Of A Dream

1:35 PM

There was a time when you felt you had been let down.

And you felt like there was no future for you anymore.

Wherever you turn, you see nothing.

Being helpless and alone.

Thinking you've fallen where no one could reach you.

You closed your eyes.

Wondering what had gone wrong.

You heard a distant sound.

What is it?

Or who is it?

You opened your eyes.

Hoping it is who it is.

But you were fooled. 
No one was there.

The sound was your own heart beating.

Slowly, rhythm like.

As it slowed down.

A tear escaped your eyes.

And a sob.

Ever so soft.

This was a dream.

Never do I hope to dream this again. 

For it was as lonely as how the past had been.

Original work by Julianna Balasan. 

No words, phrases or pieces are to be reproduced unless by the expressed permission of the writer herself.

Be honest with your own works.

This work is not in any connection with any living or dead human. It is a creative original work by the writer. If there are coincidences, the writer is not responsible for it. Thank you. 

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