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1:11 PM

I asked my room mate: What could motivate you to study?

Well, my room mate didn't give a direct answer. I kinda answered my own question too. -__-" Typical Anna's habit anyway.

So my some type of SOLID motivation is this & it's gonna look tacky, even to the point of not being really a good, well, as long as not worse, reason.

Get FIRST class honour in UM, no need to repay PTPTN loan.

See, tacky right? Yet, it's this that kinda keeps me going. Kinda! Sometimes I said, why bother anyway but then, money is fast becoming an issue. What with my own Bro becoming sensitive about it. Though his reasons were so lame. -___-' Come on, you can still live without leisure & recreation. Is it a big deal to miss that new movie? Walking around UNIMAS is leisure too right? Okay, minus the heat and some other weather conditions. Sorry, but I tend to have colourful-tinted lenses. Seeing the bright side and downsizing the negativity.

Back to about me. When I'm feeling down, I go into high volume, listening to Anime songs. Usually it's from Suzumiya Haruhi. Love God knows!

Though I failed in memorising the lyrics. -___-"

Oh well, my fav song when I'm feeling down. Thus a MUST in my playlist. In my Nokia and MP3. >.<


Soon going to be APK week. Selling T-shirts. Want one?

Must be in KL area. If you are interested, send me an email in jue125124@gmail.com

The shirt quality is average.

Remember! Contact me if you want it. Thanks!


Finals are fast approaching, as is assignments' deadlines. >.< And I'm getting bored being online, evening class is cancelled. Should I go back to my college? Sleep or study?

Let me decide IF I'm going back anyway.


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