One's done & others waiting

12:25 AM

What's done? 1108's assignment! Thank goodness at least one is finished and handed in last Wednesday.

What's waiting? 1106's assignment. Due date: Monday. Progress: 30% ( Doing myself justice here because I did do a lot of research on choosing the site. Which is feasible, which is so hard, considered if you choose it too far, you'll be having issues to get there.)

What others are waiting?

There's 1207's assignment but to say that I'm relax, maybe but not 100% okay.

Then there's 1106's group assignment.

And not forgetting 1104's final presentation.

So to sum up semester 2 session 2010/2011: Hectic. Still, it's enjoyable.

The reason?

Sure there are some ups and downs.

Which is when I get nearly, totally depressed.

I still have friends to pull me back up.

And Teddy to push me forward.

Next is on something else which is going to happen soon.

Tomorrow is 26th March.

That's Earth Hour.

Make sure you off your lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Even ONE hour means a lot!

PS: I know what you're thinking. All the way you read from top to HERE now, there's nothing much. Yes, there isn't because I'm posting this in a rush before the WiFi slacks on me! >.<


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