Book review


12:26 PM

by Alison Rogers

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing, a division of Kaplan Inc.
Printed in the United States of America
Date of publication: June 2007
ISBN- 13: 978-1-4277-5465-3
Borrowed from Faculty of Built Environment's Library, University Malaya.

If you're interested in Real Estate and wonders how the life of one such person is, you might want to add this book in your reading list. You may need some knowledge though because there are terms that only a person in that field knows. If you're in connection with mortgages, then you know some of the terms. 

Alison Rogers is a writer. (Duh, she has written this book.) Was founding editor of the New York Post real estate section and now a real estate agent and writer of the weekly column "Diary of a Real Estate Rookie" for Inman News

This book tells her journey in being a real estate agent. Neatly divided into chapters and using words easy to comprehend, the book's size is just nice for an afternoon read in a busy LRT. 

It gives you useful advice in buying, selling and renting out a place. Some of her experiences are funny as she visits rooms or being with her clients. Thus an enjoyable read.

University life

English class #6

12:06 PM

Wednesday- 16 & 23 Feb

What happened here? Oh, excuse me, temp. memory lost. >.< Ever since this UM WiFi is not solved, I'm pretty slow in updating my posts. So if I'm already too behind in my posts, like this one, I'll just combine it.

Okay, let me try and recall. There was nothing much, just the usual lessons about speakings. Right, just that and the idea that we have to present our contents in the 9th week. Hope I last 8-12 minutes up front. I blew off the intro already. What else COULD go wrong?

Well, first to scour the websites and find some statistics about blogging.


University life

1108 #Part7

10:08 PM

Thursday- 17 Feb

No class on 15 Feb because it was Maulidur Rasul.

Test started 9.45am. There was a question about the two Garden Cities. Funny thing was, it was really easy, if you think remembering Lecthworth and Welwyn easy. Wait, is that the right spelling even? So I flopped on that question.

Then some questions were kinda general so I made up the answers using common sense. Some answers, I think should be memorized because my mind went blank. Nice!

Overall: I think a 3/10 is possible. I hope. *Crossing fingers.


University life

1105 #Part4

9:48 PM

Thursday- 17 Feb

Last lecture actually, about the roof structures. I have to say that the job of a civil engineer is mightily interesting as long as you're interested, that is. If you're not, you'll think of it as not important. But think over it. Everyone's job is important. Even the sweeper's job; if there are no sweepers, the city's going to be filled with trash and leaves.

On a note, I've actually heard from my friends about some course mates arguing the fact that they know nothing of the course work. Okay, I may be exaggerating. It was like this. Our course work was given in a way that made us put our feet in the shoes of a civil engineer. Therefore, there are terms that we, Estate Management students, do not understand. Well, where have you been all those lectures? Body in class, mind and spirit somewhere out there right? Happens to me sometimes, though not as frequently in this 1105 class.

My friend argued that person's point. Of course that person may not know what to make of an engineer's work. Even my friend was puzzled and unsure. But she was able to make much use of her resources. There are the lecturer's notes given. If you don't know of a subject, search about it.

I found my friend's view as being the right kind of approach. And, well, truthfully, I kind of always follow the other person's point. I've always resented being forced to do things I don't understand the point of doing it. It annoys and irritated me. So hearing my friend talked it out like that made me realize. Sometimes you need to learn about things not in your line of work. Because perhaps, it will come in handy in your line of work. Irony? Indeed---- >.<


University life

1207 #Part5

9:30 PM

Monday- 14 Feb

Continuation in learning Capital Budgeting, specifically on NPV.

Then learned about Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The pros and cons or using IRR.

The test is moved to another week later, not next week because of the elections. -___- Don't get me wrong. Just that, I don't like this keep-on-moving-tests thingy. It's annoying when you've already prepared for it.

Oh, well, more time to prepare.


University life

1106 #part5

11:51 AM

Monday- 14 Feb

Continuation of Qualitative analysis.

Learned Coding analysis. Assignation of codes to items thus simplifying the process of collecting data. @.@ I was actually dizzy here.

The upcoming assignment project would be done individually. My favourite, actually. ^.^ I find it hard to delegate work, either you come across as bossy or lazy. Yeah, a leader's nightmare.

About the test, still not sure when and covers what. I do hope it's in the medium level of difficulty.


1105 #Part3

11:17 AM

Thursday- 10 Feb

Continuing the lesson about Foundation, specifically the basement. Next learned about Cladding.

Facing- need support, cannot be seen through.

Cladding- does not need support. It must be able to support its own weight. It will transfer the load to the structure.

Must differentiate between curtain wall and structural glazing.

Curtain wall- has frame and glass.

Structural glazing- frame behind glass.

Others in notes provided by lecturer LJY.


ps: Study, study! >.<

University life

1108 #Part6

11:12 AM

Thursday- 10 Feb

The assignment was given out. Divided into ten groups with 4,5 members. Chose Section 17 Petaling Jaya as the site. Need to research the area (map, development concept, facilities provision, people, etc). Well, first of all, to find the map and concept. Then to meet again after class on Monday. Mmmmm... Nothing else than that.


University life

English class #5

11:05 AM

Wednesday- 9 Feb

Introduction presentation.

I blew it------ HORRIBLY!! T.T

Okay, that was what was supposed to happen since I didn't really prepare. Haishhh!!

The subject I chose was the Benefits of blogging. Damn! I totally forgot the Attention getter opening. Standing in front of nearly 20 people made me all nervous. Anna! Get a hold of yourself! This is not your first time right. You've had experiences! *Sigh But I still couldn't get over stage fright.

Plus, I seldom converse in English with friends here. I miss my family. *Sigh

Well, that's past. For now, I've got to prepare the contents for the body presentation in March. >.< Hope this is better. Anna! Practice!


1207 #Part4

10:59 AM

Tuesday- 8 Feb

Learned about Capital Budgeting.

Payback period- the length of time required to cover the initial investment.

Need to research more about:

  1. Financial Reporting System 139
  2. AFTA
  3. WTO

Disadvantages of Payback period-

  • doesn't take into account the effect of Time Value of Money
  • there is contigency
  • misleading calculation
Net Present Value
If positive, it has exceeded the initial investment.
If 0, it has covered only the initial investment and has high expectation (high interest rate).
If negative, it fails to cover the initial investment. 

University life

1108 #Part5

10:43 AM

Tuesday- 8 Feb

Learned about the early history of Malaysia or Tanah Melayu as it was known in the beginning. Then about how it was developed.

Let's see. There was something about urban morphology. It's described as a development study. Mmmmm... It also researches the inter-relationship between a city and a new town.

Let's move on to the other subjects.


ps: I wrote them down but pieces. So, kinda hard to relate the bits and pieces to each other. >.<

University life

1106 #part4

10:16 AM

Monday- 7 Feb

Learned about SWOT analysis- an examination of a given site internal strengths and weaknesses and its environments opportunities and threats.

  1. S- Strengths
  2. W- Weaknesses
  3. O- Opportunities
  4. T- Threats

By dividing into these four parts, then list down the items such as Accessibility, Location, Competition, Economy, etc. accordingly. This helps us to view clearly the items under each of the headings.

Next is to implement which of these four Strategies:

  • Combine strategy- Using Strengths to have an advantage on Opportunities
  • Prevent strategy- Using Strengths to overcome Threats
  • Switch strategy- Using Weaknesses to have an advantage on Opportunities
  • Reduce strategy- Using Weaknesses to overcome Threats

Evening lessons are still about learning how to use Microsoft Excel.

Well, nothing else that I remember here. 1207 was changed to Tuesday evening, 6-9pm.


University life

Things to do

3:24 PM

Tasks just keep piling up. Okay, that's because I procrastinate the tasks even though I had a 1 week holiday. Bad habit, I know and it dies hard too. Let's see. So far, I've done the introduction for my English presentation on Wednesday. Thank goodness I could still change the topic. Since the nutritional benefits of chocolate are not sure yet, I can't use it as my topic. Something not confirmed yet could prove disastrous if you use it. You could debate it but how many point are there? Even those are still in research. So, I ditched the chocolate topic and selected yoga instead. This is also in a debate because they say (I'm not going to say who said what!) that practicing yoga is like following the religion or race. Yikes! Why are there so many sensitive issues when involving races or religions? This world is really so uptight. Why don't just go back to medieval era then. This is the 21st century but we are still in the mindset of the Neolithic times.

Okay, off topic yet again. Hope you all got used to me going off topic like this.

Well, besides English presentation, I had to prepare for my mid-term tests. One of it is to answer: Property as a tool of hedge of inflation. Had to do research and all. I've done the search on Google and found some explanations and examples but still I don't truly understand. Therefore, I copied and pasted them into Word and will print it out tomorrow, Monday. It'll be easier to digest in paper than in digital format. So, until tomorrow, I'll try to add more points then finish it off with the printing tomorrow. I don't know who was the Professor who came up with the theory of inflation hedge. So puzzling! @.@

Next, town planning. At least the notes are already printed out but makes me doze off. Looks like I still have the mindset of a teenager here. *Sigh Does being a grown up mean you will be able to understand all this complex stuff?

I'm trying to develop my mind, to be able to think critically and get use to all this adult crabs. But it's true, you know. Only the professionals know what they are doing. The average Joe will not know what inflation is even. *Sigh Makes me even dizzier! Being in the line of something involved in property sure gives you a headache. >.<

Alright! Time to continue the information search!



Being showy or humble?

1:57 PM

Not to point fingers but how many of you really posts about things that matter all because you truly want people to know? Or is it just for the traffic it brings? I find it annoying when some bloggers brag about how their traffic increased when they posts about the Egypt issue. If your traffics did increased because of that, don't you think it better to not post about your obvious happiness at that? It shows how shallow you are. Oh, if you are uncomfortable reading this, the exit button is just right up the right corner. Bye!

Being showy has its price. People will start thinking negatively about you even though you just wanted to share your happiness. Therefore, you need to learn to be tactful, not cunning or sly, okay. If you are happy that your blog's traffic had increased, do wait for like a month later to brag about your happiness. You'll be safe then because people might just already forgot the issue. If you post your happiness right after your sad post about the Egypt issue, you will be in for a tongue lashing from the readers. You may think it unfair but honestly if you were the reader, won't you think that the post is just being a traffic-chaser? Don't make it so obvious that you were just after the traffic.

LOL I sound like some preacher. Nothing personal but those posts irk me. I know they're so happy that there are more visitors to their blogs but are they purposely being so obvious? Somehow I do salute you who did that. Just showed me how shallow you could be. I even had an initial dislike to you and you just confirmed why. Well, I guess you can't like everyone in this world. You are bound to dislike some human after all. Plus, stop the part about god bless some more. Not saying that I don't respect your religion but I doubt you really mean that. Oh! I touched something raw in your system. Sorry! :P (Guess I'm not being sorry enough right?)

This post is dragging~ Now about the humble part since I'm giving such a lashing on the showy part. I know a friend who is humble enough to the point she won't tell people what she really thinks. She'll go about quietly and prefer not to show her displeasure on things done. She won't hurt feelings but those are other people's feelings. Her feelings instead are hurt. DAMN! I wished she was never transferred class! I'd rather prefer her old self, which she told me once. She felt timid and lowered her self-esteem because of that new class she got in. To me, she's perfect. Okay, she has her faults but her good points far out weight her bad points. I guess being humble doesn't cut out either. *Sigh Why are people so complicated?

She keeps getting hurt. I hate her first love and her stupid senior here! ARGH! Sometimes I wished I'm a guy and then I'll make her happy always! Those damn guys don't know how great she is! T.T She's so cute and fragile okay! She may seem alright but she might be crying inside! Oh, wait till I get my hands on those two guys! Grrrrrr!!

*Sigh Being showy or humble? Which will you choose? Either way, nothing works out okay and that's what life really is, I think.


ps: Would mincing them be a good idea since they are jerks?


Officially 20

12:12 AM

Let's take a time machine

Back to when I was 10?

Or 16?


Back when I was 19

Or should I say 18

That was when my University life started


That time was just a Foundation course

Semester 1 started all awkward

Joy and sadness

Pain and laughter


There were lessons learnt

So I'll better not be complaining here

Semester 2 was the best

Truly happy

Now 20

My only wish

Let this happiness never fade like those before




4:39 PM

Happy birthday to myself! Oh, to my oldest brother too, sharing the same birthday but 2 years older than me, he's 22 now. So you know how old I am!

I went out yesterday and bought myself a Secret Recipe cake! Choc Banana cake! 

Wanted to put candles but I'm afraid the wax will get on the cake's icing.


Hehehehe, got messages from my friends! Thank you, friends! 

T.T Thank goodness my birthday this time is not a lonely one.

Heck, it was never a lonely birthday because my family and friends are always there for me. Thanks!

Okay, now to get through today.

My first day that I'm 20 years old. 

ps: And I'll be thanking the wishes I got on Facebook. >.<


My birthday photos! ^.^

The cake!

In progress of eating!
While replying to wishes on Facebook and on my Celcom.... -___-

Still in progress but already feeling like vomiting. 

About to finish! At last!
Was feeling sleepy too. X(

It was finished BUT I forgot to take a photo of the clean box!

Now for my face photos. 
ENJOY! >.<

This was after lots of some tries. 

Almost perfect but the background was out of place. 

I like this kind of emo shots!

Show those straight teeth! XD

This was taken using my Webcam. Used as my profile picture on Facebook. 

AND this is the most perfect one.

ps: All the photos above were with make up. Thank goodness I disabled the flash function! I looked like a vampire in flash photos! >.< Maybe I put too much powder. Well you all won't see those vampire-like photos because the moment they're shot and viewed by me, they're deleted without hesitation!

Hehehehe, okay! That's all the photos!

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