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It's been one of those long weeks where I'll go without no new posts. So skipping that part because by now, if I am to blog about my tardiness, you will run away. Though I know I tend to do that more than attract readers. -___- Gosh, there I go again. Excuse me. Okay, let's see. What to not bore you to 'death' FOR now?

Assignments are common enough in University life. As is lectures and tutorials. I'm happy that there are no tutorials this semester. Tests and assignments are traumatizing enough.

I did horribly terrible in BVEV1108's first test. The questions were mostly on the memory capability. Seeing how I was reading last minute, no wonder I couldn't remember those Garden Cities' names. So, a 12 out of 30. Nice, right? Normally I don't mind my marks. Seriously, I don't care. As long as it was half of the total marks, that is. And 12 is not the half mark, 15. Felt down and disappointed in myself for getting below the half mark I've always targeted. Pulling myself up again and not feeling down was horrible. It sucked. And the hurting part was when you, unconsciously, compare yourself to others. That stung. T.T Got no one to blame but myself. I need alone time. Wished 12th's lake is free for night visits. I miss hanging out there.

(It looks truly horrid now with the other side being drained and some fencing going on. Afternoon and evening time, there are workers around it. So, I CAN'T hang out there ALONE. Hate work upgrades or something like it.)

I dislike the lecturer deciding the group members. I know that we're supposed to mix around since, hey, your work place is also going to be full with TOTAL strangers. At least now we have something  in common: we're all students of estate management. Not to say that I don't like my group members, I'm okay with all. Okay, not all, but 80%? That's okay, right? -___- Anna, are you racist or prejudice? At least, you are not with HIM in a group. Oh, heaven forbids!! I'll work with HIM but never, NEVER on friendly terms. He's the most arrogant, obnoxious ever! Ehem, excuse the emotional side. As usual,any mention of HIM, gets me angry.

(By the way, a friend of mine thought I was telling about him. Gosh, should I tell who I am really referring to? I don't want people to assume that I'm typing about them when it's just that particular person. Well, to avoid such cases repeating, here's a clue and you'll know who it is in a jiffy. That person's name is the 1st in our course attendance list. Easy right? >>>If you're, by chance, reading this, know that I hate you. Final note: Most course mates dislike you, I don't know how many hate you as I do.)

Moving on.

Considering money, yes, money. Not saying that I direly need it, just say I'll rather be comfy instead of worrying how much I have left in my bank account. I'm keeping a string on my purse. However, it's easier said than done, since time immemorial. I'm thinking of a part time job, which does not require me to leave my room. Yeah, undergraduates are so picky in their jobs. That's why they go around blaming others when they don't have a job. The thing is, maybe most of them, want to work but IN THEIR OWN HOME. Yes, comfortable for them, instead of in some hot work place. Even if that place has an air conditioner, if you plus the walking/ driving distance, then they'll still choose home. Typical? I'm not surprised. Oh, this only applies to a few, not all. Some are keen to work.....Ah! I'm blabbering here!

I type out what I think at the moment.

Soon, there will be end semester's exam AKA Finals. I'm focusing on the reading assignments and lecture slides. Making progress albeit slowly. Pushing myself on to read dull facts. Yes, I'm 20 but my mind is under develop. Happy?

I have three boxes of DIY felt project but not in the mood to do them. Maybe during the studying and cramping of finals. My PSP is kinda retired, I'm not an avid gamer. And bla bla bla.....

Sometimes I ask myself. Why do I get along well with guys compared to girls? I find it puzzling. I'm into pretty dresses, make ups (okay, lip balm, face cream), hot guys in dramas or movies(still I love only you, Teddy), beauty products (well, not much interest actually) and some other girl-y fetish. But still, I find it easier to talk with guy friends. I don't know. Once, a guy friend said this to me, " I see you as a friend, not as a girl." It was way cool! >.< And to top things of, I'm always secret keeper for the guys. Girl friends tell me their secrets too, okay. But by comparison, I have more guys' secrets. Shhhh... Don't ask me what they are, they're secrets after all.

Can I be vain for a moment? I have such pretty long fingers. I'm thinking of doing nail art for them. But then again... -___- these UM students are so smart. Not only are they tops in studying, they're 1st in observing people. I got this once, said behind my back: "Wearing pretty clothes, going to Midvalley, is she?" I was going to lectures. Since when did the rules in UM say you cannot dress nicely for lectures? What if someone comes to lectures wearing pajamas? I was NOT wearing a mini skirt or a tube dress or a singlet or a bikini! And no bloody foundation, blusher, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, perfume or those blasted huge striking earrings. It was a nice looking shirt, buttoned to the top and covered by a muffler. Oh, maybe they were just jealous that I'm so pretty? <<< You are NOT permitted to barf here. A smile: Yes. :)

Wow, my rambles are really, well, just rambles. Okay, not ending much, just typing out: What a bloody hellish  month March is! <<< Said with a smile, followed by a long heavy sigh. Thanks for reading anyway.


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