1106 #part4

10:16 AM

Monday- 7 Feb

Learned about SWOT analysis- an examination of a given site internal strengths and weaknesses and its environments opportunities and threats.

  1. S- Strengths
  2. W- Weaknesses
  3. O- Opportunities
  4. T- Threats

By dividing into these four parts, then list down the items such as Accessibility, Location, Competition, Economy, etc. accordingly. This helps us to view clearly the items under each of the headings.

Next is to implement which of these four Strategies:

  • Combine strategy- Using Strengths to have an advantage on Opportunities
  • Prevent strategy- Using Strengths to overcome Threats
  • Switch strategy- Using Weaknesses to have an advantage on Opportunities
  • Reduce strategy- Using Weaknesses to overcome Threats

Evening lessons are still about learning how to use Microsoft Excel.

Well, nothing else that I remember here. 1207 was changed to Tuesday evening, 6-9pm.


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