Almost a happy day

11:19 PM

The title is subjective. :)

I did quite well for my English presentation! *Thumbs up to me! xDD Kyahhhh!!! So happy that I did well.

Thus I'm in the mood for boasting right now. The not so good news can come later.

I just finished writing down my script yesterday. Yes, it was a last minute script! Pinched myself for doing that but I work better under pressure. Surprising right? Then while practicing, I had the nerve to check my pronunciation. So timing was off and on. The pronunciation was thanks to Collins COBUILD Dictionary. Well, the software is in my Stitchy (referring to my blue Dell). Bought the dictionary and a CD-ROM was provided. Ditched the hard-copy and now with the software. Don't worry, dictionary is safe, somewhere in my room. -__-"

Okay, so the few words that I needed to check:

Benefits- The pronunciation was BAY-ni-fit. All the while before, I was saying it like BE. It was hard using the correct pronunciation but I managed.

The- Surprising really because I thought I had said it correctly. But no matter how many times I tried, I can't roll my tongue for the correct pronunciation! Stressed max that time. In the end, I just stuck with my usual pronunciation.

Unique- Usually I pronounced it with a low key. Not till I checked Collins COBUILD that I knew I did wrong. You see, you need to end with a K sound. It'll sound like UNIK. Yes, it sounded like the Malay translation. Puzzling right?

Other than those stated above, I think that's all. Glad that the first presentation is over. Now to prepare for the final presentation. It'll be good once it's over anyway. <<< Thinking positively is an excellent trait, right?

Not too long ago, I said I was feeling down and unmotivated. Now I'm feeling much better. It's thanks to myself, FIRST. I have a high self judgement. Thank you.

Early morning ritual is to gaze at my face and wish away those pimple scars. >.<

Next award goes to my Teddy. Always saying I can do it! Muaxxx!! <3

Last but not least to friends! Guys and girls, alike. Thanks! I'm feeling hyper as always again.

Oh, thanks to whoever created the waffles sold by Daily Fresh behind the UM's main library! The Wafito Classic, combination of Choc and Blueberry was too delicious! XD Been quite a while since I treated myself to one of those waffles. I'm thinking of treating myself to one of those Dunking Donuts next! Which donut will I choose then?

Last happy part, actually should reserve for Friday but whatever. NO APK CLASS this Friday! ^.^


Now we shall progress to the not so good part.

Assignment 1108 is due next Wednesday. Lecture 1108 is to be on Wednesday afternoon, making way for the APK seminar. Horrors! The seminar is from 8.30 till 12.30pm! Got to get lots of sleep on Monday then. >.< Sleep deprivation is DISASTROUS for me! Gets me all grumpy and moody. Oh, then there's this BUSINESS PLAN for my APK group. -__-" I asked a friend how it was supposed to be and well, mostly you just make it up. Great, that was helpful, a lot. *Sighed

List of things to do and must be finished if possible by this weekend.

Go, Anna! <<< I love to support myself!


Today is, well was an almost happy day. You know what might just make it the happiest day?

Having Teddy by my side this Friday night!

Oh, I might upload those photos. Hope I'm not lazy to do it and cross my fingers that the WiFi is fast for the uploads.


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