Being showy or humble?

1:57 PM

Not to point fingers but how many of you really posts about things that matter all because you truly want people to know? Or is it just for the traffic it brings? I find it annoying when some bloggers brag about how their traffic increased when they posts about the Egypt issue. If your traffics did increased because of that, don't you think it better to not post about your obvious happiness at that? It shows how shallow you are. Oh, if you are uncomfortable reading this, the exit button is just right up the right corner. Bye!

Being showy has its price. People will start thinking negatively about you even though you just wanted to share your happiness. Therefore, you need to learn to be tactful, not cunning or sly, okay. If you are happy that your blog's traffic had increased, do wait for like a month later to brag about your happiness. You'll be safe then because people might just already forgot the issue. If you post your happiness right after your sad post about the Egypt issue, you will be in for a tongue lashing from the readers. You may think it unfair but honestly if you were the reader, won't you think that the post is just being a traffic-chaser? Don't make it so obvious that you were just after the traffic.

LOL I sound like some preacher. Nothing personal but those posts irk me. I know they're so happy that there are more visitors to their blogs but are they purposely being so obvious? Somehow I do salute you who did that. Just showed me how shallow you could be. I even had an initial dislike to you and you just confirmed why. Well, I guess you can't like everyone in this world. You are bound to dislike some human after all. Plus, stop the part about god bless some more. Not saying that I don't respect your religion but I doubt you really mean that. Oh! I touched something raw in your system. Sorry! :P (Guess I'm not being sorry enough right?)

This post is dragging~ Now about the humble part since I'm giving such a lashing on the showy part. I know a friend who is humble enough to the point she won't tell people what she really thinks. She'll go about quietly and prefer not to show her displeasure on things done. She won't hurt feelings but those are other people's feelings. Her feelings instead are hurt. DAMN! I wished she was never transferred class! I'd rather prefer her old self, which she told me once. She felt timid and lowered her self-esteem because of that new class she got in. To me, she's perfect. Okay, she has her faults but her good points far out weight her bad points. I guess being humble doesn't cut out either. *Sigh Why are people so complicated?

She keeps getting hurt. I hate her first love and her stupid senior here! ARGH! Sometimes I wished I'm a guy and then I'll make her happy always! Those damn guys don't know how great she is! T.T She's so cute and fragile okay! She may seem alright but she might be crying inside! Oh, wait till I get my hands on those two guys! Grrrrrr!!

*Sigh Being showy or humble? Which will you choose? Either way, nothing works out okay and that's what life really is, I think.


ps: Would mincing them be a good idea since they are jerks?

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  1. hye awak..waaa..kamu punya blog full english..boleh la jenguk blog kamu kalau saya nak study english..thanx sbb post blog english..hehe..awak,kalau awak sudi,datang blog saya..kalau sudi,awak follow la saya..for sure i will follow u back..


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