Of A Dream

1:35 PM

There was a time when you felt you had been let down.

And you felt like there was no future for you anymore.

Wherever you turn, you see nothing.

Being helpless and alone.

Thinking you've fallen where no one could reach you.

You closed your eyes.

Wondering what had gone wrong.

You heard a distant sound.

What is it?

Or who is it?

You opened your eyes.

Hoping it is who it is.

But you were fooled. 
No one was there.

The sound was your own heart beating.

Slowly, rhythm like.

As it slowed down.

A tear escaped your eyes.

And a sob.

Ever so soft.

This was a dream.

Never do I hope to dream this again. 

For it was as lonely as how the past had been.

Original work by Julianna Balasan. 

No words, phrases or pieces are to be reproduced unless by the expressed permission of the writer herself.

Be honest with your own works.

This work is not in any connection with any living or dead human. It is a creative original work by the writer. If there are coincidences, the writer is not responsible for it. Thank you. 

University life

Was it Money Talk?

6:48 PM

22 March 2011 (Tuesday)

8.30am- 12.30pm

Seminar Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawan (APK)

'How To Make Money'

Attended by:


1108 class had to be rescheduled for this talk. Which in the end turned into a forum, what it was supposed to be but we weren't asking any hard- hitting questions at the panelist. 
Dato' Abdul Rahim

Dato' Abdul Rahim's website: Rahim&Co

Dato' Ghazali

Dato' Ghazali's website: Nusatek

After both of them talked a bit about themselves, there was a short break. Then was the Q&A session.

Blurry image, taken using my phone. 

What I had liked about the talk was mostly from Dato' Ghazali's talk. When he said he had a friendly personality, I felt respect because it's seems just so hard to approach complete strangers and talk to them. He did and that landed him on his great career. He said his personality was thanks to his father and his surroundings. I guess if it's in the genes then it's alright for you. But I think I follow my Mum than my Dad. My Dad is quite outgoing while I'm not as much. I only approach complete strangers when I felt like it. Dato' Ghazali said because he didn't like eating alone so he asked a stranger to accompany him. I think I would never do that and besides, I'm comfortable eating alone. If you're feeling pity here, don't bother. I'm so used to eating alone and minding my own business. And I eat slow too.

Plus, I'm kinda suspicious of my surroundings. Not to be over- cautious but not everybody could be trusted. So there's doubt before starting the first talk. And they might think you're being a busybody. Yeah, it's like the Malaysian culture or the East culture. It's supposed to mean respect, like no looking direct into the eyes of the person you are talking to. But to the West, not looking into their eyes shows disrespect. Well, we just need to adapt according to surroundings then. 

I'm getting off topic, yet again. Okay, to top things off, there were only two questions from the audience and two or three, I think from the emcees. Oh, a few of the ladies in front me thought..........................................
Dato' Ghazali was cute
And that ends the Seminar for APK. 

Next week is Hari Keusahawan. Whereby students are operating the stalls. But it's like so quiet, not much promotion going on Facebook. Hope 30-31 March will be fine weather. I hope it's sunny, no raining please. Windy, yes but no raining. It'll be tiring making sure the boxes of T- shirts don't get wet. Oh, there will be confusion when arranging the shirts. We need men's manpower on that day. Thank goodness quite a number of boys in the group. And the group's name or should I say company's name is tacky. I think I said it before. Yes, tacky. 

Okay, done blabbering. Next view the animation below. It's to release your stress while at the same time annoy you.


Credit to Jay.

My annoyance at it got rid of my stress, a bit.


One's done & others waiting

12:25 AM

What's done? 1108's assignment! Thank goodness at least one is finished and handed in last Wednesday.

What's waiting? 1106's assignment. Due date: Monday. Progress: 30% ( Doing myself justice here because I did do a lot of research on choosing the site. Which is feasible, which is so hard, considered if you choose it too far, you'll be having issues to get there.)

What others are waiting?

There's 1207's assignment but to say that I'm relax, maybe but not 100% okay.

Then there's 1106's group assignment.

And not forgetting 1104's final presentation.

So to sum up semester 2 session 2010/2011: Hectic. Still, it's enjoyable.

The reason?

Sure there are some ups and downs.

Which is when I get nearly, totally depressed.

I still have friends to pull me back up.

And Teddy to push me forward.

Next is on something else which is going to happen soon.

Tomorrow is 26th March.

That's Earth Hour.

Make sure you off your lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Even ONE hour means a lot!

PS: I know what you're thinking. All the way you read from top to HERE now, there's nothing much. Yes, there isn't because I'm posting this in a rush before the WiFi slacks on me! >.<



Nite of Gold, Silver, Black & others :)

6:22 PM

Warning, this is a long post and lots of photos. Continue only if you could spare about 10 minutes. Thank you.

Remember I said about 5th Residential College's Annual Dinner in the recent post? It's the post just below this one. I did brought my camera and the total photos took were 60. Some were deleted by those concerned because they weren't 'perfect'. I deleted some of mine too. Honestly, if I were to be really critical, I'll delete all of mine because they are just not 'perfect'. However, 'perfect' is too subjective, not to say broad too so, I didn't delete the 'ugly' ones and is braving myself once the upload is done in Facebook. >.< Fuuhhh, long typing!

Okay, introduction time first. This annual dinner is common enough. It's to show the college's appreciation towards those residents who had showed exemplary attributes and contributions to the college. The list of awards and recipients, I didn't get a hold of and you will be bored with it so leave that there.

Let's move on to the night itself!

First was preparing for the bus. xD I felt like 'choking' this APK business. I got a call from Badr to give the number of shirts for the AJKs. There was a scramble for pencil and paper on my part then Qiu told me that they could do without it. Oh, guys! >.< I was getting ready to go that time! <<< I'm not angry at you guys, okay. Don't think otherwise.

Packed up my dress and some basic make-up. Mine is really simple: Foundation, eye shadows with two types of blusher, lip balm, and face mist from Secret Garden. Only the face mist was bought this year at RM38! Verdict on product: Later, not now. :P

Made it on the bus while it was drizzling already. Arrived across the road from Legend Hotel. Entered The Mall and made way to Surau. <<< Hope my Dad's okay with this. It's just that I need a place to change and it so happens that I was with my Muslim friends. :/ *Fidgeting

It was still early, about 5.30pm so went down to look around The Mall. It was my first time being in there and the place was fairly small. But it was way better than Jaya One. I like the sale in the middle of the ground floor area. Nearly made me open my purse, seeing pretty clothes and accessories. Then felt hungry since I missed lunch and only had TWO choco donut. Went into McD with friends. Bought a measly three Milo, 6 pieces chicken nuggets and a regular French Fries= RM19.++. The cashier was already thinking>>> Typical teenagers/young adults order. Not mistaken unsure in ordering. >.< Just maybe, she was thinking that. Anyway, the nuggets were delicious and satisfied momentary the hunger. Funny fact: Quite a number of 5th residents came to McD to grab a bite before the actual dinner. Who could wait until 8pm++ anyway?

Around 7.10pm, I started putting on my dress and make-up. It was really basic and I avoided overdoing the blusher like last time. Bel had to help me wipe some off because I looked like putting on a clown's cheeks. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered putting on make-up since I was wearing something. But just in case, make-up, there was.

Arriving in the Ball Room (with no man escorting feels weird, like PASUM Nite) around 8pm++. Two program books on the table and the menu for that night. Name of each food course will be shown under the respective photos. Hence, the camera was taken out and photo manias began! xD

Before the show started!

The menu still standing upright here. Later on, it disappeared and appeared in intervals!

Cutleries arrangement and the Gift plus my Nokia. See the program book? >.<


Portrait photos!

Candid again!

Okay, they're ready here. >.<

Guess who the mystery guy is? @.@

Another candid snap.

Stage view

I think this one was before the first show. I didn't record the first show since it was so dark. The first show was according to the first dance in this video below, that is until the 1.51 minutes. :) I don't know the rest but my table liked it very much!

The 'SIGN' dance performed by Art Group Of Gesture (AGOG) AKA Gema Nusantara (GN) here. Video credit to Hafizuddin Jaafar. >.<

First course! 

Braised Crab Meat Soup with Three Treasures

My verdict: The taste was okay, kinda delicious. And since it had pieces of crab meat, one of my fav seafood, okay. But why so little? I have crab meat cravings now! >.< Oh, there was also some mushrooms and other unidentifiable food pieces in it. I'm no food expert!

Second course! 

Roasted Golden Chicken with Crackers

My verdict: DELICIOUS!! Agreed by all. Nothing more. ;) Even the crackers were delicious, eaten with the pieces of chicken. Yummy!

Third course! 

Braised 'Bailing' Mushrooms and Crystal Rolls on Broccoli

My verdict: First look was O.O OMG, Broccoli and lots of them too. So guess what, my fork and spoon touched none of them. xD Here, two photos since there were something hidden under that pile of mushrooms. The hidden food was those spring-y looking thing. Tasted like those thin noodles. Maybe it was those noodles. Taste: Kinda tasteless and slippery. But still, okay on the tongue.

Fourth course! 

Steamed China Polka Dot with Special Bean Paste Sauce

My verdict: Yummy! Had been a long time since I tasted fish cooked steamed. The part eaten by me had no bones so was wondering whether this fish had less bone or what. >.< Still, the fish was delicious!! Plate was almost empty~

Fifth course!

Legend Buttered Prawns

My verdict: I dislike unshelled prawns. No knife provided. Still, I managed to savour two prawns. Sticking my fork nearly at the tail and using my spoon to pull the shell away from the flesh. Sounds carnivorous? :) Guess I'm still hungry then.

It was during this time that there was a Lucky Draw. It was the three digit numbers on the little silver box. Sadly, I wasn't lucky. :(

Sixth course!

Garlic Fried Rice

My verdict: Not satisfied enough. For nine still hungry ladies, the rice was insufficient. ;)

A break from the food photos. Some people photos now! This is Tito, my room mate, she's being the usher and had to stand throughout the dinner. :( I fed her some of the rice.

The table condition after six courses. >.<

Ladies shot!

Oh, did I tell I was wearing something? 

Yes, a golden mask, borrowed from Tito! >.< I'm playing 'A fallen star'. 

Here, they were announcing the Pakaian Terindah. Not using King & Queen titles. >.< The lady chosen was wearing black pants and verdict from my table: Boooo! xDD

The guy chosen was wearing a silver suit not mistaken. Okay, he followed the theme but still.....

Seventh course!

First photo, you can't see because of the flash function. And also because the course itself is mostly white. :)

Honeydew Sago with Vanilla Ice Cream

My verdict: EXTRA yummy! I love Honeydew so much! Mixed with sago and MELTED vanilla ice cream, this one was a thumbs up! Not too sweet and watery, just PERFECT! Chunks of honeydew, the little sago and vanilla ice cream. Need I say more? 

I even took a second helping! By now I was so contented. >.<

Eight-th course!

Sweet Corn Pancakes

My verdict: This was given during the last show. I didn't realized when it came and was surprised to see it on the table suddenly. Altogether, it was either fried or baked. Maybe baked was correct since it was crispy. Still, it was........sweet, crunchy though doesn't resemble a pancake. Delicious as the last course!

Okay, this was listed last in the menu but it was actually poured out from the beginning: Chinese Tea. What I did: After savouring each course, I drank the orange juice then took a sip of Chinese Tea. It helped in 'cleaning' the tongue of the previous tastes. Therefore, I was tasting each courses and had made quite objective verdicts on the tastes. I said quite, as each individual have their own preference and verdict on tastes.

Went out from the side entrance, where the kitchen was. :) Saw these flowers and just had to take a photo. Luckily, was holding my camera so a quick snap! The stands were the ones which held the table numbers in the beginning.

Photo taking in the hall!

Managed to grab Tito to take a shot with these two gentlemen!

Ex-PASUM and Faculty mates!

Ex-PASUM, Sarawakian and you closed your eyes!?

Sarawakian and kinda good-looking. >.<

I didn't managed to talk with him. :( Where are you from?

ArchCore students! Spotted them and they were ever so excited to snap photos! xD

The flowers of ArchCore & a Building Surveyor's pretty queen! <3

Got to know her during orientation week. Spotted and photos were a must!

This photo made us looked like we grew antlers! xD Mine were better formed by the way.....

 Pretty ladies!

2nd year senior and in GTEE1104 course. OMG! I didn't know he was doing that face! I had taken off the mask by this time, getting stuffy and sweaty~

Before exiting the hotel, some snaps!

Some facts were missing, I should have grab the program book. Oh well, there were about five shows, only one dance at the beginning and the four were singing. The first singing was with a piano and I didn't remember what song. The second was using a piano and a violin. Song title also forgotten. Guess I remembered only the food part? >.< The third by Farhan from AF4. The last singing was Black from Mentor.

This photo was taken from Tito's blog!

And that wrapped up the 5th Residential College's Annual Dinner! Thank you for reading. If there are any comments about the food or photos, feel free to ask. :)

Again, thanks for reading this very, very long entry!


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