4:39 PM

Happy birthday to myself! Oh, to my oldest brother too, sharing the same birthday but 2 years older than me, he's 22 now. So you know how old I am!

I went out yesterday and bought myself a Secret Recipe cake! Choc Banana cake! 

Wanted to put candles but I'm afraid the wax will get on the cake's icing.


Hehehehe, got messages from my friends! Thank you, friends! 

T.T Thank goodness my birthday this time is not a lonely one.

Heck, it was never a lonely birthday because my family and friends are always there for me. Thanks!

Okay, now to get through today.

My first day that I'm 20 years old. 

ps: And I'll be thanking the wishes I got on Facebook. >.<


My birthday photos! ^.^

The cake!

In progress of eating!
While replying to wishes on Facebook and on my Celcom.... -___-

Still in progress but already feeling like vomiting. 

About to finish! At last!
Was feeling sleepy too. X(

It was finished BUT I forgot to take a photo of the clean box!

Now for my face photos. 
ENJOY! >.<

This was after lots of some tries. 

Almost perfect but the background was out of place. 

I like this kind of emo shots!

Show those straight teeth! XD

This was taken using my Webcam. Used as my profile picture on Facebook. 

AND this is the most perfect one.

ps: All the photos above were with make up. Thank goodness I disabled the flash function! I looked like a vampire in flash photos! >.< Maybe I put too much powder. Well you all won't see those vampire-like photos because the moment they're shot and viewed by me, they're deleted without hesitation!

Hehehehe, okay! That's all the photos!

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