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11:43 AM

Okay, it's not all about HIM this time. Yes, not going to mention that creepy toad-faced arrogant he-person. Or about Teddy either. This is about something that involves ONLY me.


Now, what I want to mention about is.........

Purposely building up the tension.

Okay, I'll tell.

It's the Watsons YOU awards!

It's a SOMETHING because there's cash scholarship RM3000, not to forget, a chance for a magazine shoot for MYC!

Oh, I do love the limelight on me. Though I seldom get it.

SNOBBISH not? Yes, I was just joking. Okay, maybe there's some truth in it. 

But hey, we humans yearn for recognition too, at some point in our life. Whether it's during our childhood years, pre-teens, teens (-.-)", the undeniable working life and in some respect, even when we turn into parents. Then, we're ADULTS. And then the golden age. (Figures me why I used that, though it kinds of put off the OLD meaning right?)

Shucks, I'm being defensive up there. Don't bother, I'm built this way, somehow. Though that does not make my confidence any less smaller. How small can Confidence get, anyway?

When you're being timid, unable to speak up but tremble or mumble, is that the LOW confidence?

When you're being loud, speaking out but saying the most useless things, is that the HIGH confidence?

Someone help me here! What really defines a LOW or HIGH confidence? 

Oh, notice that I mean Confidence by how that person express him/her self VERBALLY. Ignore the non-verbal aspects for the moment. Or you could highlight it in your comments. Whichever.


I just noticed that I'm on something else other than the awards! Pardon me please!

Okay, to make things simple & fast, proceed! 

Now is still the submission of photos and all.

Voting starts in June. 8 Awards, 3 Finalist, 1 WINNER!

This is what I remember for now. The Application can't be opened. Will update later okay, Stay tuned!


And I'm in the Body Beautiful Award & the Friendly Face Award.

Yes, I'm snobbish, thinking I have a BEAUTIFUL body, when I have a visible tummy. (You don't see it that VISIBLY! Because I wear, just-nice-loose-fitting T-shirts!)

And I like to think that my face is friendly. If you think otherwise, humour me with your no-basis-just-want-to-annoy-you reasons.

If you want to see how I LOOK in the Gallery, type in JULIANNA BALASAN in the Search Name box.

And yes, it's DOUBLE N. I have that name in black & white.

(I hate when people leave it out. Like, Hello... Who is this Juliana Balasan? Certainly not ME!)

Ahaks! I love writing so much that I can go on and on here. (Please don't get bored, I'll humour you later!)

 Okay, end of story. This is just a short introduction. And, guys & girls, get ready! I'm going to text you to vote for me! I do hope you could get an Internet connection wherever you are. And before you ask, the money is a Scholarship, not buy-me-a-treat money. Yes, no BRIBING for votes. Or else, MACC will be after me!

Oh, before I forget, you have to LIKE Watsons page first. :) (Just testing you!)

Oh, and forewarned, sometimes the Application doesn't open up. Try again 3/4 hours later or the next day okay. Thanks!

Teaser: This is one of the participants, a friend & course mate of mine in UM.

Guess which award is he in??

Shucks! You can easily guess that one! Okay, he's in for 2 awards. Guess the other one!

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