English class

5:12 PM

Managed to get into an Effective Presentation Skills class on Wednesday morning, yesterday. UM’s WiFi was beautifully fantastic so I had absolutely not a problem surfing.


I had to keep refreshing and reloading. Till I got so fed up and just went to sleep at a record time of 2am.

Okay, what I wanted to tell yesterday.

GTEE1104 Effective Presentation Skills. It does not have a paper during the finals. Nope. But it does have a final presentation. Yes, speech time. I’m thinking of one topic but it’s really not practical. I have to think of 2 topics. One to present in her class and the other one for the finals. Moreover, we have yet to elect a class rep. This I am so not interested in. Why? By experience, I’ve had enough! There’s no cooperation, okay. Being a class rep is making you the punch bag. Done!

 Nearly at the end of the class, she wanted us to introduce ourselves. Yes, go in front and talk for 1 minute. 1 minute sounded short but trust me, the nervousness scared the ideas out of your head.

“ Over?”

“No, 3 more seconds”


Nothing much, tell about your name, your faculty and choose between your family or yourself.

I chose to talk about myself. Why bother telling you about my family? It’s me that’s in the same class with you all. Not like you will be meeting my brothers, sister, mother and father, right? So I saw no point in talking about family. Well, I told them that I’m not Chinese BEFORE they assumed for the rest of the semester 2 that I am. Grandparents’ Chinese and I’m Iban. After stressing that, half-thinking about telling my name but better not. Like who cares whether my name has 2 Ns in it. They are still going to put it as 1 N. It’s Julianna, for God’s sake! Not Juliana! Damn!

Moving on.

Presentation. Well, I felt like kicking myself after I talked. Why? I kept looking up and avoiding eye contact. In Malaysia, I know it is kinda rude to look into the eyes of the person you’re talking to. It means disrespect. But in the West, not looking in the eyes IS disrespect! So, yeah! I cursed myself. And looking up? Like the ceiling knows about me and could tell me what to say? Get a grip! Throw away the fear!

Hope next week’s class is better.


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