Officially 20

12:12 AM

Let's take a time machine

Back to when I was 10?

Or 16?


Back when I was 19

Or should I say 18

That was when my University life started


That time was just a Foundation course

Semester 1 started all awkward

Joy and sadness

Pain and laughter


There were lessons learnt

So I'll better not be complaining here

Semester 2 was the best

Truly happy

Now 20

My only wish

Let this happiness never fade like those before


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  1. selamat datang ke dunia remaja..hehe.. dont worry..happiness will never fade when u start enjoy what u doing.. trust me..huhu..hye,,do follow my blog..for sure i'll follow u back..i like ur entry..sebab guna english..peace..dont forget to follow me..i wait..


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