5th Piece

11:28 PM

Carl & Karl

Chapter 5

A month had passed peacefully. Carl didn’t bump into Matt, which was a marvel since Matt lived a few blocks away from Carl’s house. Carl had told Gary about the strange happenings and both could think of no explanation as to Carl’s sudden strength. In the end, they concluded it was just at that moment only and Carl 
had been lucky.

But was it luck? Carl had asked himself many times after the talk with Gary. I felt light and angry at the same time. Well, it could be because of Karl. Seeing him getting hurt when he didn’t do a thing was injustice. Carl sighed. Besides not bumping into Matt, he didn’t see Kerry too. He wondered what her expression on him was now. He did beat her boyfriend. Carl shivered at the thought. For Kerry to care about someone is alright but for Matt. I rather she cared about someone else, anyone but Matt Terry.

Carl sighed again. Dad’s still the same, not bothering about anything around him. How could Melisa stand all the silence? It was like a grave, the stillness stifling him, suffocating him.

“Dad needs us. Mum said to not leave him, to stay by his side. He’ll snap out of it soon.”

Melisa was still hopeful. She was the one who brought meals up to Dad’s room. She told Carl of the whimpering she heard. Dad still couldn’t get over the sudden dismissal of Mum. In truth, none of them could. Mum was always there. Always.


Carl turned and nearly lost his balance.

Kerry stared at him and a smile widened on her face.

“I thought it was you!” She laughed. “You seemed so focus that I thought it couldn’t be you.”

“What do you mean?” Puzzled, Carl looked around.

“Oh, don’t worry. I broke up with him,” said Kerry and flipped her hair. “After what he did to your pup, I knew he was a monster now.”

Thought you figured that one out already, Carl thought bitterly. Amazed at what he had just thought, Carl stared at Kerry. Suddenly, all the admiration, all the respect he had for Kerry had vanished. It was replaced with something alike to contempt. Why? Hadn’t he liked her? Why do I dislike her now?

To be continued.

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