1105 #Part4

9:48 PM

Thursday- 17 Feb

Last lecture actually, about the roof structures. I have to say that the job of a civil engineer is mightily interesting as long as you're interested, that is. If you're not, you'll think of it as not important. But think over it. Everyone's job is important. Even the sweeper's job; if there are no sweepers, the city's going to be filled with trash and leaves.

On a note, I've actually heard from my friends about some course mates arguing the fact that they know nothing of the course work. Okay, I may be exaggerating. It was like this. Our course work was given in a way that made us put our feet in the shoes of a civil engineer. Therefore, there are terms that we, Estate Management students, do not understand. Well, where have you been all those lectures? Body in class, mind and spirit somewhere out there right? Happens to me sometimes, though not as frequently in this 1105 class.

My friend argued that person's point. Of course that person may not know what to make of an engineer's work. Even my friend was puzzled and unsure. But she was able to make much use of her resources. There are the lecturer's notes given. If you don't know of a subject, search about it.

I found my friend's view as being the right kind of approach. And, well, truthfully, I kind of always follow the other person's point. I've always resented being forced to do things I don't understand the point of doing it. It annoys and irritated me. So hearing my friend talked it out like that made me realize. Sometimes you need to learn about things not in your line of work. Because perhaps, it will come in handy in your line of work. Irony? Indeed---- >.<


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