Little brother

9:01 AM

I'm a mean oldest sister.


My little brother's birthday was yesterday and only now I'm telling you all.

But I did called home and wished him!

Count the candles and guess how old is he? 

Now, why I said earlier that I'm a baaadddd sis?

2nd But: I had time to inform that Facebook is NOT closing on 15th March. >.<
Sorry but the 'news' is spreading like wildfire and people kept repeating that despicable hoax, I just had to tell that it was a fake. Most bloggers were telling about the hoax. We fail being bloggers when we spread the false rumors.

Well, I hope the hoax had been cleared out because our beloved Mr Mark never said anything about closing it down. Many hurrahs! ^.^

I know some are even rejoicing if Facebook do shut down but I want it to stay. Twitter can't compare to it and Friendster is quite heavy to open. Plus, most people use Facebook now.


Oh, I may not be updating much. UM's WiFi has whims now and then. Only the faculty has good access but I don't want to lug my laptop up a hill just for the connection!

Okay, that's all the updates. By the way, do you know what SOHO is? Mr A wants it this evening!


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