Squashed, pushed, guilt

11:10 PM

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who dislikes crowds or being pushed around. She's ROYALTY okay! Then she also dislikes beggars coming up to her with their sorrowful looks. The beggar only had a limp! He has his hands, both his hands, plus they seemed in prime condition. So why should he beg me for money, was what the Princess thought.


The Princess was me. <<< Okay, before you start rolling your eyes at this, feel free to exit my blog. Thank you.

Well, today I decided to go to Midvalley to buy food. Yes, during this one week break the college's food hall is closed. Thank goodness, 12th college's food shops were still opened. Though I forgot to ask whether they will open throughout the week. Most probably no shop is open on CNY. Except McD and KFC maybe. Should I call for delivery then? Oh, crabs! Let's move on to the rest of the story.

Let's see, I just remembered that there was going to be an IT fair. Thanks, Bad, but I wished dreadfully that I didn't go. Besides the laptop, desktop, notebook brands, there were also some banks. Had to close my heart really tight, you know. They might fool me, a full time student, who is not really earning much, to sign up a credit card. To me, now= NO credit card. Later maybe, after I worked for 10 years? Well, maybe not 10. SECRET!

ARGHHH!!!! Keep to the story, Anna! Okay, sorry. Moving on.

So, after a LOT of side trips before I went to the IT fair, I finally entered. At first from the outside I thought it was kinda crowded already. But since the crowd seemed to move, it should be fine, right? WRONG, so wrong. And the most horrible thing, it was mostly the male species. Yes, males are attracted to cool  gadgets and females to their cosmetics and apparels all. *Sigh. I regretted entering that forbidden fair. Plus, there was nothing much to see.

The worst packed hall was nearly the last, before exiting. Imagine the space, the walk way for people was like half the size of this room I'm in right now. No, you can't imagine that. Let's see. Around 3 meters? Wait, is that too big? Too small? Haishhh!! I don't know, but less than 1 km.

And there was a human traffic jam. Nice. Too bad I wasn't holding a DSLR in hand. It would make a fantastic photo. "Human sardines in a Fair"

Last but not least, the appearance of a beggar, much to the dislike of the Princess. Not to say that the Princess is horrid. She felt terrible for refusing him and freezing her heart was unbearable. But, the more YOU help them, they'll end up doing nothing but beg for the rest of their life! If I was a successful businesswoman, I'll give them jobs. That's better, they can earn for themselves.

*Sigh Until now, I feel bad. My eyes stung back then. Watching him approaching people, making them pity him. To let go your ego and beg? That's just what life could do to a person.

But, limp beggar, I'll remember your face. Nothing personal, but your face is similar to this one friend of mine. He treasures friends and gets hurt easily if friends forgot about him or back stab him. Unfortunately, he and I are not friends anymore. I know this because I wished him a Happy Birthday. He didn't reply. Never ever. We met and acted like STRANGERS. Oh, how did it turned out so bad!

My birthday is coming up soon and I'm celebrating alone in my room. This is the 3rd time I'm celebrating alone without my family next to me. Gosh, I miss them. Yeah, even my annoying brothers, annoying sister, nagging dad and sweet mum. Oh, don't get funny ideas, guys, I love my family so much. Damn! This coming fever's making me emotional. For the record, I'm crying right now. I shed tears so easily. >.<

Well, truthfully, the outing idea was for me to make at least one fun memory of my teen years. I have fun memories but not much with friends. I wish Teddy was here.

Hahahaha, getting emotional there. Okay, that's a bonus read!


ps: Don't worry, okay. I've armed myself with comics, anime, projects and tutorials! I'm a tough girl! Well, soon a woman/ lady. >.< Getting older is kinda scary because from then on people, elders especially, thinks you should not blow soap bubbles. That's only what KIDS do. Whatever, I'll still make them! There's a kid in every adult after all.

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