English class #2

9:37 AM

The tragedy had happened yet again. Actually, the English class I should just put the code 1104. Later-lah~

Well, the class was on Wednesday morning from 9am to 12pm. Happily, it ended before 12pm. Maybe because not all of us have the book. Like only five out of 18++ students got the book. If they are new students, never mind, right. They maybe don't know what book to get. However those that came last week also didn't have it yet. Though Pekan Buku UM is nearer their college, I think. If I'm wrong, sorry.

Okay, that was only to lament a bit. The true TRAGEDY is this!

I'm class rep again!!!!!!!!! >.<


Because no one wanted to volunteer. You can't force people to become the class rep if they are reluctant to even offer themselves. Time was wasted and I hated that. So, I ended up offering myself for the female class rep post. Then, no male class rep until the end of class. Which then did he offered himself. Or is it that the teacher managed to talk him into accepting the post? Whichever. He's not my type. Plus no handsome males in my class. Many pretty ladies but the female to male ratio in class was 5-1.

That was another problem. Yes, there are three problems now. I gave them my Google email address. But the few who send their empty email was 5 and from my own faculty. Come on, guys and ladies! Like, helllloooo! I asked for an empty email ONLY! Not to write anything in the email, optional if you want to introduce yourself. What's so difficult? Click on 'New' then go to 'To' and type my own email address. A bit down at 'Subject', put the course code. Simple! Less than 5 minutes. Haven't the time? Oh, please!! don't tell me that if you are on Facebook more than 3 hours. Use only 5minutes to send to me your empty message. Even that, most of you are just too lazy. I planned on giving out the link to the course's group on Facebook through your emails. Don't blame me if you don't know about it because where the damn is your email?


Reading my laments above bored you, didn't it? Right, let's think. If you are some one who did the above. Like when some one asks for information but you postponed it and KEPT on putting it off, then forgot it wholly. The remedy: Ask your friends what the past activities were and do what was required quickly. Boring and displeasing as it is, I'm a class rep again. With the responsibilities I tried so hard not to get.


NOT! Plus if I get this not co-operative underlings. T.T Will I survive this semester with a scroll in leadership capabilities or FAIL  miserably again?


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