Was it Money Talk?

6:48 PM

22 March 2011 (Tuesday)

8.30am- 12.30pm

Seminar Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawan (APK)

'How To Make Money'

Attended by:


1108 class had to be rescheduled for this talk. Which in the end turned into a forum, what it was supposed to be but we weren't asking any hard- hitting questions at the panelist. 
Dato' Abdul Rahim

Dato' Abdul Rahim's website: Rahim&Co

Dato' Ghazali

Dato' Ghazali's website: Nusatek

After both of them talked a bit about themselves, there was a short break. Then was the Q&A session.

Blurry image, taken using my phone. 

What I had liked about the talk was mostly from Dato' Ghazali's talk. When he said he had a friendly personality, I felt respect because it's seems just so hard to approach complete strangers and talk to them. He did and that landed him on his great career. He said his personality was thanks to his father and his surroundings. I guess if it's in the genes then it's alright for you. But I think I follow my Mum than my Dad. My Dad is quite outgoing while I'm not as much. I only approach complete strangers when I felt like it. Dato' Ghazali said because he didn't like eating alone so he asked a stranger to accompany him. I think I would never do that and besides, I'm comfortable eating alone. If you're feeling pity here, don't bother. I'm so used to eating alone and minding my own business. And I eat slow too.

Plus, I'm kinda suspicious of my surroundings. Not to be over- cautious but not everybody could be trusted. So there's doubt before starting the first talk. And they might think you're being a busybody. Yeah, it's like the Malaysian culture or the East culture. It's supposed to mean respect, like no looking direct into the eyes of the person you are talking to. But to the West, not looking into their eyes shows disrespect. Well, we just need to adapt according to surroundings then. 

I'm getting off topic, yet again. Okay, to top things off, there were only two questions from the audience and two or three, I think from the emcees. Oh, a few of the ladies in front me thought..........................................
Dato' Ghazali was cute
And that ends the Seminar for APK. 

Next week is Hari Keusahawan. Whereby students are operating the stalls. But it's like so quiet, not much promotion going on Facebook. Hope 30-31 March will be fine weather. I hope it's sunny, no raining please. Windy, yes but no raining. It'll be tiring making sure the boxes of T- shirts don't get wet. Oh, there will be confusion when arranging the shirts. We need men's manpower on that day. Thank goodness quite a number of boys in the group. And the group's name or should I say company's name is tacky. I think I said it before. Yes, tacky. 

Okay, done blabbering. Next view the animation below. It's to release your stress while at the same time annoy you.


Credit to Jay.

My annoyance at it got rid of my stress, a bit.

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  1. dato' ghazali cute ??? =.=" omgwtflame. umphhh watever. gogogo jue xD~~

  2. ha3 xDD I'm not the 1 that said that. I nearly laughed out loud behind them.

  3. http://tieqapelangi.blogspot.com/2011/03/fact-bout-men.html


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