My new 'other' blog?

2:16 PM

Hi, peeps! Guess what, I'm kinda getting bored with this simple, blue layout and the slow speed when it opens. This blog is getting heavy. Hence, a MAKEOVER! The new blog is already available, you can view it through my blogger's profile. It's still empty since I'm thinking whether to import from this blog or start afresh. Better import right? Well, it will not be empty once the clock strikes 12am on 1st February.

Oh, since that blog is fresh, you'll need to leave your link okay. And there will be no Shout Box for that blog. I won't be using the Read More function either, so you can read till the end without exerting yourself to click the Read More button.

Anything else? Oh, this blog will not be deleted. It will be improvised and used as my Contest/ Giveaway blog. And I will also put my awards here plus your banners. That way my new blog is not clogged with banners and awards. I'll occasionally link them to the respective post okay.

Well, that's all.

Thanks for reading this update.

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