Emo-post: You're spamming! I'm angry!

10:17 AM

Lately there's been a debate about whether having a Shout Box is necessary or not for blogs. I'm using it and at first I find it useful because most bloggers like to leave their tracks and not reading my posts. I don't mind, as long as you came and not generated your footprint through cheats whatsoever. I leave my footprints in your Shout Box too and sometimes, not reading your posts. Why? Simple, because I wasn't interested. Then if some posts garnered my interest, I'll comment about it. Though I wished I could just write a smiley, meaning I like you posts. I mean, I do like what you write but I had nothing much to comment. Hence>>> :) or even :P. Oh, if I commented more, I sound like the first person who commented it.

Okay, back to title. 

Cute, angry pup not related to post.

I'm pissed of by some irresponsible folks! 

Please, yes, I said not Adverts and thankfully no STUPID, INCOHERENT blogshops dropped more than twice their advertisement there. At least they read!

But now I'm facing a whole new STUPID DUMB ASS wannabe adverts.

This type invades your Shout Box, leaving not their links to their blogshops!


Adverts about making money, you know this type of scheme. Where it says no modal whatever and yet you get your money back in millions. <<< If you believe them, you're just as stupid.

I don't know, I'm not some policeman or CIA agent but no modal??? That's way too fishy. A business with no modal is ridiculous! Sufficiently said.

Now another type. This one is new and okay, I give you the SMART ASS reputation.

Leaving your link to SAYS.my, CHURPchurp.com, or whatever sites that gives you income when I click on it.

What the f**k lah you morons! *Clears throat.

And my own way of managing this? First, I ask you whether it was you who put that link. Only if I could relate you to it then I'll ask okay. Next, I'll kindly ask you not to do it again. Do a post for promoting. Not spamming that LITTLE Shout Box with your UGLY links.

Third option and will only be used if you still persist: there's a little header above right, it has the options: Is this person spamming you (or something else).

I'll just hit the YES, he/she is spamming me. Hence the clicks you got from me is invalid! Oh, you might get suspended too....

Come on! Are you just so lazy that you go this low to get people to click on the campaigns? Where's your integrity? I'm not going to say who did it. If you think you're feeling HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE and maybe thinking 'Oh, this person is so over reacting!'. Well, heads up, dumbo!

My blog, my rules! XD

You think it's okay if some STUPID jackass invaded you with links  then that's YOU. I am not YOU.


ps: My temper's hanging by a thread. Just about holding me back from giving you a proper thrashing. This post is in the MEDIUM level of the thrashings allowed. >.<

to all those losers:

I am so EVIL and MEAN today~

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