Of lecturers #Part 1

9:14 PM

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Today there were two lectures. 1st: Morning at 9am. 2nd: Evening at 3pm.

I was late for both! WTH!! Okay, maybe I should be early or at least on time. But, I had to wait for the bus, a good long 30 minutes or more for it to come.

Moving on~

1st lecture:
Was no lecture, well, not about the course BVEV1108 Intro to Town Planning. The upset was the lecturer only got to know that she was the one teaching the course. Yes, late notice by my faculty. Why am I not astonished. So she wasn't prepared and I don't blame her. She's kind and stern. And she said she'll treat all of us as ADULTS. Yeah, but still I wish I was a kid again. Okay, don't tell her that. She's okay, I guess, for a first impression. Oh, I don't give out names directly. Not until I ask her permission. For now, she'll be known as MS. The hitch? She insist on us not grouping by our own; she's going to decide the group members. Crossing my fingers that I get nice-get-along members. Please~ >.<

2nd lecture:
BVEV1105 Construction Economics. This one was funny and interesting. He's going to go paperless. Yes, no papers, all soft-copy materials, even books, which is going to be e-books. Nice! He's going to send to emails. One thing I like about this lecturer is his openness. He's quite a talker. And his opinion about groups is correct! You see, students tend to group themselves according to races, religions, or skin colour. Malays with Malays, Chinese with Chinese, Indians with Indians, Internationals with Internationals. It's OBVIOUS! So, he said, " I don't want to see groups with all Chinese names, all Malay names, all Indian names, etc. You must mix." Okay, the last sentence I added myself. Mmmmm..... Though to mix is kinda tough. But never say never! His name: LJY

Well, that's all about the lectures for today. The Nescafe I made this morning worked, a bit. Still sleepy. Oh! I have lectures on Saturday. Can't do much about it since it's a part-time lecturer.

Tomorrow having Effective Presentation Skills. Succeed in registering it in the wee hours this morning. And my schedule's different than the one I painstakingly made. *Sigh~

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