Monday, March 14, 2011

Randomness puzzling

I asked my room mate: What could motivate you to study?

Well, my room mate didn't give a direct answer. I kinda answered my own question too. -__-" Typical Anna's habit anyway.

So my some type of SOLID motivation is this & it's gonna look tacky, even to the point of not being really a good, well, as long as not worse, reason.

Get FIRST class honour in UM, no need to repay PTPTN loan.

See, tacky right? Yet, it's this that kinda keeps me going. Kinda! Sometimes I said, why bother anyway but then, money is fast becoming an issue. What with my own Bro becoming sensitive about it. Though his reasons were so lame. -___-' Come on, you can still live without leisure & recreation. Is it a big deal to miss that new movie? Walking around UNIMAS is leisure too right? Okay, minus the heat and some other weather conditions. Sorry, but I tend to have colourful-tinted lenses. Seeing the bright side and downsizing the negativity.

Back to about me. When I'm feeling down, I go into high volume, listening to Anime songs. Usually it's from Suzumiya Haruhi. Love God knows!

Though I failed in memorising the lyrics. -___-"

Oh well, my fav song when I'm feeling down. Thus a MUST in my playlist. In my Nokia and MP3. >.<


Soon going to be APK week. Selling T-shirts. Want one?

Must be in KL area. If you are interested, send me an email in

The shirt quality is average.

Remember! Contact me if you want it. Thanks!


Finals are fast approaching, as is assignments' deadlines. >.< And I'm getting bored being online, evening class is cancelled. Should I go back to my college? Sleep or study?

Let me decide IF I'm going back anyway.


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