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3:24 PM

Tasks just keep piling up. Okay, that's because I procrastinate the tasks even though I had a 1 week holiday. Bad habit, I know and it dies hard too. Let's see. So far, I've done the introduction for my English presentation on Wednesday. Thank goodness I could still change the topic. Since the nutritional benefits of chocolate are not sure yet, I can't use it as my topic. Something not confirmed yet could prove disastrous if you use it. You could debate it but how many point are there? Even those are still in research. So, I ditched the chocolate topic and selected yoga instead. This is also in a debate because they say (I'm not going to say who said what!) that practicing yoga is like following the religion or race. Yikes! Why are there so many sensitive issues when involving races or religions? This world is really so uptight. Why don't just go back to medieval era then. This is the 21st century but we are still in the mindset of the Neolithic times.

Okay, off topic yet again. Hope you all got used to me going off topic like this.

Well, besides English presentation, I had to prepare for my mid-term tests. One of it is to answer: Property as a tool of hedge of inflation. Had to do research and all. I've done the search on Google and found some explanations and examples but still I don't truly understand. Therefore, I copied and pasted them into Word and will print it out tomorrow, Monday. It'll be easier to digest in paper than in digital format. So, until tomorrow, I'll try to add more points then finish it off with the printing tomorrow. I don't know who was the Professor who came up with the theory of inflation hedge. So puzzling! @.@

Next, town planning. At least the notes are already printed out but makes me doze off. Looks like I still have the mindset of a teenager here. *Sigh Does being a grown up mean you will be able to understand all this complex stuff?

I'm trying to develop my mind, to be able to think critically and get use to all this adult crabs. But it's true, you know. Only the professionals know what they are doing. The average Joe will not know what inflation is even. *Sigh Makes me even dizzier! Being in the line of something involved in property sure gives you a headache. >.<

Alright! Time to continue the information search!


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