friends that remind me of my past. 

Thank you and goodbye.

If you're feeling pricky terasa, then never repeat your actions. As hurt as you are in reading this, I'm hurting more. 

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