It's kinda busy

5:48 PM

Kinda. Okay, it's not really busy as in that I don't have the time to sleep. Rather, I'll say I still have time to sleep. And much of it. >.<

About the sales for the T-shirt, mine is progressing slowly but encouraging too. Thanks to the buyers! Arigato. 

On a note, I dislike this APK opening nearly the end of the semester. By this time, students have mostly used up their allowance. I'm also tightening my purse strings now. 

Assignments due on 23, 28 March. Still one more coming later on.

I've never been to a Karaoke. If home, then yes but other that not. Well, I embarrassed myself once on stage. Never sing a guy song when you're a female, unless you could really pull it off. I didn't. So the weeks after, I kept hanging my head down. T.T Over the time, people forget, thankfully. Currently trying to sing A Whole New Year and Beauty and the Beast. I love some of the old tunes too, courtesy of my Mum.
But then, for now, I chose to sing to myself when I think no one is listening. And sometimes, I make up my own lyrics. I hope the composer and singer won't sue me for that. 

This blog update is to lighten the waiting of a friend who wants to read some updates. :P 


ps: You know I'm joking!

*Something to add: I miss my Teddy!

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