English class #4

2:59 PM

26 Jan (today, okay, it was morning)

I messed up in my presentation. >.< Die-lah! I was too damn nervous! Plus, it was on something else, not the one I had been prepared to do. She forgot about it and we were not thinking of reminding her anyway. *Wink

So Effective Presentation Skills is a speaking class. Somehow, I purposely avoid from being the first to speak up. The moment I do that, like in last week's class, the class will forever stay silent. I will be the only one speaking up. Well, classmates, find your voice and please speak up before me. Yeah, that's why I'm quiet in class. I would rather you guys and ladies, talk. You wouldn't like it if I took all the credit, right? Then, speak up! Please, I'm begging you! Your voice is damn cute, beautiful and husky is for the gentlemen.

However, I'm so pleased that some of you did speak up. * Claps enthusiastically. I'm calling for a celebration!

So, what's next on the menu? <<< I know, lame joke. -___-

REMEMBER that we need to do our introduction for our topics. It's on the 9th of February. If you're not ready, dig your own grave, okay? Set a reminder in your phone if you have the application.


ps: If I sounded mean and heartless, well, it's a harsh world we live in after all. :)

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