Of finishing & final-ising

3:21 PM

As the title suggests, it has something to do with wrapping up for the end. But for now it's just nearly the end.

What I am going on about is the APK T-shirt sales. -__-" More people didn't come than the raised hands yesterday. So there were some confusions. Not good. >.< Plus, seeing that much money....... @.@

Okay, enough about that because it isn't just APK that is finishing.

1108 assignment will be finalized by tonight, I hope. But there is bound to be late submissions to me. I'm doing the editing. My fav job because I can play 'teacher'. ^.^

1106 assignment is taking its sweet time, implying me, okay. Got an idea of the place but feeling lazy. >.< Also, after this individual submission, another assignment, group work this time. Hope he lets us choose the group members. DEMOCRACY!! Nothing personal, just that I'd rather work with those I could get along well. Again I repeat, nothing personal!

1207 is okay, I think. It's the last submission so no hurry there. Though if there's still confusion about how to do it, better ask fast.

All in all, I hope no last minute rush. I detest that. I repeat: DETEST. It's horrible, okay. Having to rush, which is why I don't like group work. If one person is late in their submission, it hinders the rest who had finished theirs earlier. That's unfair!

22 Mac is the seminar and attendance is compulsory. I bet most of us are going to leave the hall half-way the seminar anyway. After we sign the attendance. If it seems boring to us. >.<

30 & 31 Mac is APK day where there will be stalls set up by the students. Which reminds me that I have a Business Plan to do. Thankfully, Chia Hooi has a great Buddy who is giving their example of their Business Plan. Some adjustments later and it's our Business Plan. Anything else about APK? For the moment, those are the updates.

Lectures and assignments are as usual, nothing out of ordinary.

Then last but not least, 5th Residential College Annual Dinner. Which is tonight. Going to be taking my camera along. Will try uploading the photos, after some minor touch- ups, of course. I'm not born photogenic. Not like some lucky people. For example some one from Perak. xDD And yes, you're really photogenic.  A 8/10 maybe? Plus the almost-Korean guy in my course!! He's maybe around 7/10? If they go to a stylist and wear a tuxedo or something else that's elegant but manly, maybe a 10/10? ;)


Without make-up and pretty dresses, barely a 5/10. 

WITH make-up and gorgeous dresses, maybe a 9/10? I'm priding myself too much. <<< One of my usual rambles. >.<


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