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9:27 AM

 Lalalalala~~~~~~ Tralalalala~~~~~~~~~

I don't know but I'm in such high spirit from waking quite early today. Got one assignment left to finish then it's full study mode for exam. Before that, lecturers are doing a review on their lessons for the past 14/7weeks. 3 lecturers for the 14 weeks and only 1 for the 7 weeks. That 7weeks were split into 2 lecturers, each taking 7 weeks. The first 7weeks had been Mr. LJY. I wonder where he is now, said that he got an offer to teach overseas. How cool! And these 7 weeks had been Ms ILJ.

 <<< No hidden meaning though Mr. LJY is cute............... (Now I hide myself from you.)

GAHHH!! I can't breath under this pillow!

Okay, continuing.

My best friend, BABY suggested this song to hear. She says it's cute. I never heard it before, been out of contact from radio for so long. Don't know any new songs, maybe except that Rebecca Black's song Friday, which my friend commented in his Facebook status as another Bieber clon. My friend dislike Bieber, for what cause? Well, repetitive words make a song?? To him, it's ridiculous. Me? Well, I'm no pro in this music industry so no personal preferences save Westlife, Backsreet Boys and other boy bands are okay. And Linkin Park is great too.

So here's the song she suggested listening. Enjoy~

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  1. ILJ = WTF. goddamn i zzz her. thanks jue hahaa.. LJY cute ? @@


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