Carl and Karl

5th Piece

11:28 PM

Carl & Karl

Chapter 5

A month had passed peacefully. Carl didn’t bump into Matt, which was a marvel since Matt lived a few blocks away from Carl’s house. Carl had told Gary about the strange happenings and both could think of no explanation as to Carl’s sudden strength. In the end, they concluded it was just at that moment only and Carl 
had been lucky.

But was it luck? Carl had asked himself many times after the talk with Gary. I felt light and angry at the same time. Well, it could be because of Karl. Seeing him getting hurt when he didn’t do a thing was injustice. Carl sighed. Besides not bumping into Matt, he didn’t see Kerry too. He wondered what her expression on him was now. He did beat her boyfriend. Carl shivered at the thought. For Kerry to care about someone is alright but for Matt. I rather she cared about someone else, anyone but Matt Terry.

Carl sighed again. Dad’s still the same, not bothering about anything around him. How could Melisa stand all the silence? It was like a grave, the stillness stifling him, suffocating him.

“Dad needs us. Mum said to not leave him, to stay by his side. He’ll snap out of it soon.”

Melisa was still hopeful. She was the one who brought meals up to Dad’s room. She told Carl of the whimpering she heard. Dad still couldn’t get over the sudden dismissal of Mum. In truth, none of them could. Mum was always there. Always.


Carl turned and nearly lost his balance.

Kerry stared at him and a smile widened on her face.

“I thought it was you!” She laughed. “You seemed so focus that I thought it couldn’t be you.”

“What do you mean?” Puzzled, Carl looked around.

“Oh, don’t worry. I broke up with him,” said Kerry and flipped her hair. “After what he did to your pup, I knew he was a monster now.”

Thought you figured that one out already, Carl thought bitterly. Amazed at what he had just thought, Carl stared at Kerry. Suddenly, all the admiration, all the respect he had for Kerry had vanished. It was replaced with something alike to contempt. Why? Hadn’t he liked her? Why do I dislike her now?

To be continued.

Hi, just in case you're a new reader of my stories, here are the links to the previous chapters.


One thing I hate most about me

12:42 AM

I procrastinate! 

I have a paper at 3pm............Today! And here I am, blogging! 

Oh, just great, Jue, go & get a C for that BVEV1106 paper.

Out of 60%, I got a mere 36.1%. Why is there a 0.1 anyway?? 

Above is the marks for Test & Assignments.

Ok, snap out of this de-motivating situation!

Gotta study!



3:39 PM


Kita terus ke isi entri kali ini,tak ada mengarut-ngarutnya lagi.

Kenapa aku seorang blogger ini senang saja.

Sebab aku nak satu lagi topeng untuk aku hidup dalam dunia ini.

Dah ada topeng hipokrit kat luar, sekarang nak topeng dalam dunia maya juga.

Tapi topeng dunia maya lain daripada topeng hipokrit kat luar.

Topeng dunia maya boleh jadi apa-apa saja.

Nak maki hamun orang, guna lah topeng Anonymous. Tarak lu kenal sama gue. Tarak lu boleh kesan gue! Muahahaha!

Nak puji orang, guna topeng link sembunyi. Lu mesti singgah blog gue juge. Gue dah puji lu manyak-manyak!

Nak orang klik spam/link kaut untung kita, pasang topeng "Hi!Jom klik! Benda best!" Padahal nya, pasal skim cepat kaya atau Nuffnang nyer kempen. Alahai, manusia!

Nak cepat,mudah,malas, topeng ini pula "Saya ambil dari Google." Google ambil dari mana, anda tahu??

Nak topeng I-perasan-I cantik/hesem? Letak banyak-banyak gambar u yg dah Photoshop.

Lagi topeng-topeng lain, aku dah malas nak catat.

Aku pula topeng apa, anda tahu ke mana satu di atas?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sakit mata dah ke? Muahahaha!

Maaf, topeng aku tak tersenarai pun!

Jangan marah-marah. Sekadar mengusik hati yg tenang di sana! 


About.... YOU

11:43 AM

Okay, it's not all about HIM this time. Yes, not going to mention that creepy toad-faced arrogant he-person. Or about Teddy either. This is about something that involves ONLY me.


Now, what I want to mention about is.........

Purposely building up the tension.

Okay, I'll tell.

It's the Watsons YOU awards!

It's a SOMETHING because there's cash scholarship RM3000, not to forget, a chance for a magazine shoot for MYC!

Oh, I do love the limelight on me. Though I seldom get it.

SNOBBISH not? Yes, I was just joking. Okay, maybe there's some truth in it. 

But hey, we humans yearn for recognition too, at some point in our life. Whether it's during our childhood years, pre-teens, teens (-.-)", the undeniable working life and in some respect, even when we turn into parents. Then, we're ADULTS. And then the golden age. (Figures me why I used that, though it kinds of put off the OLD meaning right?)

Shucks, I'm being defensive up there. Don't bother, I'm built this way, somehow. Though that does not make my confidence any less smaller. How small can Confidence get, anyway?

When you're being timid, unable to speak up but tremble or mumble, is that the LOW confidence?

When you're being loud, speaking out but saying the most useless things, is that the HIGH confidence?

Someone help me here! What really defines a LOW or HIGH confidence? 

Oh, notice that I mean Confidence by how that person express him/her self VERBALLY. Ignore the non-verbal aspects for the moment. Or you could highlight it in your comments. Whichever.


I just noticed that I'm on something else other than the awards! Pardon me please!

Okay, to make things simple & fast, proceed! 

Now is still the submission of photos and all.

Voting starts in June. 8 Awards, 3 Finalist, 1 WINNER!

This is what I remember for now. The Application can't be opened. Will update later okay, Stay tuned!


And I'm in the Body Beautiful Award & the Friendly Face Award.

Yes, I'm snobbish, thinking I have a BEAUTIFUL body, when I have a visible tummy. (You don't see it that VISIBLY! Because I wear, just-nice-loose-fitting T-shirts!)

And I like to think that my face is friendly. If you think otherwise, humour me with your no-basis-just-want-to-annoy-you reasons.

If you want to see how I LOOK in the Gallery, type in JULIANNA BALASAN in the Search Name box.

And yes, it's DOUBLE N. I have that name in black & white.

(I hate when people leave it out. Like, Hello... Who is this Juliana Balasan? Certainly not ME!)

Ahaks! I love writing so much that I can go on and on here. (Please don't get bored, I'll humour you later!)

 Okay, end of story. This is just a short introduction. And, guys & girls, get ready! I'm going to text you to vote for me! I do hope you could get an Internet connection wherever you are. And before you ask, the money is a Scholarship, not buy-me-a-treat money. Yes, no BRIBING for votes. Or else, MACC will be after me!

Oh, before I forget, you have to LIKE Watsons page first. :) (Just testing you!)

Oh, and forewarned, sometimes the Application doesn't open up. Try again 3/4 hours later or the next day okay. Thanks!

Teaser: This is one of the participants, a friend & course mate of mine in UM.

Guess which award is he in??

Shucks! You can easily guess that one! Okay, he's in for 2 awards. Guess the other one!



6:06 PM

Santai Bersama BEN ASHAARI

Kali ni Segmen dari En. Ben! 

Dikehendaki lebih daripada 100 patah perkataan. 

>.< Lama tak tulis karangan BM ni, mesti berterabur tatabahasa/kosa kata/kata kerja/ dan yang seangkatan dengan nya. Apa-apa pun, saya nak cuba taip lebih daripada 100 juga. Tarikh tutup hari ini. Eh, hari esok agaknya sebab pukul 12 tepat kan? Aish, pening kalau difikirkan 12am ni. 

Ok, sudah berbicara di atas tentang tujuan entri kali ini. Sekarang disajikan kenangan masa sekolah Rika Jue (Alias Facebook). 

Kenangan Masa Sekolah

Dijadikan cerita........ Ahaks! Mula dengan ayat-ayat berbunyi hikayat sekejap. 

Saya, seorang pelajar yang pendiam. Bising hanya dengan teman-teman yang rapat. Orang fikir saya lemah-lembut tapi saya ni kasar orangnya. Ok, tidak sekasar. Tangan masih soft-to-touch lagi ni. (Sempat pula kembang hidung)

Saya nak cerita satu hari di mana saya telah berkelakuan lain daripada yang biasa. 

Tarikh lupa, masa pun lupa.... yang tahu 2005/6, masa saya berumur 16 tahun. Ok, rasanya hari Sabtu. Yakah? Entahlaa. Biar sahaja masa/tarikh itu. Sambung alkisah!

Ada apa dalam tahun itu?

Ada pertandingan KARAOKE.

Dan saya ikut. 

Nak dijadikan lubang hitam dalam sejarah...... 

Tak tahu lah apa yang dicakap oleh penonton AKA saksi pada masa itu (Ok, REKOD: tak ada orang BOOO kat saya, atau baling telur apa-apa, tak ada langsung ok).

Yang saya tahu: suara bergetar-getar, masa turun pentas, terasa semua mata memandang. Bukan pada skirt hitam yang saya pakai, tapi pada muka merah saya yang tahan malu.

Yang menakutkan,seperti saya kata, tak ada orang BOOOO.....

Yang ada, suasana dewan yang SENYAP.... 

Lagu yang dinyanyikan adalah: .................. (tak ingat.... terbaik tak, saya ni?)

Yang nasibnya, tak ada seorang pun rakan-rakan sekelas yang menanyakan hal tersebut. Seakan-akan saya tidak pernah naik ke atas pentas. Nak kata saya lega, saya juga terkilan.

Saya nyanyi teruk sangat ke??? 

Pengajaran bagi saya: Tahulah suka nyanyi, lain kali latih banyak-banyak dalam rumah dulu. Bila dah boleh nyanyi macam Mariah Carey, keluar lah ikut pertandingan mana-mana pun. 

Itu pun kalau dah macam Mariah Carey....nama dia ni betul ke? Maaf, lama tak dengar muzik. Atau boleh dikatakan, saya ni jenis yang dengar saja, dan tak kisahlah, tajuk lagu dan penyanyi. Maaf, artis-artis lagu. Yang saya kenal pelakon-pelakon..... Macam Orlando Bloom/Aaron Aziz.... 

Dah, kan mengarut cerita benda lain di sini. Ok, kalau anda ada kisah yang ingin dikongsikan masa sekolah (En. Ben, rasanya sekolah ni, masa universiti pun boleh kan?) mari tulis entri panjang-panjang! 

Lepas itu pergi copy paste link url di sini!

University life

Stress of Pre-finals & APK's aftermath

12:02 AM

While the other (most) undergraduates grapple with the inevitable pre-finals & the FINAL(s) itself, we, the APK group with the logo I <3 UM is under threat by a least known formidable foe.... Yes, it'll go down in history (my history, at least) and curtails a lesson, a moral lesson which I hope others taking the cursed APK won't have to face.

NEVER sell PRE-ORDER shirts. Or any PRE-ORDER in that respect.

Trust me, it'll be the death of you. Okay, not physically but mentally perhaps. If, however, you wish to do PRE-ORDER, please prepare a baggage of mental protection. You'll need lots of it. Oh, don't forget financial support too. So perhaps during the 4 months break, earn some money for your modal in the business. Okay, done that. Let's continue with the pre-finals and Finals.

For pre-finals, okay, I didn't study much. Hell, a one week study-week means no serious studying to me. Somehow, I work better under pressure, under pressure by ME of course. Why do I need External pressure anyway? Beats me those who consider External pressure as your motivation. It's the Internal pressure that counts most. Yeah, being a psycho nut here. Humour me then.


8:30am- 9:30am

APK paper.

Verdict: CONFUSING. Yes, just one word. And it does not help to memorise or understand the terms. WTF They think it's easy to remember word-by-word of that F***ing book. Yeah, kill me for nearly saying the Goddamn 4 letter word.

Kinda still pissed of at this Dell charger of mine. Oh, well, I reaped what I sowed. >.<

Next coming up on the Finals agenda: 29 April 2011

What paper?

BVEV1106. Pass or DIE.

Okay, not die but in a way, personal way as it so de-motivates because fail means you've got to repeat that subject. And it takes a toll when your credit hours increase. Not to say that for 2nd year, 1st semester there's a subject with 5 HOURS credit....... @.@

Have I had enough blabbering here? I think yes. And the battery is getting lower.

Oh, CODE GEASS is so cool!!!!

Above statement is to induce you to search for the Capital Phrase. FIND it then watch it. Kinda a thriller/ mystery anime. My verdict of it: 4 star.

Heck, no critic gives a full rating unless they really couldn't find any faults. For me, I want more! So hence, the 4 star. :P

Okay, enough from me. Final say, search for Kimi Ni Todoke.


Charger Dell~

10:45 AM

Okay, it was entirely my fault of letting it on even though the battery was full already.

But I prefer using DC than AC since some losers here could blow out the fuse and thunder falls when you have unfinished works and didn't save it every 10 seconds.

Still................ Haizzzz

And now I can't on Stitchy for long. Now it's at 46%. The charger is really blown out I think. I just switched it on and not 5 minutes later, it switched off by itself. If anything else, I'll think it was supernatural. But too bad, it's not. My own fault. -_-"

So I can't on Stitchy long enough here. Wonder how I'll study seeing my notes are mostly in Stitchy. I don't like printing out my notes. If I could xerox, I would but just too lazy, I guess. Well, I'll see how I manage. Though there is a silver lining to this problem. I'm not in front of my Stitchy for long hours any more. I actually found time to read my notes! <<< Yeah, big Boo Hoo compared to not being online. Considering too that those printed out notes are like a ratio of 1:5 to the one in Stitchy. And I still have one more assignment to do, plus I'm doing the editing. I just love doing the edit, feeling like I'm the Editor-In-Chief. The feeling's great!

Plus, I HATE, not dislike, soooo wrong grammar. I'd thought that University level, you won't do that "I writing" mistake again. I guess, we being not natural users of the language, it's normal. But kinda, please adapt to it. And last note, enough with going against the VC on teaching English or whatever it is that you Mahasiswa/i campaigning about. It's irking annoying.

And now before Stitchy shuts down on me.........


Auburn- All About Him

9:27 AM

 Lalalalala~~~~~~ Tralalalala~~~~~~~~~

I don't know but I'm in such high spirit from waking quite early today. Got one assignment left to finish then it's full study mode for exam. Before that, lecturers are doing a review on their lessons for the past 14/7weeks. 3 lecturers for the 14 weeks and only 1 for the 7 weeks. That 7weeks were split into 2 lecturers, each taking 7 weeks. The first 7weeks had been Mr. LJY. I wonder where he is now, said that he got an offer to teach overseas. How cool! And these 7 weeks had been Ms ILJ.

 <<< No hidden meaning though Mr. LJY is cute............... (Now I hide myself from you.)

GAHHH!! I can't breath under this pillow!

Okay, continuing.

My best friend, BABY suggested this song to hear. She says it's cute. I never heard it before, been out of contact from radio for so long. Don't know any new songs, maybe except that Rebecca Black's song Friday, which my friend commented in his Facebook status as another Bieber clon. My friend dislike Bieber, for what cause? Well, repetitive words make a song?? To him, it's ridiculous. Me? Well, I'm no pro in this music industry so no personal preferences save Westlife, Backsreet Boys and other boy bands are okay. And Linkin Park is great too.

So here's the song she suggested listening. Enjoy~

Games review

Not the typical GAMES buff

11:18 AM

Misleading title, I know but leave that now for a while. 

So I own a PSP, which stands for PlayStationPortable. It's the pink colour.

Oh, before I forget, none of the pictures in this post is my own. They're taken after a search result by Google. Thank you.

And I present you: MY PSP

Love it so much though I don't always play it. Well, who cares, I still care for it like a beloved pet.

So let's move on to the ONLY two games I have in it.

(That's why I said not the typical GAMES buff. Not like someone I know, who spends his pocket money on games. Yes, that's you, Cipp!! Buy books for a change, even comics are better.)

Now for the 1st game I got for my PSP!

Disgaea : Afternoon after Darkness

My verdict: Well, I didn't play to the end yet. Got bored with the daily routine of fighting bad guys/ demons. Though there were some sexy demons and some actually quite funny demons. I even fought with a Power Rangers version. In this game, known as Night Dwellers. 

And the scenes when they talked were lightening. Not much wordiness and just straight to the point sentences. And there is also a side game, where Etna becomes the main character after she successfully killed Laharl. In the original game play, she didn't manage it. You need to press a sequence of buttons to play Etna's story. And that part I haven't bothered to play, yet. See, not the typical GAMES buff who would not settle down until they have finished the game.

For a more detailed review here.

Introducing 2nd game in my PSP!

Loco Roco 2

My verdict: So CUTE!! The most adorable part is that you just need to tilt the screens to move them. Though I would say the most annoying part is when you want to jump REALLY high. Like holding down the button and counting to 4 is going to help. Need a more specific button there and not having to hold down. Because I don't know how to exactly count until 4. Like count 4 really fast or slow???

Other than that annoying part, the others are okay. Though I wish there was a way to know where to collect all the pickories. And also how do you know how fast you are to roll those Loco to make them fly really high? I think the second section, the Afro hair stuck me. I couldn't fly high enough to get into those hidden segments. Quite troublesome there.

For more details, go here.

Alternatively if you want to see what the game is: HERE.

Now this I don't have in my PSP but I wonder if I could get it.

Uh- oh, this is for PS3.

And this is for Wii.

Oh, too bad! 

It's on PS3 and Wii ONLY??? 


Read this post.

It says: The first trailer for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game has been released. The game is scheduled for this summer on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP and PC.

Now I can't for its release!!

Here's the trailer:

Hilarious and funny, just what you would expect from LEGO.


A busy, busy week

4:23 PM

What a Hellish week. I thought March was bad enough. Didn't think April could be as Cruel!

GTEE1104 presentation is done and finished just last Wednesday. Like, THANK goodness!!

Then just this morning was 1105 test. I think I put in quite a last minute effort. And well, I couldn't close my own mouth. 

I can't say NO to friends when they asked for answers. I know it's not good to help them to cheat but then they're going to say that I'm stingy or in BM sombong tak nak tolong??

Let me tell you a short story about one of my friend.

He wasn't even a close friend. But there was this English test or was it Maths, well, it was during Primary 3. So, the teacher, being such an a** to leave the class, gave him the opportunity to whisper to me.

"Let me see your paper" <<< this was in BM of course.


Me, being so goody- goody that time, just shook my head at him. Did that stop him???


He edged near my table, wanted so badly to see my paper.

Oh, I'm so touched that you acknowledged my brilliance! 

"JULIANNA!!" <<<Yes, full name.

Apocot mak kau!! In my heart that is. Common melatah habit by me. 

Guess who?

My English teacher, MY favourite English teacher, whom I adore so much.

"Apa kamu tengah buat?" "What are you doing?"

I stared at her, puzzled. Me? Doing what?

Oh, by this time, my paper was in my desk. Since I don't want to give my answers to that boy, I hid my paper in the desk.

"Mana kertas soalan awak?" "Where's your paper?"

"Ini" "Here." I took it out from under the desk meekly like I was doing wrong.

"Letak atas meja saja" "Just put on the table." Then she left, JUST LIKE THAT.

And the WHOLE class was staring at me. The boy, seemingly focusing on his paper. Thanks a lot, assh***, dumba**!

I nearly cried. Never did I felt so humiliated. I didn't even cheat but I was the one blamed! 

That teacher lost my admiration FOREVER. Her look was showing anger AT ME!!

And all I did was hid my paper from CHEATERS!

Call this world fair??? IT sure isn't!!

And I never look at that teacher happily again after that. She didn't find out why I hid my paper. She just accused me with that look of hers. NOT even a sorry from her. Guess Grown ups don't need to apologize to Children right?

And still I NEED to help cheaters. Put me alone in a room, STUPID lecturers! You don't want cheaters, then don't leave the room in the middle of the test! What a dumba**!!

You think all of us have PURE hearts, that we aren't cheaters???

Thank you for putting your trust in us. Thanks so much.


Maybe your trust had just gone down the drain.

Really, I'm sorry that there are cheaters in my course. I've put that behind me. I help but if you, friends, noticed. I seldom ask for your help during tests. Even if I had to struggle, let me. I'd rather struggle in all honesty, then cheat for the best of marks.

And frankly, I'm disappointed for having friends that remind me of my past. 

Thank you and goodbye.

If you're feeling pricky terasa, then never repeat your actions. As hurt as you are in reading this, I'm hurting more. 

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