English class #3

3:53 PM

Wednesday, 19 Jan.

As usual, in a class with  strangers (except me and my friends from the same faculty), it was quiet. Typical shy in a class where you don't know other people much. Well, it was nothing, not much going on. The only work given later was to prepare a presentation to give on next Wednesday. Mmmmm... but I do bet it will be boring because everyone, 17 students, is presenting the same thing, the history about some company. *Sigh

Anything but something exactly the same, please. You bet I'm going to be one of the bored ones. The same information, presented over and over again will bore anyone. Then again, I do love competing who will present the best. Especially since there's one person who has the same Band 5 MUET as me. I wonder how high was his score? Okay! I need prepare the slides!


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